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Nathuram Godse: “Platonic Psychophony” or “Balanced Headed” who Saved India from Brink Disaster

Perhaps no Indian amongst the common citizen that has ever lived in India would have been remembered so many a times in a doffing way as this man whom we call him Nathuram Godse is remembered No sooner the elections maybe the state or the national election comes this name is repeated by many-and-many leaders in different manner and in different way to proclaim that this man was the WORST-EVER to have been born at India and that there would not be anyone who would be as worst as this man if India has to produce and ever produce the worst man as an Indian here in the land of India.

The question that arises is- WAS Mr. NATHURAM GODSE SUCH A DEMON THAT WAS EVER BORN AT INDIA It is very imperative to know everything about this man and this article is a “ small “ attempt to furnish all about this man who is the “ killer “ of Mahatma Mohanchand Karamdas Gandhi who was the father of India as we call him the Father of the nation.

Well let us try to figure out everything about this man:


It is a debatable question as to when was he born and at what date But this is a proven record that he was born at Baramati at Maharashtra He was the fourth out of the total of five siblings that was born to the Godse family which then resided at Baramati Before he was born his two brothers and a sister all had passed away in their early childhood The family inspite of their best attempt could not save those siblings that were born to them.

Hence when Nathuram Godse was born he was brought up like a girl Some astrologer had advised the family members that if this child was to live long he ought to be brought up like a girl and this ought to be maintained till it was necessary for them for doing it Thus he was brought up like a girl His nose was drilled and a “ nathani “ was pierced into that Because of the” nathani “ later he was called “ Nathhu “ which means the “ ornament of the nose “ He was named as Ramchandra by his family members and the name Ram later was added to it He became “ Natthuram “ and that is how his name was Nathuram who actually was Ramchandra Godse by all mean and by all standard.

There was a brother that came to his family after so many years that he survived living his life as a girl in the initial year When that was born the astrologers again advised his family members that the worst of the phase of his childhood is over and that he could be brought up like a midget is brought up at India Thus came the normalcy of leading a normal life for this man.

Early Childhood

He was admitted in a Brahmin school which had the medium of instruction that taught Marathi and the studies were basically and mostly devoted to the Brahmanism and the way that was destructed here at India That was a influence in his mind He always stood up against the injustice and in his school he was thrashed up many a times to speak against the laid back system of anything but that would not deter him to open his mouth for anything which was or that was laid back.

Secondly he had to feel the pang of leading a life of a girl in spite of the fact that he was a boy The agony of suffering the “ worst “ in terms of the sarcastic remarks that were thrown on him at that stage of his life also made him a hard man He would not tolerate the insults and the wrongs for anything in his life and this seed was sown in his life so early as a midget That was also something which shaped his mental aptitude He was a born silent listener but a rebel within He would not say anything to anybody thus keeping his cob at bay but he would fiercely revolt when the time came up as such to demonstrate how “ tough “ a man from the within was he.

He was brilliant in his studies and he was simply extraordinary in the subjects that were imparted to him as a lesson during his studies while at the school However after his matriculation he gave away his studies The reason was his family members could not afford that expenditure Else he had a brain which was simply extraordinary.

Early Days:

He was hardly 15 years of age when he joined the “ SAMAJ SUDHAR “ vichhar, an organisation a social one then that existed at Baramati That brought him to render his service to the cause of the social upliftment and for the down trodden’s of India This brought him to the notice of the Sangh and their “ vicharaks “ and he was the ground level worker for the Sangh soon.

His work and the heart that he poured into his work won many a praise from the one’s who were elder to him in age and as well as in seniority and he was a well known figure within the organisation which use to work for the cause of the social upliftment of India.

Nathuram Godse “A Tailor”

In his teen his and his family were under such a very tight spell of a very bad financial condition that he had to switch the dresses of the RSS for his living at Pune He charged a very nominal fees from the RSS for this On many a stage his mother refrained him to do that a job for the RSS and infact she asked him to continue his studies but he would not listen to his mother He would say that by doing this he was serving the warriors of the motherland who were involved to gain the independence for India.

His contribution to the social literature of India

India at that time was a slave of the British The Britishers had laid so many a rules that was piercing the society of this country then The reforms of the Britishers who were hell bound into the system of conversion was something which was making the life a hell for all these kind of so called the HINDI-HINDU-SAMAJ- SANSTHAA, then, was finding it hard to digest the forcibly applied rules especially on the Hindus who were poor and were living absolutely at the mercies of the Britishers That was the time he took a plunge for writing.


He came into contact with Mr. Golwalkar then who introduced him to Mr. Hegdewar Mr. Hegdewar was stunned by the kind of knowledge he carried on many a subject that had to do with Hinduism He was asked to do something that would awake the Hindus who were a mental slave to the Britishers That was the time he translated along with Mr. Hegdewar many a books on Hindusim into English and many a book those were published by the Britishers here at India to Hindi and Sanskrit It was just to enlighten the Indian about the kind of a trap that they were putting themselves into, that were laid here by the British.

These books created terrific ripples here at India and it arose the general public especially the Hindus to wake and rise so as to know the reality and the truth that they were unaware of Thus his piece would wake up the Hindus who were firmly saddled by the Britishers in the darkest corner of everything in their life.

However there arose a difference between the top-notch of the RSS and Mr. Godse Though it was he who was the real man who converted the books into the language that I have mentioned, it was Mr. Hegdewar who took all the credits for that This brought out the rebellion character that was in him and he parted his way from the RSS thereafter That is the reason even today the RSS says that Nathuram Godse was never a RSS man for anything or everything.

He then joined a Newspaper at Baramati and moved to Sangli later to carry on and spread the newspaper at almost all the part of Maharashtra His writings were piercing the Britishers Again one of his family members got married to the family members of Mr. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar whom we call him as “Veer Sararkar “ Thus he was related to Mr. Savarkar who was a hard core Hindu His cross pollination of the ideas that he shared with Mr. Savarkar and the ideas that he could generate of and for the Hindu’s later made him a hard-core-Hindu This is how he became a hard core Hindu.


Nathuram Godse was never in favour of the two nation theory But he was always harping the idea of India being termed as the Hindu nation and harbouring a hope that it would be Mahatma Gandhi who would take the initiative of proclaiming India as a NATION OF THE HINDU’S.

Mr. Gandhi took no pain to do that That really formed a bad opinion about Mahatma Gandhi at his heart This he took it in a very ugly manner All about Hinduism that he studied and all about the Hinduism that he learned he believed that this land should be termed as a land of the Hindus This belief when not met in order as a national proclamation by the then top leaders made him go berserk for everything He lost his like for the Congress then and his affection for Mr. Gandhi.

Again after that- when Mr. Gandhi handed over the first cheque of Rs 25 crores to Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah when the nation was divided into two, he became very furious then The total reserve that the Britishers handed over to the Indians was Rs 73 crores The population of this country then was 41 crores The average capita to be spend on every Indian was then at Rs 1=80 That was it.

Again for some reason Mr. Jinnah then had invited Mr. Gandhi to Pakistan There Mr. Gandhi was to hand him over the remaining Rs 48 crores When Jinnah had left the shore of this country what remained with us was only Rs 48 crores Divide it amongst the Indian for their development it worked out to be Rs 1=08 per Indian.

Why is that this man wants to be so generous for the Pakistani Here in India we are left with nothing for our own development and there Mr. Gandhi wishes to hand over all the booty to them What would remain for us for our own development This question was that he started putting across to every Indian through his write-ups and through the words wherever he was invited for the Sabha.

On a personal front there were many organisation like the RSS, the organisation those were promoting the Hinduism through the principles of Hinduism and some good Samaritans who met Gandhi Ji and requested him to change his view but the father of the nation was adamant He wanted to hand over the entire booty to the Pakistani’s This infuriated Mr. Godse.

He took a decision then He invited as many as six different hard-core-Hindu’s all his friends and debated about how to stop Mr. Gandhi Ji doing all these Seeing no other plans in mind he took a decision of slaying Mr. Gandhi Ji, whatever the cost would be. He started from Sangli and came to Baramati to meet his parents He spoke to them all about his plans His parents were shocked to hear these from his “ mouth “ Every words of explanation by his parents went to the drains From Baramati he came to Nagpur and spoke to the RSS about this His words were simple- either follow me to Mr. Gandhi so that we request him to forgo his plan or help me to wipe away this man from this earth The “ RSS “ were not for slaining Mr. Gandhi Finding no nods from the RSS he moved to Delhi via a flight along with his friend to Delhi.

He studied all about Gandhi Ji’s daily routine that Mr. gandhi followed at Delhi The only way to kill him would be go to the sabha where he holds his prayers everyday During that time anybody could go to the sabha where Mr. Gandhi would hold his prayers Anybody would meet him after the Sabha and talk to him Mr. Gandhi Ji also kept himself very open to the public for interacting with him after his prayers There was no security that was beefed up for his safety In spite of the Government asking him to be within the permissible limit of the security Mr. Gandhi did not claim for any security That gave an open space for anybody to do anything if he or she wish to do anything with Mr. Gandhi This he studied very meticulously.

He needed a revolver The question was- where to get the money to buy that He contacted a friend who was a hard core believer of Hinduism at Gwalior and the friend assured him of buying a revolver for him He travelled all the way from Delhi to Gwalior, he searched in for a pocket revolver, got that, purchased it from the help of some Hindi-cum-Hindu samaritan who were deadly against the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Jinnah as well as Pakistan and he travelled back to Delhi.

On two consecutive days before he assassinated Mr. Gandhi Ji he went top the place where Mr. Gandhi would hold his prayers and he measured everything that he wanted to do in terms of the execution He chose his spot and the moment that he would execute to assassinate Mr. Gandhi.

January 30th 1948 was the day when he assassinated Gandhi Ji A night before he went with the three friends that he was residing at the Delhi Railway Station to give his plans a thumbs-up, to a local dhaba and ate his last dinner of his life amongst the friends After the dinner the other two friends went to see a movie “ MAHAL “ featuring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala They insisted him to accompany them for the movie but he did not He had purchased a book written by James Hadley Chase – a murder thriller and he kept on reading that book all through the night His friends who came to the room after watching the movie asked him to retire for the day but he refused He kept on reading that book- thus making his “ mind “ very strong and tough as the rock or the iron He knew that he had to do a job without any element of mistake and the first attempt would be the last one He knew that assassinating a personality like Gandhi Ji will give no second chance Hence that James Hadley Chase thriller was perfecting his state of mind before everything that was in store for him to execute his planning’s properly.

On that fateful day, on January 30th 1948 he did not eat anything for the whole day He chose his time However before embarking for his final assault he just asked a friend to supply him some “ jignuts “ which they brought and gave it to him He ate some and finally he set his feet to the place for his final act.

The prayers were to take place He reached the spot along with his two friends Mincing his eye to his friends he ordered them to take their position at the right from where he would shoot Gandhi Ji The other friend who accompanied him was asked to be to his left and behind by ablest and at least six or seven steps That was his planning.

Once he saw Mr. Gandhi Ji amidst Rajkumari Amrit Kaur and another lady who were helping Mr. Gandhi to walk to the place of prayers he reached before Gandhi Ji saw him, gave him a glance, bent upon to touch his feet, and then rose up to send him a signal of “pranam “ before shooting him with three rounds of shot from a point blank range Thus ended the life of the father of the nation.

He did not run away from the spot He remained there static and poised lest the police rushed to the spot When the police rushed to him he himself gave him to the police He was sent to jail and was treated with electrocutions and electrical shocks That also did not deter him or make him uneasy He was tried out and was given an opportunity to explain why did he commit such a dastardly” murder He always replied that If Mr. Gandhi did not give Mr. Jinnah those Rs 25 crores and would not have laid a plot to hand him the other Rs 48 crores he would not have killed the father of the nation at all.


He was hanged at Ludhiana Some author says that he was hanged at some other jail at Punjab Well the fact is he was hanged until death There were two or three mercy petition that was thrown to the Government of India to a tleast change his death order to the lifetime jail and imprisonment but that fell into the deaf ears of Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel.


After his death his family members were tortured mentally like anything One of his family member who was with the Reserve bank of India was never considered for any promotion His other family members were not allowed to enroll themselves to the school or Colleges to continue their studies Many of the woman folks who were related to him as relatives were not married and most of them remained spinsters in their life.

So much so that one of his very distant relative who was trying to make a mark for herself in the arena of modelling and film’s was not given any place and consideration to move ahead in that field with gusto or anything.


It is over 71 years that this man has been hanged He was given and handed the WORST of the punishment at the jail and he took that with pride He would always tell the jailor that they were doing their’s duty as he had done his duty by killing Mr. Gandhi That he was not repenting for his act why should the jail authorities repent for the same There were many who would shed some tears when he was subjected to those harsh cruelties, but he would console them Never did he feel the pain about anything- be it slaining the Mahatma or at any moment that he was subjected to cruelties at jail The electrical shocks too did not bother him much.

It is just that we have to stop making him a piece to garner the votes during the election There are many an instance where slaying has been done by the politicians saddled in the power – and those are even heinous than the one which he did that He shot point blank The one’s who have committed to that have given many a pierceful pain and drove them to death itching many a wounds on their body This also ought to be kept in mind.

Killing or slaying anybody is not good But he saved India by going into the utmost rubbles of poverty Once for all it needs to be stopped using his name for just to garner the franchise and the votes He might have been a villain or a bad man But those who have killed the others for their political gain- are they anything better than this man.

Assassination for that matter has never changed the history of the politics or the world This also will never However here has to be an end to using his name during the time of politics and now every injustice or the discrimination that is melted out to his family after 71 years of the assassination of the Father of the Nation has to be stopped He received his punishment Why should the other members of his family receive that In politics- India has many like Mr. Nathuram Godse who are still roaming free or are at large.