EducationMost Frequently Asked Questions in an HR Interview and Their Answers

Most Frequently Asked Questions in an HR Interview and Their Answers

The job opportunity is finalized by any candidate if and only if he/she passes every round smartly. In India, students usually go through a four-round process as selection criteria. They have to clear all the rounds using their own wits and powers.

Once a student/candidate is able to clear the company-specific rounds, they all have to face the basic round, i.e. the HR round, which is the terminating criterion for the final selections. Here, the candidate is introduced to the basic payroll of the company, rules and regulations, parks, increments and many more things which are pre-decided by a corporation.

Job applications and interviews are something which jitters every candidate either he is an experienced employee or a fresher. This is what we call as nervousness and how to eliminate this from you we will let you through this article. To avoid glitches due to our unprepared answers in front of an interviewer we have prepared a set of 10 basics HR question which helps you to crack your interview confidently.

1. Describe Yourself in Brief

This question is the beginning of an interview which will provide a path to the interviewer in which direction he/she needs to proceed. This would be the initiation for both interviewer and the candidate where the candidate is given an open opportunity to push the interview in whatever direction he/she needs to push. The start of this question would be generally by greeting the panel or person “Good Morning” one must keep a sleek smile on the face while greeting someone which will impact positively. Further, you can brief the interviewer by your qualifications, experiences, and hobbies. Never try to load your interview with your vocabulary, keep it simple and sweet. The points you want to highlight, you need to proceed your sentences in a convincing way so that it becomes a plus point and give your interview a proper track.

2. Why Do You Want to Join Us?

For this, we will suggest you inquire about the company properly and deeply. You need to research the company thoroughly with highlighting its achievements and positive points. You can even converse with the company employees nowadays that has become easy with the help of LinkedIn and Facebook and many more social sites. You can throw some examples of how they have helped the employees to grow well in their careers etc.

3. Suppose You Commit a Mistake at Work or Have you ever Committed Mistake During Work?

To err” is human. So, there is no shame in accepting, if I ever commit any mistake, but not every time because the magnitude of mistakes is not same every time.

One must know how potentially rectifies this mistake so as to avoid such mistake in future. If you have committed any mistake explain it to the interviewer along with how you managed to solve that error.

4. Will you Lie for the Company?

This question is quite tricky where most of the candidates get stuck. You need to analyze the company growth, benefits and work environment for this answer. One must say “YES” so as to reserve his job, but on counter interviewer comments on your “WORK ETHICS”.

You can mold this question and answer smartly by saying; Yes, I can lie for a company until and unless it is not harming the growth and opportunities of any other employee, I’ll try to find out a different way to seek the problem out so as to avoid speaking a lie.

5. Can You Make Yourself an Ideal Employee Under Pressure?

These answers need to be positive because it will directly affect you optimistic nature and working capability. You can answer; Yes, definitely I can work under pressure. I am able to cope up with my pressure and work together and in fact, pressure keeps me bound to my work without diverting my mind to unnecessary things.

6. What Makes You Strong and Weak? Explain in One Word

The candidate needs to be selective at this moment; they usually prepare a long list of vocabulary to puke in front of the interviewer. But, he must know the impact of the words he is going to speak to the interviewer.

Being positive in both sense makes these questions a valid one. The candidate can use adjectives like; optimism, perfectionism, confidence, etc. to keep his point in front of an interviewer.

7. What are your long-term and Short-term Goals?

This question is usually asked to check your planning and management capability. You can answer such questions by pre-deciding your future.

You can mention the person that your short-term goals are to become successful in your profession where you can learn about multiple technologies and reserve the chance to grow every year.

For long-term goals be short and sweet; I want to earn till when I am self- contented with my needs.

8. What is your Expectations of Salaries?

Do not directly jump over the amount or specified package!!

You need to cover your salary needs under the sheet of your persuading words. You can tell the interviewer you hope for this amount of salary in the next five years or you can just say the amount which is best in the industry at present.

Never allow your tongue to slip over the particular amount.

9. Why should be hire you?

This question is quite similar to your strengths, but you can include your points covering your ambitions. Tell the interviewer what you want to achieve and how you are going to work hard to achieve your dreams which in turn allow the company to elevate to new heights.

10. Do you want to Work as Team Leader or Team Member?

Now, this question is again a tricky one wherein both cases you can find a counter question. You have no choice except opting anyone out of two. You need to prepare according to for this; if you go with team leader you need to mention your leadership quality and strengths and if you go to team member you can mention the interviewer that you can first learn the project then allow yourself to be a leader.

The above-mentioned questions are just gisted to the HR round the more you can find when you will face the actual interview. The candidate/student just needs to stay calm while moving in an interview room he must not panic at all.

Students should be confident while speaking, which adds you extra point, even if you speak irrelevant rest all is the sense of humor and presence of mind which will ensure your success and failures.



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