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Facts about Acne on Face and their Solutions

What is acne? Acne is a skin condition that causes or starts when a person’s hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne causes whiteheads, blackheads, and also pimples. It is most common among teenagers.


  • Can someone also hold acne from other people? No, touching, meeting, or kissing with a person with acne will not cause you to develop acne. Some time acne has a bacterium located in the hair follicles under the skin and cannot be transmitted through contact.
  • If parents gad acne, does that develop acne in a child also? Heredity plays an important role in determining who develops acne, so children whose parents had or have acne are mostly in serious trouble with others.
  • Does eating certain foods cause pimples? It totally depends on the infected person. Sometimes from chocolates, candy, fried foods, sugar, orange juice, milk can cause acne or make the existing one worse. But there is no scientific evidence in favor of any such result. There are so many reasons for acne cause, so it is difficult to isolate any one cause. Avoiding food or not is just a personal preference of that person.
  • Is dirt cause acne on a person’s skin? For healthy skin, it is imperative to maintain proper hygiene. Anyone with pimples should be extra cautious towards his or her skin. He or she should follow a good cleansing routine. Washing your skin with a mild or gentle cleanser keeps your skin look at its best. So it is mandatory to find a balance.
  • Is stress cause acne in a person’s body? Stress does not directly cause acne, but it may make a person’s acne worse. So, if a person is suffering from acne, they should be aware of how to react in stressful conditions and keep it under control. It will be beneficial for a person’s entire health, not only for acne or pimples.
  • Can facial help to overcome acne? No, it may irritate your skin which can make your acne or pimples worse.
  • Can anyone develop after getting out of teenage? Yes, many such people never faced acne as a teenager, but it can develop in their 40’s and 50’s.
  • For acne, it is necessary to use an acne treatment regimen on a rotational basis.
  • Acne can be developed with hormonal changes in the body.

Acne can be successfully treated with home remedies and the right medication routine.


  1. Drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin.
  2. Wash your face properly with a mild face wash, and it’s crucial to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat.
  3. Don’t touch your face again and again as there is a lot of bacteria in your hands.
  4. Stay on limit makeup. Use makeup of good quality. Remove makeup before going to bed.
  5. Do not ever forget to keep your skin moisturized.
  6. Avoid sugar, dairy products, fast food, greasy oil, etc.
  7. Add green vegetables and fruits to your meal.
  8. Do not use harsh scrubs on the infected area.
  9. Take a clean pillow while sleeping as it comes in contact with the face.


  • With tea tree oil: In most acne products, tea tree oil is a widely used ingredient. It can improve mild to moderate acne with its properties.
  • Turmeric: As we all know, for our skin, turmeric is one of the best things. It is also used to treat acne as it has antioxidant properties.
  • Take a half teaspoon of turmeric powder, add warm water and honey in it, and then mix it well to form a paste. Apply it to the affected area for about 15-20 minutes. After that, wash it off with normal water.
  • With Neem oil: neem oil has anti-bacterial properties, which are a perfect treatment of acne.
  • With honey and cinnamon masks, they have anti-inflammatory properties that help fight bacteria and reduce acne.

Take two tablespoons of honey and one of cinnamon if you need it. Make a thick paste and apply it to the affected area to get results.

  • Moisturise skin with aloe vera gel is also a good treatment for acne skin.
  • Apply green tea is commonly a very effective thing for skin having acne or pimples.
  • A combination of green tea and lemon juice is also a perfect treatment.

After all, what is important is to consult with your dermatologist; he or she knows your condition better than you and takes medication given by them.

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