Op-edLok Sabha Election 2019: What made the Modi chariot to roll and...

Lok Sabha Election 2019: What made the Modi chariot to roll and conquer

The Lok Sabha election has spelled many a surprise and much astonishment What was appearing as absolutely impossible was made possible by the BJP led by the ever astute and resident Narendra Modi. Completely under fire yet very determined he came out like the gold comes out of the fire fully hard boiled and very strong rigidly What were the trumps in terms of the card that the Prime Minister held Well this article is a complete analysis of the BJP juggernaut led by the ever wily Narendra Modi.

Lok Sabha Election 2019:  “Crucifixion” of the “false- hopes” of India

None and no one could have thought about this No one could have ever imagined in their wild life There is a poem which says that:-

“How can a man die better, Than facing the fearful odds

For the temples of his father, And ashes of his God”

Well this one can ultimately describe all about the Modi Houdini of the Lok Sabha election of 2019 303 seats alone out of a 542 That is equal to 55% plus of the seat alone for the BJP That describes the poem and about all it in terms of its ” essence “, as well as the meaning.

What one might ask for The answer is BJP bagging alone 303 seats out of a possible 543 seats in this Lok Sabha election Alone on its own the BJP bagged exactly about 50% of the votes in this election, and the rest of the 50 percent of the votes was bagged together by the opposition The BJP now really has become the party for the Aam Aadmi.

What did the BJP and how did it achieve overall and what did it make of the Congress, which was its nearest and the biggest rival Well the answer is:-

The BJP and it’s wave was such that it completely brutalized and made a mince of the Congress as the fact would reflect:-

  1. In 23 states the Congress’s vote share was not even 10 percent
  2. In 17 of the states which also included the Union Territory as well the Congress could not open its account
  3. TEN – of its former Chief Minister including ONE Deputy Chief Minister lost their seats by a whopping margin of over 1.25 lakhs of votes
  4. From one of the constituency, the Congress had the mortification of seeing it’s National President losing his seat by over a margin of 54000 plus votes
  5. So much pathetic was the overall performance of the Congress that it could not muster over 23 % of its vote share in all over this country

Such was the kind of “ Wheel -Pressing ” and “ Mauling ” that the BJP did it to the Congress

Congress is now a pack of card

The Congress is now a pack of card totaling 52 in numbers

This is what their condition has been reduced now There are a lot of “ King “ “ Queen ” and the “ Jack “ with an immeasurable “ Joker “ in Congress, but there is no “ A’s “ in the party at all, and there lies the truth and the mirror for everybody to see their face The “ A ‘s “ in the party has been reduced to a mere entity which has nothing to do with anybody and anything at the party. Neither they have anything to do for themselves or for the party Their all the credentials has been reduced to a mere rotten pulp of the mango which is of no use as the roots are never of any use That is what the result of this election proves and demonstrate.

BJP & it’s avalanche

The BJP on the other hand has grown up by adding strength, muscles, power and if possible, adding more of the strength in their bones Compare these statistics:-

  1. In 2014 they won 282 seats, this time around they won 303 In a way on a national level they have been able to win about ONE percent of seat and that is a huge addition when one takes the national account into the picture
  2. In 2014 the BJP all over India individually had garnered about 17 crores of votes However this time around they won about 27 crores of votes This is an of addition of about 52% of votes in a span of five years This is a world record in terms of the achievement that they have achieved
  3. The BJP fielded many a new faces to fight the election this time Overall more than 50 % of the First Time representative fighting their election won their seat in the very first attempt Some of them toppled the former Chief Minister’s of the Congress by a huge walloping margin which was a miracle
  4. In all the states and the place where the number of seats were more than 20 the BJP fielding their candidates against their opponent won at least 8 or more than eight seats ie almost 40 % or more of their seats This again is a World Record
  5. One of the Former “ PM “ of this country who fought at Tumkur for JD(S) too lost his seat and that too against a BJP candidate by a huge margin This showed that be it the “PM” or be it the “CM” those pitted under the wagon wheel to fight the BJP were run over by the wheel that was spinning their hope for an eternitical victory Such was the “avalanche” and the “tornado” which blew the entire opposition of the BJP and this was never witnessed in the entire history of India

How did the BJP achieve the impossible:-

Well before the start of the election, it was very clear that the BJP would be alone and on it’s being alone would fight the entire opposition The entire opposition got converged at Karnataka first where the BJP’s opponent mingled with the Congress to form their Government at Karnataka That gave them IE the opponent to think and feel that the start of the end of the BJP was near.

Next was the state election of Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan where the BJP lost its election That again made the opposition to feel wrongly, that they were on the rise to push the BJP into the back foot and send them cart wheeling Two successive state elections and their aftermath made these oppositions to feel that the end of the BJP was near This was their wrong reading and mistake It was a mistake from where the BJP could not recover at all.

The man who turned the wheel of the BJP was none other than Narendra Modi who is the Prime Minister of India He definitely will extend his rein now at the center What was the trick work for the BJP Well these are as under:-

  1. He while becoming the Prime Minister of India the first change in terms of isometric, brought in the concept of “ SWACHH BHARAT “ The country was provided with toilets for the villagers and it provided many a relief especially to the womenfolk’s who would have to pass on their nature call shamelessly in the field.The womenfolk’s got some respect and gained their lost identity this made the difference.Some part of India was such that the womenfolk would go during the night to pass their nature call It would be so very difficult for them to contain themselves of the pains while sustaining their waste till the night That ended their pain for doing that and that gave them the favour of inclining themselves to the BJP That was the difference that Modi and the BJP made it
  2. The opening of the account’s in the bank to pass on the booty straight into their account was again a big win for the BJP to earn the respect and the admiration of the poor as well as the farmers Axing all the middleman and the useless traders as we call them, the money from the Government coffers as against the gas discount and its rebate as well as the money promised to the petty farmers straight went to the accounts of the beholders.This way the nation completely prevented the loot that went on for the last 40 years Just imagine the quantum of money that was looted over the last 40 years by these middlemen. The beneficiaries were the people of India that was another trump card for the BJP to win the favor of the voters.
  3. The gas connection about 9 crores in the number that was supplied at the root level of the villages to the households who were just burning the wood to prepare their meals It brought about an adiabatic change in the life of the woman from the village Their health issues were minimized to a great extent That was again a trump card for the BJP to win the heart of the people.
  4. The electricity and the electrification of the Indian villages About 18,000 villages in India got to see the electricity entering their house for the first time in their life This again was the card which was a trump card for the BJP That made the BJP to add much to it’s list of the votes.

BJP & It’s effort of the revamping of the national economy

From the start and the effort made by the BJP under the tutelage of the Prime Minister the BJP after its effort to eco-socialize the life of the one’s who were living under the breath of miniculistic earning set its target to revamp the national economy and some of the measures taken are listed as under:-

1. Deposit of the gold at the bank

India is a country which produces about 100 tonnes of gold per annum now Let us take an evaluation of the gold Say from the start of 1947 to 2019 at an average of about 20 tonnes per annum of the production of the gold India had and has produced say about 20 tonnes 72 years. That equals 1440 tonnes of Gold that India has produced The moot question is how much of gold is there at the RBI God knows I would not be able to provide an answer to that This figure could be more but I’m taking only a representative figure to make a note of it.

Sensing that the Gold in India was held back by the hoarders and the smugglers the “ PM “ made a national announcement to the people requesting them to deposit the gold with the RBI promising them the guarantee that these gold that they deposit at the RBI will be therewith all Government security provided beside paying them an interest for the same This did not provide a success in terms of overwhelming response but the seeds were sown

This was the first of such a measure to cleanse the dirt that was accumulating and was polluting the nation

2. G S T & it’s implementation

The taxes and its measure had been just loose and porous. This as a result has been such that the Indian Government ever since the tax reforms were introduced in India after independence has never been able to collect the appropriate amount of tax that it ought to collect as it’s booty which was the right of the Government. The collectors of the tax who would be the part of the Government machinery also would not perform their duty sincerely This resulted into many a creation of the loopholes in the system This country has lost about 80 percent of its actual beauty that ought to come to them in the form of tax collection ever since the independence. This is a heavy loss to the nation.

The introduction of the GST and it’s implementation brought about a complete change The overall effect was the so called the “ Ponzi ” and the  “ “Spurious ” companies were trapped They were either under the control of the criminal detecting agencies of the Government of India under the spell of imprisonment or they had to pay the fines totaling to a huge amount This completely brought about a balance of the business for those who were in the petty business and were finding it very hard to survive.

The other factor which was responsible was the continuous change that the Modi 1.0 Governments kept on going to change the tax set and its pattern from time to time It was evident that the GST which was implemented in a country like India would see a lot of problems and suffering’s for those who are involved in the business. However, the studies done on the microscopic field and the changes introduced brought in the LEVEL-PLAYING-FIELD and that set the tone Not that everything in the GST has been OK as of yet as there would be some more changes needed to really make it a completely level playing field However, it has creased the lacunae in terms of tax looting and in terms of bringing about a uniformity in the case of tax payment especially in the front of industrial tax restructure and its payment.

The business community who were just enjoying escaping the payment of the tax now are under the wheel of the law They will have to pay the tax as per the actual and the offenders would send to the jail behind the bar to face the consequences. This actually made the very poor business class to lean toward the Modi Government. This was the cake for them to eat and enjoy Their hopes of survival got enhanced in their business The offenders, of course, will see the jail and all the efforts are made to catch these kind of the offenders and to put them behind the bar.

3. Demonetisation

This was the nail that the Modi Government 1.0 hit it in the right place at the most appropriate time Why it made about 10 crores of the people to lean towards the Modi Government was the fact that a parallel economy, which was the false and the illegal currency notes were in circulation in India These currency notes were manufactured at a place near our border It was transshipped to Bangladesh and taken to Nepal From the border of Nepal it would enter India. This fake currency notes were killing the poor of the poorest and from there on wards it was taking them it was taking these impoverish to the state of impoverishment.

All of a sudden from nowhere the Hon’ble Prime Minister gave a month’s time to the people of this country saying and addressing that the people ought to deposit all their unaccounted money within a span of a month to the Bank or else these unaccounted monies would have no meaning at all Beside that there were some currency notes that were banished from the night he declared the ban.

This sends the people to many a hardship and crux however the nation stood in queue to face the hardship and to deposit all that was their’s. The entire “Lutyen” media and the likes of them got together to make a mockery of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and his Government but the nation stood firm This effect might have had its catastrophic effect on many a poor but they were happy that the illegal currency notes would find no place in India. That was the tone which they held it with pride and that made them to lean toward the Prime Minister The more and more the opposition made a hue-and-a-cry for it the more the people especially the poor and the downtrodden got inclined to Modi.

When it was declared by the RBI that 99% of the currency note that the RBI had released in the Indian market came back to them, the people of India sighed a great relief For them it was like they had got another life in term of the lease Just imagine 99% of the currency- legal notes had come back to the RBI Would you believe that About 50% of the illegal currency notes that was in circulation in the open Indian market got crushed in just a span of a night- why night, in a span of a minute after the Hon’ble Prime Minister declared the ban That saved the Indian economy to go completely under the dearth-cum-the death trap which was laid by these so called wicked minded people who were involved to crush the Indian economy and its strength in India.

The Indian economy appropriately and very correctly was restricted and resurrected on that fateful night and no sooner that the illegal currency notes got disbanded the nation was once again born to walk on it’s feet

5. Indians strength on the international front

From 1988 India was subjected to the kill’s of the terrorist and the terror in such a manner the terror bug ate a lot of the strength of this nation. Just imagine for nothing so far we have lost more than 2000 jawans doing their piece and bits for their motherland.

A very sacred and a sacrilege of a nation was losing her son’s on the border just because the previous Government was very laid back and lack aid lustre in it’s aptitude and attitude The vote bank politics and the notion to not hit them emotionally was taking away the life of the nation as well as it was painted all wrong pictures about our capability and was making the people to feel all about our vulnerability.

The international standing of India was such that every nation who watched India from a close quarters from 1977 to 2014 felt that India was a nation of poor-poverty and malnourishment. The way our national leaders performed on the international stage it made them feel that India is a nation without the legs and the pair of hands Many rich countries would make a mockery of our nation and the people who were serving abroad It was because of the fact that our national leaders themselves were a bitch crank termites who themselves were swallowing the country and making it porous.

The first Indians did was India invited all the CEO’s of the respective country that is a neighbor to this country There was a love all love one kind of a message that India had sent across the border to everybody.

Secondly within a span of two years- the Modi Government 1.0 returned all the disputed land to Bangladesh which was causing a lot of concerns to one and sundry That send a positive message.

The third in it’s part was that India donated a huge amount to Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal to build it’s infrastructure That was another message send to the neighbor Yet one of the neighbor kept on ranting and chanting the hymn’s of the atom bomb.

There is a poem which was written by an American immediately THE World War – II after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed by atom bomb.

It stands as:- Oh Americans, Oh Americans and Go get yourself fucked by an atom bomb

Perhaps the Indians who learned this one knew what is the place and the value that an atom bomb and all the bombs holds.The first of such a signal was send to the neighbor when India entered Myanmar and did what it needed to do This did not wake them up to the realities of our beloved neighbor as we would like to call them.

On the attack by them in some of our strategical point India retaliated by performing a SURGICAL STRIKE That again was a joke to them After some more misadventure by the neighbor India made a coat for them in terms of the Balakot to turn that into a QUOTE:  “A dastard war is far more necessary and impertinent to lay a foundation of everlasting peace”.

This act of India received a world wide appreciation and the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan rose on it’s feet to help India if there was an aggressive approach by the neighbor Aid to the swelling of the succor Iran as a nation got up to declare that it will fight along with India to eradicate the entire terror that is exported from the neighbouring country This gave the much needed tonic and the support to everybody to rise up and raise it’s concern for India.

The rest of the veto five nation too joined India in it’s rake against the terrorism and ranked themselves up to help India to fight the issue of terrorism on a global platform.

5. Winning the effort to declare some of them as heinous international terrorist

The effort of the Modi Government 1.0 added more feathers to it’s cap when it won the war against some privileged home bred terrorist in the neighboring country. That was a jolt to the neighbor and to those at India who neither were bothered against these home bred terrorist and their activities here at India That was one up and advantage Modi for this election.

Branding of Modi and his liasioning with his counterpart

Narendra Modi all through these five years wasted no time in branding the nation India as a pound or as a dollor worldwide He made a lot of friends in the international arena and his international relationship department that holds the Ministry headed by Madam Sushma Swaraj spend no effort wasting it to promote India as the voice of the international for peace and this was a job which was brilliantly performed by the Ministry under Madam Sushma Swaraj To add to the value the brilliant work as the spokesman that was done by personalities like Akbaruddin to cite as an example was really worth mentioning.

Modi simply moved around the world to promote India in terms of a place worth investing, in terms of promoting the peace that India was craving for and he made himself act and put as an “ Apostle of Peace ” This made a difference He also went on to add by his talks and his meaning that the future of the economy of the world lies here at India.

His attitude and the way he presented his Government and the country won many and many a heart world over The International community saw him as a man who was here really to kill the poverty and bring in uniform distribution of the wealth especially to the poor Some went to the extent to honouring him with all the kind of international award that were hardly believable.

When his plan of awarding Rs 2.50 lakhs each at Uttar Pradesh to the Muslims to reconstruct their house and making them converted into a house made out of concrete and mortars made the world to see it, the cream’s of the world at large just could imagine that this was a man who was portrayed very wrongly from 2002 to 2014 and again from 2014 to 2019 at large The poorest of the poor Muslims who at one stage were his enemy number one at Uttar Pradesh all of a sudden became his friend.

It was gauged by the fact that of the extra 10 crores of the votes garnered by him out of a total of 27 crores, there were as many as 4 crores of the Muslim votes that came to him In a total of about 28 crores of votes, ( a round about of a total ) of the votes that was garnered by the BJP there were about 4 crores of votes of the Muslim that were voted in his favour That is almost equal to 15 percent of the Muslim vote Comare it with only 2 percent in 2014 It is a seven fold jump in the votes of the Muslim that was garnered by the BJP and the credit went to the Prime Minister himself This made the things turn around and make this election as a one way traffic for the BJP.

Now comes the last of the point to discuss in this entire article and the chapter

Liasioning with his counterpart

The first to go away from the NDA was Nitish Kumar It was thre technical brainhead of the BJP and it’s party head to follow Nitish with precarious motive and counter check him with an opportunity to open out for a home return to the NDA. This was the first step which bore success and Nitish Kumar and his party returned back to the g fold of the ND.

There was always an altercation with the Shiv-Sena of Maharashtra It was again solved the the principles of “ POLITICAL-BARTER ” The Shiv Sena could very easily realize it’s folly and that the doom that it would cause to Maharashtra and itself if they had again taken a different approach and a different road The result was that the Shiv Sena joined it’s hand to move ahead with the party stream line of the NDA That bore them a fantastic results at Maharashtra.

The BJP also gave a equal platform to SAD and the AIADMK beside the smaller one’s like the Apna Dal The one’s who are attached to Ramdas Athvale, so hence and so forth In nutshell the BJP was able to cement and concrete all it’s relationship with it’s allied partners whereas the UPA under the Congress failed in it’s attempt To add to the woes the opponent within themselves had many of the conglomeration like the Gathbandhan and useless kind of stuff’s which did not meet the eye of the voters.

The end result was that it was the end of every hopes garnered against the present incumbent Government

The sun has set of the Modi Government 1.0 but the sunshine still hovers around for a more dazzling sunrise

The son-rise and the sons-to-be-on-the-rise have been send to the obscurity

The chariot which was driven by Modi had the JD(U), the SAD, the AIADMK, the Shiv Sena, the LJP, and the conglomeration of some very miniculistic parties which could be as many as seven parties in toto The seven horses that were pulling the cart exactly the number number of the horses that were pulling the “ Arjun rath ” during the time of the historical war of the Mahabharat completely doused the fire of the opponent and kept them laggardly crumbling to find that it’s legs just do not have it in them to make them to stand.

Last but not the least the immense success that the BJP saw it at Assam, at Orissa, at Bengal and all over at North Eastern state also not to forget to mention Bengal, saw it’s one of the most heinous activity for the last three years all cornered and zooming around the election.

It was DASTARD and the most ever heinous that one could have ever witnessed in the entire history of India Yet the BJP came all gun’s blazing A serene Bengal would have seen the applicant of the Mamta’s Government cartwheeled if the pilings at Bengal would have been held on the lines of the principles and idealism of franchise, yet the BJP won it’s a round of applause with consummate ease though a lot of blood was spilled in the state That leaves a sordid tale to discuss and more about it later.

The excess of the 10 crores voters simply means that the voters belonging to those categories who are simply termed as the daily wage labourers from every corner of the country If it was barring and if it was batting, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh were not with Modi and his Government 1.0.

The excessive baggage’s that they were carrying in terms of poverty and liability have not been reduced to 100 percent but the change in their life which this Government under Modi 1.0 brought up to their life had rekindled some hopes to them A lot of them now have started believing that every words and every messages that were spewed up by the previous Government against him were simply a white lie and it had nothing to do with his reality which was covered under the debris of all falsity.

The Chemistry of aromatics and the mathematics of the chemistry

One really would have to study in detail as to where did the opposition go wrong and what were the reason for the same.

This is necessary and important to know and assess as well It is because this was the first election in the annals of India, where everything in terms of the science proved wrong and the most important was that the chemistry and the maths of the opponent went absolutely wayward and hayward, and wrong. So what was the wrong’s.

The reasons may have been different for it to go wrong but these are the most important one:-

1. No cohesion between the opponent

There was no real bonding and the cohesion in the opponent and their ranks and files were distorted and not in order Say for an example The SP-BSP alliance was not interested to mingle with the Congress in Uttar Pradesh

They always found a point of blanks and would always spew their venomous against the Congress at Uttar Pradesh but on the All India maps and on the table, they would keep on saying that we are united and if we form a number which would enable us to take a swipe for forming the Government at the center, then we may include the Congress as well This was a joke and that did not go well to take it as a serious matter with the voters

2. Everybody wanted to be the Prime Minister

Everybody wanted to the next Prime Minister from the opposition Mayawati was clearly advocating for herself So was Sharad Pawar. Later Mamta Banerjee too raised her voice for the same and it was in a soft mellowed voice the DMK too Nobody was sure to win even 10 seats and nobody were uttering the words that we as a party alone will win say at the most 20 seats except the DMK Yet everybody wanted to be the “PM” of this country There was no unanimity between anybody as to what they were driving their force for except everybody wanted to be the “ PM “ which in itself was a joke

3. Determinants and the matrix were very wrong:

The determinants were all wrong It was very evident when one saw the pitching of the candidates of the various parties For example, when one looked at the list of the candidates from Uttar Pradesh one found that and felt that the SP was in fact fighting as if in Pakistan Their list of the Muslim candidates made one to feel so In fact the very second list of the candidates that they fielded were all Muslims Seeing the Muslim voters and feeling that all the Muslim votes will go to them they took this step. But none of them could win a single seat So was the case of BSP who fielded all the Muslims and the Dalit candidates Except for 10 they could not win anything

The case of the Congress was such that they even could not find 273 candidates to contest the elections Some had their own choice When Navjot Singh Siddhu was approached, heplainly told them I their top brasses that if not given a ticket from Chandigarh he would not contest the election It was because he was dead and cock sure that he was not going to win from any other constituency from Punjab He did not want to take any chance to ruin his future for the same. This was the case with the opposing The factors of determining all went wrong for them Now comes the case of matrices of the opposition Where did the matrix fail Let us discuss in detail.

1. Wrong Electioneering

Every slogan that the opponent took as a swipe against the BJP and their Supremo was wrong It started with GABBAR SINGH TAX. This was a reform which was OPENLY and GLADLY accepted by the miniculistic and the petty businessman That really gave them a chance of survival in their business These are the minnows that were completely gulped by the sharks of the Indian business fraternity The opposition kept on attacking the “PM” for the same but it could not create any ripples on the mind of the people especially the menus of Indian business.

2. Rafael: Chor: Chowkidar

There was no evidence that one could garner against the incumbent government as a proof that the Rafale deal was not correct But the opposition kept on ranting and chanting that the Prime Minister was a thief ( CHOR ) This again proved to be the HUMDINGER OF DEATH for the opposition The rafale then gave birth to the two terminology, the ” chor ” and the “ Chowkidar ” Both these political terminology killed the opposition the most It never dented any image of the BJP as well as the incumbent Prime Minister

3. Blaming the Election Commissioner and the electronic voting machine

Every time an election was held the EVM and the EC were made the scapegoat for the losses of the opponent If in any case, if they if they lost the election, they would squarely blame the EVM’s and the Election Commissioner If the opponent won the election it was all fine with either the EC or the EVM, but if they lost the sky and the hell found a place here in India with the opponent blasting the administrative machinery.

This has been the first ever election in the annals of the Indian electioneering history that the caste equation as well as the math and the chemistry of the election had completely gone wrong and the calculation of the math of the caste that exists in India and the chemistry of the parties and the franchise gave a complete reflexive result in the annals of India.

This election amply has proved that one cannot play the caste card at all and you would not be given anything to surviveYour only survival would depend upon if and only if you did something tangible that could be seen on the ground and if you have done something very good for the people which should be tangible That really has made the difference and this is an indicator for the future The opposition got it all wrong The BJP got it correct That was it and that was that.

To set the matter straight the supreme court gave an order to the opposition to come and check the EVM and try to find a loophole in it An open challenge was thrown at the opposition but no parties came forward for the same to take up the challenge.

Once done with it the VVPAT also came in as a cropper to defame the EVM It was decided that 20,000 samples would be selected from the various EVM’s and a test would be conducted to find out what was the percentage of error after the voting gets over To the dismay of the opposition when this test was conducted, the result was 100 % It stated that there was nothing wrong at all with the EVM or the VVPAT for which the opposition was making all these helluva

Well, nothing that the opposition, especially the Congress under Rahul Gandhi fell into the proper place and the grooves People were far more convinced that the opposition had nothing to prove, but everything to howl about The end result is after the election results were declared there is a PIN DROP silence now existing in the country. The opposition is nowhere to be seen and most of them just do not want to come on the TV show to show their faces at all.

The reality and the crux that these were made proved fatal to the opposition at the end of it. This made the voters feel and understand that what was creeping was something that was even worse than a sin that they had committed all these years while knowing nothing more in terms of the truth. It was from here very clear to them that this man ought to be given another chance to really come up to the desired level where it could be termed that he has levelled the playing field All these years what he could do was not enough in terms of the time to cover up all the loops All he could do was that the field which had holes and the potholes were covered by him That is what he could do.

4. Inverse matrix and the wrong determination

Every foot that was put up by the opposition got crushed under the wheel of the marginality of Narendra Modi, who was single handedly taking on the opposition He was simply putting the things on the right note about all that his Government could do and did However the opposition taking on those points were totally negating him with all the wrong howls and the cries to negate him. At last the “PM” had to plead to the people that he would address to say that – they are all against me because I do not cheat, steal or loot The problem with the opposition is that I do not allow anybody to loot as I do not look and they all believe in doing this with magnanimity Since in these last four years, neither I have looked or stolen and have not allowed anybody to do it within the party and the Government and outside that these are completely rattled and are after my life and peace of my mind.

This rattled the opposition and brought in the people more near and closer to the “PM” This happened after the end of the round three of voting and the end result could be seen by the score that it reflected at the very end of the same Wrong rantings by the opposition that if we come to power, we will put Modi in jail, we will tie a string around his stomach to drag him to the jail, we will send sweets made by mud filling it with granules of stone and we will slap him and kick him- these completely turned around the anti wave if at all that were existing and put the things in favor of the BJP and the “PM”

It is here that the matrix and the factor of determinants completely went wrong for the opposition

6. Kamdar versus Namdar

The final assault by the Prime Minister was the jargon Kaamdar versus the Naamdar It was a comparism between the one who ran the Government for five years doing all the right things for the nation in every front That was compared by the wrongs that those did it in their rule for over the last 55 years For every things that were done by the various Government in the last 55 years there was always some kind of a deeds by those Government which in the long run went in to harm the nation The intentions were not clear and good That was the “PM” always saying it in the rallies and at times he was explaining the drought that was caused by the same

In retrospect, his Government always did those things which he did it for the benefit of the nation in a more legalized and in a systematic manner He always proclaimed that There was no wrongs and no scams that ever did take place in my government and my Government was not involved in any of such a matter.

The difference between the work, especially done by the Congress Government of the previous time was that they did it only to garner the name for themselves and for those who blindly followed them The job was done only to please a family and their members In retrospect, what we did was to benefit the nation, the people of the country and especially the poor, the pleasant and the farmers That was the motto with which his Government was working and will continue to work.

Under my tutelage we and I did not allow any wrong things and in the future too we will continue to work in the same manner He assured that corruption will find no place under his rule, scams will not be allowed to take place and will not surface in his tenure, and above all the law will be reinforced and those doing the wrongs will be treated very harshly

This did the trick He was able to make the people understand the basic difference between the work he does and makes his people to do and work for the nation and the work that the opposition does which aims at only satisfying the one family which takes this nation for granted

There was it where the matrix and the determinants got inverted and it leaned thereafter in the favor of the BJP and Modi

Gone with the ” wind “

This was not and never a a wave This never was the kind of a stream of wave that had erupted like it was in 2019 It was not an euphoria or a phobia It was all the correct, appropriate and a well estimated calculations of how twin the battle The odds were not loaded in favor of the BJP or the Prime Minister What made the job look so accurate was the hope that the poorest of the people from all the work of the society and he life that vested it on the BJP especially looking at Modi as an individual and as their aspiration and hope.

They had a faith pinned on him That was – This man will never belie us and befall us to stopus from the back and he would repay us for all the faith that we have bestowed upon him This was the need, this was the supply and this was the demand by the BJP led by the Prime Minister Modi This he converted into an astounding and a resounding victory This in fact was the only one of its kind in the annals of the Indian polity where a victory was carved which did not al all appear the way it truly reflected on the score sheet.

Immaculate calculation, forming the correct arithmetic’s and composing the structure of the probability of the wind and the elements associated with it this man went all the way to install an element of confidence amongst the workers and the one’s who were working with him as a team well within the team to move onward and keep the march moving ahead with surety This set the hopes of the people to bestow more and more of their faith in him The end result was the ” opponents were gone with the wind”

Pinning all their hopes these excess of 10 crores of voters out of the possible about twenty eight cores of the votes that the BJP has garnered, it might have or may have given him their faith and their hopes which now on a national field, he has to deliver and come up to the expectations Their message in terms of the popularity and the votes garnered simply says that:-

One it is seven ups to Modi and his Government 1.0 But the truth the fact and the reality is now in his second term he has to prove and prove it with authority This is the truth and the truth which is as clear as the broad day light It amply goes to prove and demonstrate that:-

It is miles and miles to go dear Prime Minister

It was a game of love all one all as it is any games which is played on the court It was then. It ought to be game over now in Modi Government 2.0 and that is the Bull eye yes Dear Prime Minister which you will have to hit

NO ” excuses ” from now onwards.

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Shyamal Bhattacharjee has been a SPORTS SCRIBE to start with, a MARKETING PROFESSIONAL for 35 years and author of SIX International standard books . Now he spends his entire time in SOCIAL DEVLOPEMENT and WRITING.

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