EducationWhat is NIMCET and How to Apply for the NIMCET?

What is NIMCET and How to Apply for the NIMCET?

Before embarking on this delicate subject, let us know all about the advent of the computers study and its method of branching in India. It is a well-known fact that the age and the modernisation of computers came to India during the year 1981. It was first the INFOSYS which started their IT industries in a big way Before that we had the Patni Computers which was doing a kind of a job in India, which could be deemed as to be the “ clerical “ job of computers in India. The INFOSYS started it mostly.

With the INFOSYS came the NIIT, which was initiated in India by Mr Rajendra Infosys needed the computer learned professional in a manner which was increasing at a faster rate. There was the gap in the factor between the supply and the demand, and then NIIT agreed with the Infosys then to train the candidates in the field of IT and then supply them to the IT industries. Especially the Infosys thus, and this is how the IT education and the cultivation of the IT professional took place in India.

The INFOSYS was laid in 1981, and so was the NIIT Thus started the IT revolution in India

Picking up the leaves from the duo of Infosys and the NIIT the institutions in India see a significant opportunity for the IT professional in India mooted an idea to start the IT education and impart its training and courses that prepared the engineers and the professionals of IT Thus the concept of developing the IT professionals, and revealing the technical courses of information technology spread its wing and got rooted here in India.

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Now let us start with the NIMCET, Let us know what NIMCET is

NIT MCA Common Entrance Test (NIMCET) is the national level entrance test in India for admission to MASTERS” OF COMPUTER APPLICATION (MCA) courses, the education and the courses that are being taught to the students here in India, and in selected NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (NITs)


For those who have never studied Engineering they would not know what is NIT all about Wellness, the NIT was previously known in India as Regional Engineering Colleges. These educational Engineering Colleges were later rechristened as NIT. This is just for the sake of the ones to know it.

In broad and in short, as we might like to think and talk about it, I have explained all about NIT as an institution These NIT’s in India under the Government of India that controls the University Grant Commission (UGC) decided to impart this computer education with the exclusive aim of the NIT’s here in India to conduct this course, and this is how the NIT’s here in India started attending this course.

This course is conducted by private institutions as well. Still, the particular kind of the syllabus that the NIT’s have prepared and drafted and the practice that goes with it makes this a special for them who wish to learn this course, to enrol themselves to obtain the degree from the NIT’s This gives them the advantage as well as the cutting edge.


As far as the research and the studies that I have conducted, a total of 10 NITs offer MCA and take admission based on NIMCET rank, including NIT Agartala, NIT Allahabad, NIT Bhopal, NIT Calicut, NIT Jamshedpur, NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Raipur, NIT Suratkhal, NIT Tiruchirapalli, and NIT Warangal Here in these institutions those who have completed the MCA course and wish to further pursue their studies from the NIT for the NIMCET the five seats are reserved for the ones who have topped the MCA courses.

The five institutes NIT TRICHY, NIT WARANGAL, NIT CALICUT, NIT SURATHKAL, NIT ALLAHABAD (MNNIT) offer one seat each for those as explained.

Hence there are chances for those who have completed the MCA course and wish to study this NIMCET course are the one’s who could also apply for this course. One might ask with eager why should a student holding an MCA degree hold and appear for the NIMCET course. The answer is MCA is not a TECHNICAL degree, and it is an academic degree. In contrast, the NIMCET is the TECHNICAL degree as it is and the technicality that it holds makes it a degree higher than the MCA. It counts when one applies for a job.

How up is the NIMCET on the plane as compared to the MCA could be gauged from the fact that the ones who hold the BE/B TECH degree do this course to upgrade their skills?


How many and how big is the total strength in terms of the admission and the intake of the student How and in what method are the test and the admission obtained in these institutions to complete the NIMCET test is what we are going to discuss in detail.

Well, it is a total of about 800 seats that are offered by all NITs. National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are Institutes of National Importance and are Centrally Funded Technical Institutes. The NIT MCA Common Entrance Test (NIMCET), is a National Level Test conducted by NITs for admission to their Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme.

The admission is based on the Rank obtained in the NIMCET entrance exam test only. The Curriculum and Syllabi of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program offered by NITs are designed considering the needs of different Information Technology firms in India and abroad. MCA graduates have a high potential for jobs in the IT Sector.

Eligibility Criteria to Appear For NIMCET

Every individual who is an Indian national and a citizen who appears for the competitive exam securing at least 60% marks in aggregate or 6.5 CGPA on a 10-point scales (55% marks or 6.0 CGPA on a 10-point scale in case of SC/ ST) in any of these degree courses such as B.Sc. / B.Sc. (Hons) / BCA / BIT / B. Voc. (Computer Science/ Computer Applications) with minimum three years full-time from a recognised University with Mathematics/ Statistics as one of the subjects OR those who have done their studies on technical subjects such as, B.E./ B. Tech. From a recognised University are eligible to appear for NIMCET entrance exams.

The CGPA marks which the ones who conduct the exams are allotted to the candidates who write these exams. This is the set marks, and any conversion of scored marks from CGPA to percentage and vice-versa is not permitted. (CGPA other than the 10-point scale will be converted to a 10-point scale based on Unitary method).

All candidates will have to permanently, shall submit the proof of fulfilling the eligibility criteria of NIMCET at the time of Counseling/Admission within a date specified to them. If the documents are not presented during the time of counselling, then the admission to the NIMCET course is not possible at all, and their candidate for admission stands cancelled.

Those students who have completed or are on the verge of completing B. Sc. / B.Sc. (Hons) /BCA/ BIT of 3 years from Open Universities are also eligible to apply provided the program is approved by UGC / AICTE and Distance Education Council (DEC) of Govt. Of India.

The marks scored by them in their respective exams or the percentages of marks obtained by them in the CGPA in the qualifying degree are to be calculated. They are calculated, based on the marks or the grade, and the points obtained in all the subjects studied in all the years including languages, optional and additional subjects studied, by them, if any. Important features regarding the eligibility criteria, Online application for NIMCET, a syllabus for the test, test centres, criteria to award a rank, rank card, admission procedure, list of participating institutes with total number of seats, seat distribution, contact addresses, admission schedule are given in this brochure which could be purchased from the institutions that conducts this course.

Test Pattern

Syllabus for NIMCET:

  • MATHEMATICS: (50 questions)
  • GENERAL ENGLISH: (20 questions)

Here the question that would arise is what are the syllabus and the prospects for the exams For that the answer is that one could get in touch with the institutions that I have mentioned here for the same That would be better for the students to find out about the prospectus and the syllabus for the same.

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Candidates, with 60% marks (6.5/10 CGPA) in Bachelor’s degree by Full Time 3 years duration from a recognised University with Mathematics / Statistics / Business Maths. As one of the subjects in any one semester/year, both in graduation and at 10+2 level are eligible. For SC/ST candidates, the percentage of marks required is 55% (6.0/10 CGPA).

Mode of Examination:

The NIMCET examination that is held is for two and a half hours and consists of 120 multiple choice questions with four choices for each question. Each correctly answered question carries FOUR marks, and each wrongly answered question invites NEGATIVE ONE mark. The candidates have to mark the responses in the OMR sheets supplied at the time of examination. Candidates have to bring their own HB pencil, eraser and ballpoint pen.

Please Note: Calculators, mobile phones or any other materials will not be allowed in the examination hall.

The question paper will contain 120 multiple-choice questions covering the following topics:

  1. Mathematics — 50 questions
  2. Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning — 40 questions
  3. Computer Awareness — 10 questions
  4. General English — 20 questions

It becomes impertinent, and it is essential to furnish the break up of the marks for the subjects that one would have to write in the competitive exams that are conducted for the admission/entrance exam for admission to this course, and I have jotted it over here.

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From the studies that I have conducted the fees differs at every NIT’s that conduct these courses, but on an average, the fees are structured and each semester on an average absorbs a booty of Rs 47,500=00 only This is the fees that one ought to pay while completing the course on a per-semester basis The Hostel fee and any such other fees are exclusive This is all about it.

Having studied in a method which is based on the research that I did before jotting this info, as I have not reviewed this course whatever I could write and understand is what I could recognise as an individual, to make the other understand as to what the course holds for them who wish to study this course and this is for those who want to enrol themselves for the course.

I again suggest anybody interested to do the course to kindly fall back to the institutions which conducts this course to gather a full information about the syllabus and the prospects about the chapters from where the questions of the entrance exams would be put up for the students to answer those in the admission test/entrance exam Whatever I could study and manage to put it as a score to them who wish to know what this course is all about is what I have jotted here.

That would be a better course of action if the ones who wish to enrol them for the course, fall back to the institutions conducting these courses to find out much more than what I have jotted here. My effort has been to enlighten those who have not heard about this course and the way it is conducted as studies to obtain a degree.

Bhattacharjee Shyamal
Bhattacharjee Shyamal
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