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List of Best and Cool Events Ideas to Include in the College Fest

When you are entering in college life after your high school, it means you are entering in a new world. It’s a also a first step towards the future, career and upcoming opportunities. College life means new friends, attending lectures and making lots of memories. Sometimes, people mass bunk classes to attend a movie or just to hangout with friends. All these process are part of growing up, a part of entering the adult phrase of life, a part of life where you take first step towards decision making.

Apart from studying in college, college days are also fun during the college fest, where you explore the new sides of you and make new friends from other faculties, get to know each other, relax from long lectures. The college fest are usually of three to four days with several events by the students themselves. Sometimes, celebrities and well known band also perform on the final day of event make it more memorable.

Here are the list of some interesting events which can be included in college fest:

1. LAN Gaming

Now a days many institutes especially the management colleges hold this LAN Game in their fest. Also a popular youth TV channel hold LAN Gaming. This could be interesting for the new Gamers. In LAN gaming you have to compete with other team and beat them for win. This can be either in group or between two players. There are series of rounds in which the players with highest score will be winner. Several institutes can participate either as team or in individual. LAN gaming sounds interesting for new generations.

LAN Gaming

2. Robo Games

Apart from LAN Gaming, Robo games is another event that growing popular in the college fest and events by the new generation. There are several events like Robo War, Rober Soccer, Robo Kadabbi etc, where students from other institution also participate and compete with each other. Students usually made the Robot and it’s skills are tested against competition to each other.

Robo Games

3. Poetry writing and recitation

This is best for students who want to pursue their career in writing, also for all those people who have the hidden talent of poetry writing or recitation. This is also one of the popular events among students, to showcase their talents. Other institution will also send participants and they compete with each other in the poetry writing and reciting competition.  This will be an most creative events.

Poetry writing and recitation

4. Face Painting

Face painting competition is also one of the popular and creative events of the college fest. Not only in the college, nowadays several schools hold this face competition. Here the participants are work on different themes and compete with the participants of other institution. There are several themes like horror, fantasy, animal, characters, abstracts among several other to choose from.

Face Painting

5. Debugging

A great event and competition to organize for the future programmers where several institute can come together and compete with the student of other institution. It involves problem solving and algorithmic thinking of the students. The students will involve in problem solving or debugging. The students participating in the competition will be given time to solve the maximum errors in limited time.


6. Marketing and Selling

Students have to show their marketing skills in this events. Especially designed for business students. Here all the participant will be given a certain number of particular product to sell at certain price and they have to sell them to the random people or guests or convince them to buy the product. At the end of certain time period, the sales will be calculated and the winner will be decided. This is innovative as well as make student ready for career.

Marketing and Selling

7. Story Writing Competition

Here all the participants will be given a few lines and they have to from a whole story of around 2000 to 3000 words. The genre can be different, from same lines the story can be horror, romance, comedy and tragedy and the judge will decide whose story has create an impact on the mind. Regardless of stream, any students with enthusiast in reading and writing can participate in this competition.

Story Writing Competition

8. Short Film Making

Here the students will have to make one short film based on social issues or issues which have impact on society or giving social message. Here the other institute can compete with each other. The student can generally form a group to make a team for film making. All the film will be shown in special slot or screening during the fest and the jury member will decide the best film and rewarded the team. This can be also done regardless of stream and specialisation of students.

Short Film Making

9. Young Scientists and Innovation

This could be of special interests for the young minds and future scientists. In this events they have to showcase their innovation either individually or as a team. Like, they will invent or build special items which may be helpful for environment, energy resources or for agriculture or deprived section of the society. In a special exhibition they will showcase their talent and inspire others.

Young Scientists and Innovation

10. Handicrafts

A special exhibition can be arranged for people who are specialized in handicrafts to showcase their talent during fest. Here the items can range from various things and the crafts material can be of any things like woods, bamboo, plastic, clothes etc. The innovation of the students should be encouraged and there can be exhibition cum sale can be organised for the students to encourage them.


11. Online Event

Now a days most students like online event and many institutions have held online events during their fest. Some of them are through apps like musically, dubmash. Other online event include hackerrank contest where you can compete with other developers. There are also contest on memes of internet. In the growing popularity of digitisation the online event is interesting in fest.

Online Event

12. Cultural Competition

For the young generations who have talent and special skills. The cultural competition can be of solo and group, or can be western and classical or can be folk or modern in case of singing and dancing. There can be also separate section of musical instrument playing and also for DJ competition and rap making. Apart from winning the competition this event can be surely fun and entertaining.

Cultural Competition

13. Fun games

Fun games can be organised during the cultural fest. Also these games will be more entertaining. These can be fun as well as entertaining where the students can compete with each other as a group or individuals. Games like paintball, dart throwing, shooting the target, musical chairs can be fun. There are also the games like treasure hunt or solving the case or puzzle can be organised during the college fest.

Fun games

14. Fashion Show

Fashion show is popular college event not only for the aspirant designer or the model, but for anyone who have interest in this field. This can be innovative like including themed fashion or include makeup and nail Art along with fashion show as nowadays these are emerging industry. Fashion show can also be a role play during this events, where students will portray various roles of famous personalities.

Fashion Show

15. Culinary Contest

For the aspirants master chef and chef in making, this can be popular event of hotel management institutes and also other colleges and students pursuing other courses. This is a fun event that will bring out the hidden talent of cooking and culinary arts of the students and the participate can compete as individual in different categories of cooking like main-course or desserts etc. There also reward for innovation and presentation.

Culinary Contest

16. Debate

Debate on certain topics on various issues can be include in fest. It is not only fun, but also informative along with brainstorming for the students. This can be made innovate like Model United Nation or the Youth Parliament during the fest where student discuss issues and policies of government. These can be arranged as team or as individuals from different institutions.


17. IT Quiz

IT Quiz can be arranged for students to increase their technical knowledge. Here also the several colleges and institutions can come and form a team and compete with each other. The mentor will prepare a set of questions for the participants and the participants of the team with highest score can be the winner. This could be actually fun as well as productive for the students to increase the knowledge.

IT Quiz

18. Engineering Field based events

There are several events which can be organised in Engineering colleges or institution for the students. This is also fun and productive. Now a days college arranging several events related to different field of engineering. like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, IT, electronics, bio technology and the modeling, coding and innovation, building, designing, cracking are based on respective fields.

Engineering Field based events

19. Awareness

This can be useful for the college students as well as general public. During fest a group of students can visit some area and spread awareness about various topic related to social issue, sanitation, government policies, environment etc. Or can be of traffic or pollution in urban areas. This may not be an competition or event, but can be really useful as students get some time to involve in social issues during fest days.

Awareness event

20. Start UP Event

Start UP is the new trend in India and the world where everyone want to be their own boss than be a regular 9 to 5 employee. Here the participant have to come up with innovative start up ideas, case study, profit, impact, market, realistic, futuristic ideas and make all feasible survey and have to make presentation in front of jury.

Start UP Event

They have to face question and defend themselves. The best startup will get rewarded.