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How Blood Pressure Medicines Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is also known as baldness or alopecia. It is a significant problem that is being faced by both men and women of 70% of the population. Hair is mostly composed of a protein called keratin. Due to this, the hair grows on every part on the skin except palms and feet. Hair loss can be caused by many factors like mineral deficiency, medications and stress. Whatever the causes are, it is very important to understand what actually affects your hair through your daily routine. Alopecia can trigger hormones and heredity of hair loss, major surgeries and severe events can encourage hair loss in one person. Some of the major hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause and some pills may cause temporary hair fall. And also medications used for cancer, depression and blood pressure will affect the hairs. You may wonder how meds used for blood pressure can make you lose hair, but before that, let’s check out some treatment options for hair loss.

Taking proper medication is a good idea. Some of the medicines come along as gels, where they can be applied directly to the scalp. Most of the gels used on the scalp contain rogaine that is minoxidil, and this also provides substantial side effects that include irritation in the scalp and abnormal hair growth on essential areas. Another form of medications is prescribed medication methods that are intended to take orally. Most of the orally taken meds contain corticosteroids. Studies show that the more the number of corticosteroids present in the body, the more effects on hair. That decreases the inflammation over the area and immune system. Whatever may be the benefits are, they also come with major side effects that you should look after carefully. It increases the blood sugar level and higher blood pressure.

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Every person suffering from hair fall will have two options. One is to use medicine to help stop hair loss and regrow hairs. The second is, do not use any type of medicine for hair loss due to its effect, causing more hair loss even before. But you should always remember most of the treatments used for hair loss will really help to regrow your hair, but it does not work every time as you expect. When you are trying to regrow your hair,  the medication you are taking for another reason for your illness to your body will make hair fall out. It is advised that it is hazardous to take various medicines for various diseases at the same time.

Blood pressure is also called hypertension. This high blood pressure does not show any symptoms, but it will have severe damage and higher risks of causing heart failure, kidney failure and stroke. Blood pressure medicines work in very different ways to lower the pressure with blood vessels and remove the fluid and the Salt from the body but also it affects hairs at the same time.

Blood pressure medications are designed to treat the blood vessels, but sometimes they will have unwanted side effects causing to your body. Those certain drugs will contribute to excess hair loss and change in hair colour. Drugs cause hair loss by interfering with scalp during its growth. There is a phase for hair growth which lasts for 2-6 years the hair grows during the telophase. The hair fell out and replaced by new hair where this process is severely interrupted or damaged by medications so,  there you experience the hair loss.

Does Blood pressure meds really cause hair loss?

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Medications such as ACR inhibitors used to treat hypertension that is high blood pressure and kidney problems will cause hair loss. Those inhibitors include captopril, benazepril, ramipril and trandolapril. You should always take proper field medicines exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Use it according to each and every direction that are prescribed, if not that will lead to hair loss. If the medicine for blood pressure is essential to take then drink plenty of water each day when you take the captopril and related inhibitors. Lisinopril match should be avoided as it blocks the cycle of hair growth, and it will also create a disorder with hormonal imbalance. Besides hair loss, the damages to your body due to this med are hallucinations, double vision, joint pain and fever.

Every medicine for blood pressure includes beta-blockers and metoprolol. Hair loss is associated with these agents. These drugs are induced to cause hair follicles to go into the resting phase and fall off too early where the hair growth cycle is disturbed. Hair loss may also depend on the dosage amount you take and the current state of the hair follicles. If the hair loss continues with the medications lowering the dose or switching into another form of medication options with proper prescription from your doctor can really help to get rid of hair loss. While intaking blood pressure medicines, it is really important to take care of the hair at the same time with routine care. Have some good routines which will give your hair some healthy nutrition. There are various treatments in a salon where they can provide your hair proper care.

How to restore the hair loss through supplements?

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Eating a healthy diet will help in supporting strong, healthy hair and help in regrowth of your hair. When you have a diet plan rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids and packed with some of the strong antioxidants, it will help to reduce hair loss. Some deficiencies can increase hair loss, such as iron deficiency and zinc deficiency in a person’s body. You can buy minoxidil over rogaine and apply it on the scalp. These supplements will help to regrow the hair. You can start to see some differences in hair loss and hair growth eventually in 2-4 months of usage.

Usage of pumpkin seed oil will reduce the effects of hair loss due to the reductase of enzymes.

Also, vitamins like vitamin C minerals provide essential nutrients to the hair and nourish the hair, keep it healthy and more extended. Eating foods that are enough with proper nutrition and full of vitamins can help to prevent hair loss. These supplements help to restore the strongest scalp.

Some tips for hair loss

  1. Use a wooden White tooth comb to untangle and compare your hair and then use a regular comb
  2. Don’t dry your hair vigorously with a towel that will cause hair breakage instead you can gently squeeze the moisture from your hair with your soft towel and then dry it naturally
  3. Use sulphate free shampoos which are highly recommended avoid shampoos with parabens and silicones
  4. Wash your hair at least every three days.
  5. Use proper and qualified stylists for chemical treatments and don’t do it often.

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