TechHow to Make a Power Point Presentation PDF File to Non Editable?

How to Make a Power Point Presentation PDF File to Non Editable?

A creative PowerPoint presentation takes a lot of effort and time to make, but to protect it from the copycats, it requires more effort. PDF files of the PowerPoint Presentations are the best way to share it with the people to whom you don’t want to copy your content or to label it as their work. In most of the cases, we share PDF files through E-mails and even on Websites which is not secure at all, when it comes to protecting your contents from breach and copy-paste.

Even if you have converted your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to a pdf file, there is a 99% possibility that it can be converted back into a ppt or PPTX format which is the standard file extension for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Though there are many ways to protect your PDF file of the PowerPoint Presentation, only 2 of them are effective which include one for free which does not require any software or technician and coding knowledge and the other one is paid which is — using Adobe Reader with Premier Subscription License. There is some other software which are offering the same features, but is restricted to specific pages or adds watermarks to the pages.

Here are the steps to convert PowerPoint PDF file to noneditable file:

1. Securing PDF using MS PowerPoint

You read it right! Yes, you can protect your PDF files of PPT using Microsoft PowerPoint.

To protect your PDF files of PowerPoint Presentation :

  • Only it saves as the regular PPT file (to ppt or pptx extension) which you can use it as a backup file
  • Now, go to File> Save As and choose the “PNT Portable Network Graphics Format (*.png)”
  • Click on the Save button
  • Once the saving process completes
  • Open a new PowerPoint file and insert each image on the single slides
  • Save it as PDF, and now your pdf file is protected from editing and copycats.

2. Securing PDF using Virtual PDF Printer

Most of latest OS such as — Windows 7, 8 and 10 comes with pre-installed PDF Printer Driver. To protect your PPT’s PDF file :

  • Save all the slides like the “PNT Portable Network Graphics Format (*.png)” using the Save as an option provided in the Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Now open the directory where you have saved the PPT as the png image file.
  • Select all the PNG image files and right-click for the Print option.
  • Select the Print option and follow the instruction to convert it as a pdf file.
  • Make sure you have selected the PDF Printer.

Hope you will find it useful 🙂

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