Hike IM for BlackBerry

BlackBerry OS 10 Series are capable of running apps build for the Android Operating Systems, but in other hand, there is problem with running and installing most of the android based applications as it is either not supported by BlackBerry OS 10 series based smartphones like BlackBerry (BB) Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10 and Z30 or have some or the other technical problem.

In this article we have detailed on how you can install the latest Android version of Hike on your BlackBerry Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10 and Z30.

Things you will need

Before proceeding further make sure you have installed the following apps:

  • Download and install the “BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications” app from BlackBerry World.
  • Download and install “Uninstall” app from Play Store or from here : apk4fun.com/apk/985/

Once you have downloaded and installed the above mentioned apps, make a reboot (restart).

Step 1 – Clearing Older BlackBerry Hike Version

The first and the most important step is to uninstall the older Hike version completely build for the BlackBerry. We careful because this step is very important and you are advised not to use the BlackBerry in-built functions/options to uninstall the app, instead use the “Uninstall” app that you have downloaded from Google Play Store or from the above mentioned source.

To uninstall using “Uninstall” app follow these instructions:

  • Open the hike Uninstall app
  • Click on I know button in case root permission warning prompt.
  • Tap on < System apps (menu) and chose User app
  • Select hike by checking the checkbox
  • Now tap on the Uninstall button and follow the instructions

Step 2- Downloading the latest Android version of Hike messenger

You may not have installed the Google Play Store on your BlackBerry smartphone, therefore the only solution to download the Latest and the safest Hike Android version is from the official website of the hike from: get.hike.in/download/android/

Step 3- Installing the latest Android version of Hike messenger

Once you have downloaded the Android version of hike messenger from the official website of the hike, simply open it and install as the regular application. In case of any technical difficulty let us know at our forum www.isrg.in