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Imagination – Creator of New Sculptures

Round the world you come across too many faces; “HOW MANY OF THEM ARE REAL?”  Gosh! That’s quite a freaky question for sure, no ghost, no phantom, then how some can get connected to some unrealistic situations!!

Well, I have come along with a dramatic piece of extract which will let you know how someone could be so scary for others but at the same time terrifying for self. I want that people should go through the details of the topic by themselves and search out “WHAT ACTUALLY IMAGINATION CAN DO?”

A brief article will definitely help you out to extract the general idea but, there is more milk left out in the container which is needed to be hauled out by yourself.


“We should rather go to Coffee Shop!!” she insisted.
Well, they were going to meet for the first time.

“Hi!!” The conversation started online, he was anonymous to her and she was unfamiliar with this new fangled world. Chatting with him had now become a part of her daily routine. She was enticed by this new company; he was like a dazzling light in her hazy life. It was not easy to convey their feelings yet, their fingers managed to play scramble on the keyboard to find words to express their feelings. Something was clutching them together, they had never seen each other, but she had started to feel him everywhere. They planned to meet, he always promised her to meet and she always waited for him at Mr. Perkin’s cafe. Days passed and every time she goes to the cafe in an expectation, that he will come. He always made new excuses for not being available for her. Crazy and depressed, she started to feel scared!!

Scared of losing him, scared of losing her happiness!! Why did he use to do this to her? Unaware of this question she kept on going to the same place to meet him. The Mother shouted aloud, “Disha comes downstairs, look who’s come to meet you.” She came down with a hustle in a hope that he would have come to meet her. She stared at him for a moment!!

(Smiling) Hi… The Dr. Lobo introduced himself as the specialist in Schizophrenia. A disease or say a state of mind where people start building their own imaginary world away from the reality.

She never thought of such a situation ever. Upset, she quietly set aside, the doctor for her weekly check-up. She was well aware of her sickness yet, uncontrollable to her. The imaginary world of Disha was shattered when she came to know that, once again she made an imaginary friend who was ever with him and she never walked out of her room to meet him.

Yes, she shared a great bond, a great bond with her IMAGINARY world. Dealing with something like being quite scary, but more interesting to read over this topic. I hope this article created the eagerness in you to uncover many more secrets of this topic and frame an opinion based on your IMAGINATION.

Priya Israni
Priya Israni
I write to explore all those things I am afraid of, I am a suspense to be revealed 😊 Content writing is something which allows me to observe the ambiance around me with a different perspective. I hold the ability to ink down my thoughts into the combination of words and try to extract out the finest meaning out of all. My optimistic personality permits me to never give up in any situation; I always try my best to achieve something.

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