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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – a Markup Disorder that have Serious Effects

Obsessive — compulsive disorder is a word of caution. This disorder is an uncomfortable related disorder which compels a person to things repeated over and over again. This type of disorder makes any person who is in the grip of such a situation to show the anxiety levels to the heights of the brain.

It drives the brain to give commands to legs and arms to repeat things time and again. Brain – what is this? This is an order generation command processing unit of the body. Any commands that are transmitted to various sections of the body – commands that are to be executed at various levels of the body height. Any movements in the body organs are expressed as the body is in action of doing some task.

When – here is an alert – actions and tasks are performed repeatedly over time, this is Obsessive-compulsive disorder. These types of disorders disrupt the daily life of any person who has such a condition. He or she goes to washroom to time and again wash hands or re-clean a table and some show pieces in their house, items which have already been cleaned. And re-cleaning it, it has not ended here. Again, brain eruptions are going to happen to start cleaning processes for many more times.

Recurrence of thoughts that should have settled with a single performed task, but have been repeated due to anxiety or emotional signals that have been passed from the brain consumes more time. It wastes some precious time of a person that may have been utilized in some conservative manner. An affected person is driven more into reasoning sessions. That person may more have to clear himself. Apart from putting himself in some trouble, this person pulls others also some trouble due to his re-indulging in the acts.

The cause for this is unknown. No such known cause is in sight that clearly signals out Obsessive-compulsive disorder. But, when this problem persists, then a major cause of worry. Time for getting medical checkups done.  Reasons why people get induced in such disorders are such moments when these persons were exposed to some types of abuses. When abused, these persons retaliated back. Retaliation was in the form of repeated retaliations back ‘n’ back. Those few moments when persons who does not have full control over their mind, here stress in some form is also held responsible for disorders.

Suffering individuals who have been in such precarious situation when they have been fired by their boss in office or have been at the receiving end in their families get themselves indulged in other associated problem. These individuals get affected by sleep disorders also like delayed sleep sessions, or disturbed sleep when a person does not get sound sleep sessions. Sleep disorders also include total sleep time, meaning sleep time has been reduced with various makeup disturbances.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder affected persons require immediate medical attention due to the type of the sufferings they have been going through. These sufferings are not only affecting these persons, but all those persons who are their near and dear ones are also in the same boat. All these share the same boat, no matter in which waters their boat is sailing through.

Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
Jasmeet Singh Chhabra has already in Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and has served in Jet Airways, Sahara Airlines as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer across various airports in the country. I can understand read and write English well. Writing as well as English is my passion and it comes out of heart even at the mid of the night. Not to speak of the day.

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