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Ring of Elysium ROE tips, tricks, and how to win in the new map Paradise Falls

Ring of Elysium has launched a brand-new version named Paradise Falls with massive updated content. In this version, the map of New Europe is used. You will find brand new transport, weapons, and equipment along with a dangerous active volcano.

What is new in the Ring of Elysium, Paradise Falls map?

The Paradise Falls map introduces three new characters as a part of your special forces. Each of them will have some new cosmetics, and you can use them on different maps. The weather on this island is usually sunny and warm.

But the players can encounter thunderstorms, heavy rain, fog, typhoons, and strong wind, making the journey more thrilling and difficult. The volcano is the most exciting addition to this version. New weapons and gears will help you complete the quest more tactfully.

What are the best tricks and tips that can help you win Ring of Elysium, Paradise Falls?

In Ring of Elysium, you need to fight for your survival in a natural apocalyptic situation. You will be playing with 59 other players. All will try their level best to avoid the impending doom and survive the journey.

In such a game, you must stay calm and use all your gaming skills. So, to surpass all the challenges here, you need to be prepared. Some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to survive this game are mentioned here. also offers some hacks for the same. You can also check them out for an upper edge on the game.

Watch your drops

In this game, you need to select a spot to spawn. You can also check the spawning location of your opponents. You can follow them for immediate action, or you can go to a secluded place and plan for a loot.

The choice is all yours, so select wisely.

Learn how to use the controller

While you are playing Ring of Elysium, the control is in your hand. This game has a different controller setup than other battle games. So, stay attentive and learn different usages of the controllers.

By using the controllers correctly, you can customize the load-outs and perform an effective takedown.

Use the weapons correctly

You will get many weapon options while you are in the game. So focus on your weapons and their range. Every weapon acts differently. The bullets will drop off at different lengths with each weapon. So, take all the time you need to learn the usages of different weapons and memorize all.

If you are attacking from a distance, you must understand which weapon will cover the distance and what angle you should use. You can also find a guide with all weapon details for your reference.

Use the transportation options wisely

You will get many transportation options on the Paradise Falls map that you can use any time during the game. So, take your time to learn the usages of different weapons and memorize all.

Memorize your map

To master the game, every player must memorize their maps. When you know all the small details about your map, you get many advantages on the battleground. Knowing where everything is on the European Island will provide you a better command of the game.

Use vehicles carefully

Using different vehicles on this map can be helpful, but the only disadvantage with these vehicles is, they make a lot of noise. The sound of the loud engine will draw attention within a few seconds, and you will be under attack.

So, you must be prepared for the attack.

Keep moving even while healing

This game allows you to heal while moving forward. There is no need to stop or rest while using any first aid kit, bandage, or medical kit. So, apply them while you are running forward.

Location pinging

You can use Q as a shortcut in the game to ping the important locations. This will help your team to notice any building or object in their way. You can also use voice commands for your team.

Use airdrops

Airdrops are the best weapons in this game. When you require a specific rifle or machine gun, you can opt for airdrops. But, everyone in this game is aware of the airdrop location, so you need to fight for your equipment.


These are all the tips and tricks you can use to master the Ring of Elysium Paradise Falls. Patience and practice are two main key factors that make a pro-gamer. So, keep playing and polishing your skills to become a master of the Ring of Elysium.

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