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How to get rid of Cough effectively using Indian Home remedies?

Cold and Cough is very common especially in Indian where the season changes very frequently and from one region to another– though there are no seasons to cough as it can happen anytime. It is common to have a cough, but if its remedy is not done on time, it can also become TB. If you already know the remedies for a cough, then you can stop the cough before it increases. And here are the home remedies for cough.

Earlier people did not eat cough medicine, and this is also right because eating medicine for everything is not good for the body. That’s why you should know panacea in cough. From this article, you can get all the information related to the home remedy of cough. But before that, let us know what causes cough.

What Causes Cough?

The reasons for everyone having a cough vary and whatever the reason is, there is a lot of trouble after coughing once. The biggest thing is that if you do not treat cough as soon as possible, people around you may also have to go through the trouble of coughing. Causes of cough can be many such as-

  • Change in weather
  • Weak immune system
  • Respiratory illness
  • Dust allergy
  • Overeating cold things
  • To smoke
  • Do not wash hands before eating food.
  • Using a sick person’s personal things
  • Lung cancer

Apart from the reasons given above, there are many reasons which can cause a cough.
Regardless of cough, you must know the cure for cough. If the cough persists for a long time, a doctor must be seen once because a long cough can also take the form of TB. Before taking cough medicine, everyone should take home remedies for cough. Many times it happens that those who are unable to do cough medicine, they take home remedies for cough. In this article, today, we will talk about home remedy for cough.

The sooner the cough is treated, the better. It does not go away easily after the cough increases. From this article, you can get information about home remedies for coughs which have been used for centuries. This means that you can get information related to the panacea for cough. Home remedies for cough can be obtained from below.

The 21 Ayurvedic and Indian home remedies to get rid of cough effectively?

1. Ginger is the home remedy for cough

The benefits of ginger are so popular, and everyone uses ginger to treat cough. Ginger has properties that act as cough medicine. For this, you must use ginger as a home remedy for cough.

How to use ginger to treat a cough?

First, cut the ginger into small pieces and then pour some water in the frypan and heat it. After the water is hot, add honey to it. Keep the amount of honey small, adding more quantity of honey can eliminate the effect of ginger. Among the home remedies for cough, it is the most common panacea treatment. Drink this mixture twice a day.

Garlic is the home remedy for cough

Garlic is also included in home remedies for cough. The benefits of garlic like ginger also help in treating cough. Garlic has many properties that act as cough medicine. Use only the best garlic for cough. You can get information related to how you can treat a cough with panacea with garlic.

Methods to use garlic to treat cough:

Method 1: Roast 4-5 cloves of garlic on the pan with the peel. When the garlic becomes soft, then peel off the garlic and eat it. Do not drink water after eating garlic.

Method 2: Heat a cup of water and then add garlic, cloves and parsley to the water and boil it. Keep the water to cool down and then add honey to this mixture and drink. Doing this provides relief in the throat.

2. Honey is a cure for cough

Honey, ginger and garlic are the things that are used first in the home remedy of cough. Honey has anti-microbial properties that help eliminate cough-causing bacteria. One can use honey to treat cough in this way. For cough, use only the best honey brand which does not contain sugar.

How to use honey to treat a cough?

The method is very easy. Mix lemon or ginger juice with honey. Now drink this mixture two times a day.

3. Treat cough with saltwater

If you have a sore throat due to cough, you can gargle with saltwater. Due to coughing for a long time, the throat gets cut off, and a sore starts. Gargling with salt water provides relief from the sore throat.

How to use salt water to treat cough and sore throat?

Boil a glass of water and add a spoonful of salt. Allow the water to be drinkable and then gargle. You can do this 2-3 times a day.

4. Turmeric is a home remedy for cough

Turmeric is a major contributor to the home remedy of cough. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that help treat cough. Turmeric is considered a panacea for cough. To treat a cough, you should use turmeric properly. If you have a habit of drinking milk before bedtime, this cough treatment is very easy for you. Use the best turmeric brand for cough.

How to use turmeric to treat a cough?

You add turmeric to the milk you drink before bedtime and cough treatment is ready. By adding turmeric, it makes turmeric milk which is very beneficial. To sweeten milk, you can add honey or sugar to it. But do not use too much honey or sugar because doing so will not cure the cough completely.

5. Steam for cough

If you do not have much time to take home remedies for cough, then you can treat a cough with the help of steam. Well, steam comes in the machine, but even if you do not have a steam machine, there is no problem. Put hot water in a pot and keep the pot down. Now cover your mouth with towels to get the steam so that the steam does not go out. Taking steam relaxes the throat and also opens a closed nose.

6. Basil makes a home remedy for cough

Most of the houses in India have Tulsi, which is worshipped. All know the benefits of Tulsi in India. It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating cough. It is very common to use basil in the home remedy of cough.

How to use basil to treat a cough?

You can eat basil leaves by breaking, washing them. Or you can also drink a decoction of basil leaves or make basil tea.

7. Home remedy for cough includes green tea

Green tea has many properties, such as anti-viral, antioxidant. Green tea can also be used as cough medicine. The throat is cut off during coughing, which causes trouble in eating anything. In such a time, you can take advantage of green tea.

How to use green tea to treat a cough?

Boil one cup of water and put green tea bags or green tea leaves in it. By the way, do not add sweet to green tea, if you want sweet, you can add honey to it.

8. Lemon is a cure for cough

Lemon plays a very important form of home remedy for cough. Lemon’s properties help reduce inflammation. Lemon can be treated with the help of cough.

How to use lemon to cure cough?

You have to use lemon with honey as cough medicine. To cure cough, extract one teaspoon of lemon juice and add one teaspoon of honey to it. A mixture of lemon and honey is the home remedy for cough, which is used most often. You can drink this mixture 2-3 times a day.

9. Treat cough with onion

Home remedy for cough also includes onion. Let us tell you that onion can also be used as cough medicine. Onion can be used to treat cough.

How to use onion to treat a cough?

Remove the juice of the cooked onion and add honey to this juice. Drinking this mixture helps in treating cough. You can drink this mixture 1-2 times a day.

10. Home remedy for a cough with almonds

Almonds are also included in the home remedy of cough, and most people may not know about it. The benefits of almonds help in treating cough.

How to use almonds to treat a cough?

Soak 8 to 10 almonds in water overnight. Grind the soaked almonds. After grinding the almonds, add butter to it. This mixture can be eaten 1-2 times a day.

11. Cure of cough with jaggery

When there was no cough medicine, people used to treat a cough with a home remedy of cough. Jaggery was used as cough medicine. You can also adopt home remedies for cough. For this, you have to do this.

How to use jaggery to treat a cough?

It is very easy to treat a cough with the help of jaggery. Firstly grind the jaggery and put small onion pieces in it. Now consume this mixture 2-3 times.

12. Home remedy for cough is black pepper

You may be wondering how you can use black pepper as a home remedy for cough. Let me tell you that you can also treat a cough with black pepper.

How to use black pepper to treat a cough?

Make a cup of hot water and add one teaspoon of black pepper powder and two teaspoons of honey. After the mixture is ready, consume it. This mixture can be consumed 1-2 times a day.

13. Home remedies for Amla (Indian gooseberry) for cough

If you already have asthma or allergies, you can add amla to your diet. Amla benefits should be taken during cough. Amla has vitamin C, which relieves cough.

14. Treat Cough with Cinnamon

The benefits of cinnamon as a cough medicine are many. Home remedies for cough also include cinnamon. Like every time, honey has also been used in it, which can be obtained from below.

How to use Cinnamon to treat a cough?

In this, you have to first heat honey in a frying pan. When the consistency of the honey becomes a bit thin, add just a pinch of cinnamon. Now take this mixture. You can eat this mixture 2 to 3 times a day.

15. Home remedy for a cough with spice tea

To cure cough, you can make cough medicine by adding spices to your daily tea.

How to use spice tea to treat a cough?

Home remedies for cough include spice tea. When making tea, add ginger, basil and black pepper. Taking tea made from these spices helps in treating cough.

16. Treat cough with cardamom

Cardamom can also be used as cough medicine. To treat a cough with cardamom, you must do this.

How to use cardamon to treat a cough?

Add a few drops of lemon to half a teaspoon of honey and add a pinch of cardamom. Eating this mixture 2 to 3 times a day provides relief in the throat.

17. Clove is the cure for cough

Cloves have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help in treating cough. Cloves can be used as cough medicine.

18. Eat hot things to cure cough home remedy

To cure cough, take warm things, which gives relief in the throat like ginger-basil tea, hot water, soup etc. Do not consume more spicy things during cough.

19. Home remedy for cough can also be done with pomegranate juice.

Drinking pomegranate juice can also give you relief in the throat. Especially to treat cough, you can also add ginger to pomegranate juice.

20. Home remedy for a cough with carrot juice

Home remedy for cough also includes carrot juice. There is no need to be alert to see carrot juice in the list because cough can also be treated with carrot juice.


In every disease, the body breaks down, and the same happens during cough. For the treatment of cough, one should try home remedies for cough before cough medicine. If the home remedies for cough are done properly, it gets relief very quickly. Above you have been told about many home remedies for cough in Hindi. If you have a lot of coughs, please consult a doctor.


Q. What to do if you have too much cough?

A. If you have a persistent cough, add honey and lemon to warm water and drink. Apart from this, keep a piece of ginger or basil leaves in the mouth. And drink hot water from time to time.

Q. What to eat when coughing?

A. Most people recommend drinking hot things like soup, tea and hot water which is right. People stop eating many things like cough, banana, vitamin C, curd, milk. According to a study in 2009, it is reported that few people have trouble with dairy products during cough.

Q. How to get relief from cough soon?

A. For the treatment of cough in a short time, you can periodically drink warm water, eat a spoonful of honey, steam or even take normal cough medicine.

Q. What to do when you cough at night?

A. Cough can be relieved by applying a pillow under the head at bedtime. Running the heater in the room can also cause cough continuously. Eat honey or hot food before bedtime.

Q. What are the home remedies for dry cough?

A. For a dry cough, you can take menthol cough drops, gargle, honey with hot soup, tea, water and salt-water.

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