ScienceHow Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future of Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future of Marketing?

Marketing comes before creating your product, and it is necessary so that your new product survives better and for the long run in the market.

All your efforts, time & money that you put into creating your product are of no use unless and until people know about your products or services, and here comes the marketing. Your business can’t drive sales and conversions if you haven’t done the marketing well of products/services.

Let’s dive more and know about marketing in detail and how artificial intelligence will have an impact on marketing?

1. The Law of Marketing

Marketing is completely based on science rather than creativity. It depends on the various factors like:

  1. Your targeted customers and their behaviour
  2. Your market and demand
  3. Your product and its quality

Marketing consists of understanding the market needs and delivering the right solution in the form of your product or services.

It involves the study of various complex and simple data, stats, human behaviour & psychology, market response and much more. All these factors work in a combined fashion to bring sales and conversions. Creativity can only give a boost to your marketing process, but it is not an important factor as the science behind it. New companies and start-ups spend huge money on creativity rather than understanding the science behind the marketing, human mind, and targeted audience. These companies survive for only a few years and automatically get vanished from the market.

Marketing starts before the launching the product, and it is important to plan first.

It starts with understanding the customers and their need that leads to the production of the right product that fits their needs completely and solves their problems in the first place. You can’t expect the sales to happen of your newly launched product if you haven’t spent the time understanding your market, your customers & their needs.

If you have spent enough time researching your targeted customers and the hot market, then you can obviously get more sales from your newly launched product.

Marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right customer/person at the right time. Marketing is not just selling the product and getting huge profits; it’s beyond that.

It is the science of keeping your existing customers happy by communicating with them consistently so that they remain loyal customer for a lifetime.

For example, You can easily recall the old companies like- Amul, Parle-G, and Cadbury etc. They are really successful in keeping their customers loyal and happy with their products through proper marketing and branding.

The main motive of the marketing should be to maintain and keep the strong image of the brand for the long run in the mind of the customers. But don’t let marketing become the only important thing in your business; the product and its quality also matter the most. The good and problem-solving product sells itself, and it doesn’t require much of the marketing process.

If your product has the best quality and has the capability to solve the customers’ problem, then your customers will become the brand ambassador of the product, and they will promote it through “word of mouth” marketing.

“word of mouth” is one of the powerful ways of marketing the product without any investment with huge returns.

2. Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

i) Traditional Marketing

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The mediums and methods of marketing have changed a lot if we see 10 years back from now. In those days, traditional mediums like – Radio, Television, Hoardings, and Newspaper etc., were highly used for marketing the products and creating a brand image among the customers.

These mediums are popular today also, but they are less likely to drive the sales of your products because people have become blind to these ads and marketing methods.

Also, marketing through these mediums is too costly, and it is not fit for the new companies and new products. It can ruin your entire budget for other processes.

ii) Digital Marketing

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It simply means doing marketing by digital mediums.

The methods of marketing have changed drastically, but the basics and fundamentals will remain the same for marketing always.

This new digital era has changed the whole way of doing marketing. In today’s age, we can give a boost to the marketing process through various digital mediums and platforms. These platforms may be like: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Websites, Blogs, and Paid Ads etc.

Digital marketing is booming in today’s age, and it is very beneficial for any business, no matter big or small. We can amplify our message and boost the marketing by using these powerful mediums and platforms.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is almost free if you are marketing your products/services without using paid ads on mentioned above platforms.

You can also use the paid ads like- Google Ads, Facebook Ads if you want to increase your reach and brand awareness of your product among your targeted customers in a short time.

These are far cheaper than compared the traditional marketing mediums and methods.

The main beauty of doing digital marketing through the paid ads is that you can record all the data of your customers who have interacted with the ads of your products/services. Also, you can retarget/ remarket them.

Digital marketing provides you with all the tools and techniques for researching, marketing, scaling, measuring, retargeting, optimizing etc. That’s why it is also called Direct Response Marketing.

All this help you to position your product well in the hot market, and also helps to increase your reach to your targeted customers and to drive the sales with the huge profits margins in very little time.

3. Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

You can see and observe that the businesses and services that are online and have a digital presence are able to survive well even in this pandemic situation.

The big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Byjus, and Unacademy etc., made huge sales and profits in this pandemic situation. The only reason is that they are digitally present all over the world.

So, it becomes important for all businesses to create a digital presence rather than just a physical one.

The digital presence and digital marketing of your business will let your customers know about you and your business. It will ultimately help you to run and grow the business no matter what the situation may be in the future.

So, this is the very right time to shift your businesses and services completely online and market them as much as possible through digital mediums and methods.

4. Why Artificial Intelligence Can’t Replace Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is taking place in nearly every industry like – Medical, Automobile, Construction, Defence etc. This has also created the fear of losing the jobs for the employees in these industries.

The question is Can artificial intelligence replace marketing?

The sure and short answer is NO, and artificial intelligence can’t replace Marketing. Artificial intelligence is not going to impact marketing anyway.

The main reason is that marketing involves understanding the basic human psychology and behaviour for right the marketing and artificial intelligence is not made up to that level of accuracy to understand.

Unless if the customers are not feeling connected with you and your products or services, sales are not going to happen. A personal touch is very important to give a feel of trustworthiness to your customers, and that can only be done from the human side.

Artificial intelligence can only empower the marketing process with the help of various tools and methods like – Email Marketing, SEO, SMO, Paid Ads etc.

It can provide the data and analytics for creating the perfect product for the targeted customers and also retarget them through the paid ads and automatic email marketing campaigns. Still, it is not going to replace the whole marketing anyway.

All these automated activities by digital tools (artificial intelligence) are only useful if we understand basic human psychology and behaviour well, and that is only possible by human as if now. Hence the artificial intelligence can’t replace the whole marketing.

5. Conclusion:

Marketing is not going to die due to artificial intelligence, and it has a bright future for the long years.

Marketing gives the direct Return on Investment. If you know how to market, you can’t be hungry for even a single day, and you are safe for your whole life.

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Marketing can never be outsourced to anyone; the creator of the product/services has to be a marketer in the first place.

The core focus in the business should be built around delivering the best quality products to the customers and building strong trust with your brand.

If the product quality is perfect and then it will handle its own marketing automatically through the power of Word of mouth.

So many people have started and learning about marketing and how to do it digitally.

Many people have created digital agencies also for helping businesses and started promoting other products/services.

They are making full time earning just from their home. They are also creating employment for others by creating more and more jobs. They are indirectly helping the nation and its people.

Digital marketing is very vast in itself, which involves so many things like –  Content marketing, Email marketing, SEO, SMO, Blogging, Web Designing, Data Analysis etc.

You can learn all these through free platforms like – YouTube, blogs etc. You can also go for the paid courses for proper and systematic learning. You can use the paid platforms like – Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare etc.

Investing your time and learning all these things are far better than the degree course that we do by spending huge money.

These new skills related to digital marketing will be really helpful in the near future. Anyone can go for it even without any degree or diploma and make a full-time income out of it from home without having any work pressure, boss, toxic environment, etc.

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