Op-edHow To Stop Video From Automatically Playing in Facebook

How To Stop Video From Automatically Playing in Facebook

Facebook has launched a new feature for videos which automatically plays the video on scroll and on mouse-hover. This is very awkward  though some people find it useful. In our this article we will guide you smoothly that how you can disable or re-enable automatic video play feature in Facebook.

Steps to Disable/Enable Automatic Video Play in Facebook

  • Login into Facebook
  • Go to Settings
  • In the left sidebar click on Videos option
  • Under Videos Settings locate Auto-Play Videos
  • From the drop down option select your preference from Default or On or Off

Steps to Disable Automatic Video Play in Facebook

Default: It automatically decided by Facebook when to play the video and when not on the bases of your scrolling speed and of course speed of your internet.

On/Off : I don’t think you require description for it.


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