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How to have an Attractive and Deeper voice and use it to its full potential?

Many people in the world want an attractive, deeper, louder and sexier voice. But many of you don’t know the fact that everyone is not born with special voice, but I can tell you the secret about the voice. You have seen many public figures or celebrities with very good voice, but some of them are not born with special voice. They just know the fact that if we are not born with attractive voice but we can make it better with a few tips and techniques and can use our voice to its full potential. So yes, anyone can make his or her voice attractive and deeper.

But after knowing this fact, don’t think that your voice will be like Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachhan in one day, but if you will practice more then you can make your voice much better and of better quality. You can use your voice to its full potential by practicing a few tips and techniques. This article is for everyone who wants to have an attractive, deeper and sexier voice. It is just not boys and men. Girls too can use these techniques to have a better sounding voice. Anyone can sound its best voice by using little techniques. So here I am telling you few techniques and just remember these techniques.

Well, let me tell you that from where your sound comes from. There are vocal cords in your throat and the height and length of these vocal cords are fixed when you became an adult. The more your vocal cords will thick, the more your voice will sound deep. You can imagine your vocal cords like strings. If you will stretch the strings to a greater extent and then you will play it, it will sound much louder. If you will not stretch the strings, then it will sound much lower. Same goes for your vocal cords. So you have to keep your vocal cords relaxed always so that your voice will sound deeper, louder and richer. So basically your throat is an equipment and the more you get the knowledge about using the equipment the more your voice will sound better. It has been noticed that some people speak from their nose that’s why their voice sounds higher. When some people speak from their nose, then the voice came from a very little place that is our nose. But when we speak normally, then our voice vibrates in our chest and then it came with much deeper and richer with using our body. So you can make it better with some techniques. So here are some tips.

1. Breathe Deeper

The first and foremost important thing you can do is to breathe deeper. You should know the right technique of breathing deep. Some of you will think that they know how to breath deeply. But you try it once now. Just take a deep breathe. Have you noticed something? When you take a deep breath, then your shoulders have risen? If yes, then it is not a right technique of breathing. When you inhale, then your stomach should expand it forward and your body should remain straight and shoulders should be on their place as it was earlier. From doing this, your lungs will be filled with air. The more you lungs became fuller the more your voice sounds clearer and better. The quality of your voice will get improved. So whenever you breathe, just push your stomach to forward and don’t raise the shoulders. It will take practice and time. If you don’t understand the technique of deep breathing then you can do one thing. Lie down on the bed, then notice your way of breathing because when you lie down then you breathe naturally. See how your body is responding when you breathe naturally.¬†Practice and try this thing when you stand straight. So whenever you will speak, you won’t run out of air and become suffocated. So make a habit of breathing in a right way.

2. Exercise for better sounding voice

There is an exercise for improving your voice. If you will do this exercise you will see an immediate difference in your voice. Now, stretch your neck to its backward position. Stretch it to its greatest extent till you can stretch your neck. Now speak these 3 words (KING – KONG PING – PONG DING – DONG) in a normal voice. Now speak these 3 words in a slightly deeper voice by pushing your body in the same posture. Now speak these 3 words in a deeper voice by using your full body and by pushing your body in the same posture. Now you will notice that your voice becomes deeper and heavier instantly. From that your vocal cords became relaxed that’s why your sound became heavier and deeper. So whenever you are going for any presentation or conference or public speaking, then practice this exercise before few minutes. You can practice it in a restroom before going to stage. From that your voice will sound deeper and heavier.

3. Stop speaking from nose

Many people in the world speak from the nose. You have to stop speaking from your nose. You should speak by vibrating your voice in the chest. Try any sentence by not speaking from your nose. If you speak from your nose, then practice this thing that you just not use your nose while speaking. You should use your whole body. You can see the change when you close your nose by using fingers and then speak. It takes practice and time, but if you will do it regularly then you will also overcome from this problem.

Just practice these techniques whenever you can and wherever you can and improve your voice. It is not necessary that your voice should sound like any celebrity or an actor. You should know how to use to your voice to its full potential and you should know the right techniques of improving your voice. You should know how to use your equipment which is called the throat. By practicing these techniques, you will definitely improve your voice or quality of your voice.

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