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How Important is It for Girls to be Financially Independent in Indian Society?

Financial liberty in simple provisions is the ability to gross a living that allows you to maintain your own expenses without any restrictions. Be it a man or a woman, it is very important to serve your needs on your own terms and conditions. However, Indian women prioritise household needs over financial freedom, which in turn leave them with deep scars of sufferings and demotivation at the time of struggle. There are many campaigns in India which are only set for ladies to guide them to make them understand the fact of being financially liberal. Campaigns can only be the lantern of your path, but the actual work is of feet which will find its path.

Financial independence for a woman is not only the source of poise and self-assurance, but also it grants her the credibility to contribute in vital matters of decision making, for her and her family.

Suppose a lady or a girl is not financially independent, then what actually she has to face we will let you know:

What happens when an Indian woman is not financially liberal?

  • The most basic thing happens when she is not financially independent; she is cast into a puppet whose strings are in the hands of one who is resolving her financial issues.
  • The women from low-lying areas or say which come from a society which is quite abusive generally go through physical tortures. If they would have earned it would have never happened.
  • She has to adjust every time in every situation because she is not earning. She can’t live her own life on her terms and conditions.
domestic violence in india
Domestic Violence Against Women In India (Image courtesy: IndianExpress)

The above-mentioned points are quite satisfactory to make this society understand how necessary it is to let our women nurture and renovate them from “just homemakers” to “a financially independent lady”.

Our society always thinks that a woman is just made to sit in a house and cook food for her family and a man as the only right to earn and work. Yes, we have broken the stereotype of such a mentality of our Indian society, but yet our environs are covered by many Orthodox people.

A step has been initiated to eradicate this orthodox mentality and we are here to move a step ahead and you all know why actually it is necessary for women to be financially liberal?

Why does an Indian woman need to be financially independent?

Women have become more confident in today’s contemporary world. They are supporting in family farm duties and are on par with men. They are productively earning and are determined to become a complete financially independent woman one day.

Some points will let you all know the necessity of being financially liberal.

Either it is job or life, nothing is ever certain in this world. A family generally owes a single bread earner i.e. husband or father, but what if any of these ever is left with no money, no job? We generally do not discuss over such topics because we find them illogical or uncertain, but yes, we can face such situations too. A husband might be dangerous for her wife due to some family problems in that case how a woman is going to survive? These question might be irrelevant in contrast to your living standards, but still, this society is filled with such ladies who have to face the situations and traumas of domestic violence. Such situations of emergencies in life feed a lesson that each one of us irrespective of gender should be financially stable and free so at bad times of life at least they can serve their basic needs. Sometimes we face the situations of inflation which is the most common agenda of discussion in each family and each office, if we will have one extra member earning in the family it won’t harm or lessen the GDP of the country.

Dr. Tessy Thomas, the Missile Woman of India

Why is it always considered by default that a lady is unable to run the families if they go out and earn? Well, Sarojini Naidu, Mamta Banerjee, Dr. Tessy Thomas, the Missile Woman of India etc. are some of the ladies who have set an example for all those who say women can’t be multi-tasking. When a lady earns in a family the house becomes more positive and active. She started to feel more confident and refreshed because she doesn’t have to beg in front of her husband or father for money to serve her basic needs. Apart from all these aspects, an earning woman will also contribute to daily expenses of livelihood. At times of emergencies in-house when the one bread earner of the house is unable to contribute to the expenses of the house then other can help to continue the smooth flow of their lives.

The 70% of the ladies in India are suffering from domestic violence; if society would permit them to work and explore this will definitely drop down to at least 20%.

Its just not ends with this an earning lady holds a different level of confidence than a normal lady hold. It is said that if you are financially independent your morale increases automatically!!

She starts to feel secure, safe and strong when she earns, she set her own goals and standards of living. Sometimes she inspires others to be self-confident and motivate them to grow and earn for themselves. Also, a country is benefited with the earnings of a lady as one extra part is added to country’s GDP. Taxes and revenues are paid by her too which will otherwise be going to benefit the country. 

We can let every woman work and earn it’s just that we need to change our mindset towards a woman and her morale.

If you go through above points, you see, it is essential for all women; married, single, separated, widowed or divorced to be financially independent. A lady can be both a business tycoon and a homemaker; she is active enough to manage both of the tasks.

Ladies, it’s time to show your energy and vigour!! You are not supposed to beg for money, get your own and be a financially independent lady.

Priya Israni
Priya Israni
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