Op-edBest time to buy smartphones online in India from Amazon and Flipkart

Best time to buy smartphones online in India from Amazon and Flipkart

Here is the answer! I am going to give you a complete guide about which season is perfect too but phone online. I am also going to give you a list of 5 phones which you can buy in low budget but they have Complete functions in it. Money is a precious thing and we all want to save it. Online shopping sometimes proves to be beneficial for us. There are some seasons and time when we get more offers online. In India at the times of Nation festivals online marketing, give us a complete chance to save money in every way possible.

I am starting from the beginning of the year. In January the best time to buy a smart phone is 26 January that is ‘ republic day ‘ in republic week there a online sale on all the products. At that time you can plan on buying a smartphone. In January you will find only one festival other than that you can plan to buy a phone when the year starts that is at the time of the new year. There is a big sale at times of the new year in India. So you can plan to buy a phone in the new year and at time of republic day sale in January.

Now coming on to February I am sorry to say, but there are no profitable deals to buy a phone but maybe it can be a stock clearance sale on some of the phones. If you want to buy things in clothing you will get a really profitable stock clearance sale on Amazon, Mantra and Flipkart.

After February comes march, but that too goes empty. You will not even find any type of stock clearance. I will advise you to avoid online shopping in March because you will not find any beneficial deals. Like march April also goes empty you will not find any good deals in these both months. The reason of this breakage of deals is there is no occasion in these both months but keep on checking because you can get a company offers. This is a time of complete off season so the company can introduce some beneficial deals for the consumers.

Now coming up to may you will find summer sale all over. You can plan to have a phone in summers that is in may month. This sale is not so beneficial for smart phone this proves to be beneficial for clothing and home appliances. I will advise you to wait a little more.

June, July are empty for phone buyers the reason behind this is no occasion. You will only find monsoon sale that also on clothes, bags, footwear and all the other items. Avoid buying electronic items at this time.

Yeah! August is a full Raksha month, so yes, go for it buy a gift for your sisters. You can buy phone in August you will have a rakshabandhan week online and you will find very beneficial deals. So go for it, but if you can wait so wait a little more.

September goes empty, but don’t worry because the best sale of the year will be coming soon. I advise you to avoid buying a phone completed in September. You will have a loss and regret it later. September is really not suitable for any kind of shopping. The reason behind this is Diwali is upcoming and people go crazy to buy every type of product whether it is phone clothes etc.

October and November are complete shopping months you can go for it now. Buy whatever you want. There is a big Diwali sale you can buy anything and everything. You will get more discount and save money in every way. Don’t go for less wait and go for the most beneficial deal. Never buy a phone in hurry, wait watch and buy it in good discount.

After Diwali it’s not the end December is Christmas month and you will find good deals at that time too. If you missed the Diwali sale or missed a good offer don’t panic Christmas has a gift for you. Online sites prove to be Santa in the month of December. You will find huge discount on everything in month of December.

Things to keep in mind while buying a smartphone:

  1. Don’t buy phone at the edge by edge I mean when you want phone in urgent because you will lose a good deal.
  2. Don’t buy a phone just after the launch because after the launch the rates are high and goes down in 6 months. Don’t regret losing your money unnecessary on just a phone.
  3. Never buy a phone off season I mean when there are no good offers.

As a summary of this whole article I will advise you to buy a phone in the new year, Diwali or rakshabandhan. Don’t shop it in months’ life April, May and October. I prefer Amazon over Flipkart this is my personal opinion, there is no specific reason Flipkart is not bad but my choice will be amazing. Wait for the best offer and never ever buy a phone just after the launch at lest wait for a month after the date of launching.

Best 5 phones in low budget (budget under 25000)

  1. Mi Note 7 Pro– this is the best phone in budget you will get 4 ram phone in 14000 and 6 ram in 17000 with 48 of rear camera and a really good battery.
  2. Samsung A 30 a good phone in budget under 20000.
  3. Real me note 2 a smart choice in low budget.
  4. Mi note 6 pro is also a good option In low budget
  5. Vivo V15 is also a good phone.

Go for one+6T if you have a good budget — at the last I will tell you if you are planning to buy a phone wait for 5-6 months MI note 8 will launch Nov. This is a really good phone under 24000 (expected). This is my personal opinion. You can check other details online. Always compare a phone before buying a smart phone.

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