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How to Make Your Indian Crush Fall For You?

Having a crush on someone is when you can not stop thinking of him or her. Sometimes his or her name slips out of your tongue. I had my first crush during my college days, it was my English lecturer. I was so much attracted to him that even when the other students were on mass bunk, I couldn’t help it and use to attend my English class.

Well, it seems to be funny, but this does happen when we are teenagers. Crush is something special about a person that makes you attracted towards him or her. Your heart starts beating too loudly when you see him/her or she/he is near. Love just happens, but the problematic condition occurs when you do not know what the other person feels for you.

Well, it is not possible to force anyone to fall in for you, but there are some things you can certainly do which can bring you closer to your loved one.

Conversation Prime Factor towards Friendship

If you are not friends try to become friends and gain trust and if you are already friends, then the job becomes a bit easy for you. Get to know him or her and gather information about what he or she likes. Find the common interest between you and him/her. Start with small conversations and topics of his/her interests, it will definitely turn those conversations to longer ones and you will get a chance to know each other and show your interest in your crush.

Try to connect with him or her with your smile and your gestures. Guys often fear of being rejected so tell him that you are single and free to date where girls are truly opposite, as they may be the whistleblower whereas you’ve to take the initiative.

Be Genuine – Be Yourself

Be Yourself, Positive Attitude Girl

Be the person you are and avoid being fake. Don’t try to be the one which you are not as he or she will catch you soon. Try to be yourself and be in control. Avoid your emotions because being clumsy will lose his/her interest in you. Be polite and think before you speak.

Make eye contact as the eyes are the mirror of your heart and reflect your emotions. They definitely express a lot more and create magic than your words. Your eyes can let him or her know what you think and what is in your mind.

Be a Good Listener

Girls are often called chatter boxes as they talk a lot and listen less. If you are one of them, then try to change your habit and be a good listener. Be emotionally available and listen to your crush what he wants and what interests him the most.

Let him feel that you are the person he can rely on emotionally. This will strengthen the bond between two of you. Connecting emotionally is the way to a long and stable relationship. Be mature, pay attention, and most importantly is to look interested towards what he shares with you.

Whereas when it comes to girls, you should be very wise enough to choose the words before you through from your mouth. There are possible, that she may not like some words that you use repeatedly with your close friends.

Be Smart, Look Attractive

Elegant Girl

Looks really matter to gain someone’s attention. Dress up smartly and elegantly to fetch his or her attention. Put some perfume that will take away his or her senses and wait for him or her to come to you.

Don’t be afraid of touching, but avoid being clingy. Put your hand on his or her shoulders or touch his or her arm in between when you talk to him or her or laugh. Make eye contact, but don’t stare continuously. Dare to ask him or her for a date, make sure you both go alone on a date. Complement each other, add a little bit of flirting and talking to him or her what you feel and let him or her express his feelings too. Wait for the right time to say that you like him or her.

Spend More Time, But Avoid Stalking

Couples Talking

Be confident and ask him or her to meet after the class or go for a movie. Spend time with him or her go out and try to know him or her better. Say his or her name and try to be comfortable. Instead of asking phone number directly, ask for his or Facebook or Instagram. Try to find out his or her hobbies and about what he or she is passionate about.

Get in a group or club he or she is a member of or if you know he’s or she’s going for a movie get tickets for yourself which could provide a chance to meet him or her, but take care he/she must not know you did it intentionally or it will make him or her annoyed or feel that you are stalking.

Give Space and Scope to Think

To build a relationship it takes time. Be patient and calm. Figure out how he/she respond to you. Be positive and strong, even she/he doesn’t show interest at the beginning.

Try to act normally. Value his/her and your independence too. Avoid always be around him/her as it may irritate him/her or think about you as a desperate. Notice his/her body language and the way he/she talks to you. Give him/her time to know you and prepare his/her mind.

It is really hard to wait when you have a crush, but have control of your emotions and wait for the right time when she/ he comes to you. Let him/her put his/her efforts too

Be Impressive and Blissful

Blissful Girl

Smile at him/her when he/she looks at you. It’s the best way to show a person that you are friendly and approachable. You don’t have to declare your love to the whole world so your gestures and body language can be very effectively used to show your interest in a person. Laugh at his jokes and add a joke or a moment of humor to keep the fun going. Let the conversation go in a way at the end of the day he won’t resist thinking of you.

Be Respectful

If you really want someone to fall for you, be courteous and respectful. Think before you speak avoid speaking such words in excitement that you feel sorry for after words. Be honest and don’t lie as it you would have to pay for it in the long run. Build trust by asking about him or her. Avoid talking always about your hobbies and things that interest you. Let the other person talk about him/her and show him/her your interest and that you care.

Be Confident and Positive

Confident Girl, Talking on Phone

Be confident and honest if you want your impression to be long lasting. Make sure what you want and take time to know whether the person is a right choice and how much you need him/her in your life.

Have courage to face the reality. Be hopeful and positive when you want your crush to fall for you and start a long lasting relationship.

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