FinanceHow to earn money online from your website and blog?

How to earn money online from your website and blog?

This article is only for newbies and those who are unaware about Google Adsense.
You must have tried searching online job, online typing job and so on. But the truth behind all these is that most of “em are fraud. In this article I will guide you that how you can make money online out of your blog or website.

Things you will need

  • Website
    If you don’t have you can get one Web Pack from ISCL Online at Rs. 3500/- with free Google Adwords worth Rs. 2500. Also free support in building your website and designing.
  • Basic Knowledge of-
    1. HTML
    2. JavaScript
    3. CSS
    4. PHP & MySQL (are optional)
  • Knowledge of English or Hindi
  • Patience

Starting up!

First thing you need a domain name, hosting and a bit technical knowledge in fact if you don’t know any technicality or ABC of it you can still do better in a very easy way. If you don’t have a website or budget to buy a new one you can get a free blogspot account from Google which already have integrated Google Adsense account.
The problem with blogspot will be reliability and the freedom of independence as you can have with your own website. I recommended to get Web Pack from ISCL Online at Rs. 3500/-. This web pack also gives you free Google Adword and support in building your website.

Steps towards building website

After registering your website or blogspot account you need to prepare your site for Google Adsense where you don’t need to do much with blogspot since it already includes Google Adsense manager.
But if you got a new website you need to install Content Management System (CMS). The globally best free and open-source CMS are WordPress and Drupal which you can get from their officially website or ask your hosting manager to set-up one for you if you have purchased your website from ISCL Online else you need to download and install it yourself. I recommend installing WordPress

Getting Adsense account

Google Adsense offers you to display Advertisement on your website or blog of different advertiser via Google Adsense for which Google Pays for impression, clicks and hits. More the traffic more will be earning.
In order to get Google Ads for your website you need to apply at Google Adsense which may take 24 hours to 7 days for the approval.

But wait! don’t be hurry since your request most lucky to be rejected by Google.

The reasons will be

  1. Insufficient content
  2. Low ranking
  3. Lack of pages like Privacy Policy, About and Contact
  4. Standard of contents

How to get Google Adsense Approved?

Write good articles

Avoid copy paste from other websites since Google already knows the original source of the content. Keep it original and avoid spelling errors as well as never miss alt tags with images.

Essential contents

Most of webmaster are still unaware that Google always look for pages like Privacy, About and Contact. These pages are very important in terms of Google Adsense. Also read the Google Adsense’s terms & conditions

Website Ranking

Google love to display ads on the websites with high ranking like Alexa and Google page Rank. Don’t be sad you can do it in numerous ways and if you want it in very quick of time get the Rank booster pack from ISCL Online.

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