EducationSkills Vs Luck: The Destiny and the Designer of Destination by Hard...

Skills Vs Luck: The Destiny and the Designer of Destination by Hard Work

Working hard is absolutely the best way to achieve something in your life. But, sometimes we lack to conquer the opportunities around us. At that instant, we do not dwell in commenting “your destiny was not with you.” Then why our parents keep on saying the work hard world will usher the blessings of success over you?

Lots of queries, but no answers!! Lots of myths but no conclusions!!

What actually DESTINY is?

In simple words, it is that hypocrite, which might get flipped anywhere, anytime giving someone happiness and someone left with grief and cries. We, humans, have no command over such illusions of life; these might be bizarre, sometimes and could also play their roles in virtual reality the next moment. No one can exactly define the term, but still, everything depends over this.

We come across numerous instances in our routine life where we find a number of people, each one of them sharing their part of the struggle to their being. In fact, it is so common to hear that “LUCK RUNS YOU AHEAD” everywhere. It is not true that every time luck matters the most but it plays a crucial role in your success. Dealing with destiny is not easy to find your destination; it just needs the faith in your hard work. It will not be erroneous to say that destination follows the destiny, but, this is also true that we can’t just bring to a halt on pushing ourselves due to this predestined designed world.

Hopes and faith are two catalysts which derive the equation of DESTINY. Good luck never comes just by yearly prayers, but by the steady hard work done with complete affection and positivity. DESTINATION and DESTINY are the two factors which run parallel to each other without sacrificing needed by any one of them.

Why we just hand over our every success in the hands of destiny? Why can’t we just set this destiny apart from our work? Let’s not conclude our any of the tasks before even giving it a start!!

Sometimes, DESTINY is not the favor of us, but this is not the reason to put a full stop to our assignments. It is said that destiny is a form of life where humans are diversified on the basis of their faiths in their hard work. The destination is not predefined it needs a track to be formed which is just refined by destiny. Healing your injury with the proper amount of the ointment is the profession of destiny.

Destiny judges your ability to ensue in life; it checks your patience towards your goal. Right time and exact amount success need to be earned, which is not an easy going trade to be performed. It is on your capability which defines your destination; it follows the destiny to place you at the accurate post in this corporate world. Youths do not need to get depressed, which is the most widespread disease these days because of their career, contribute your share of hard work and allow your destiny to get designed.

Opportunities do not fall in your lap; it requires a proper amount of potential and patience towards your success. Remember in life; DESTINATION FOLLOWS THE DESTINY, BUT DESTINY FOLLOWS YOUR PATIENCE.

Get ready for every freaky move of destiny, let it get flipped each time, one day you will shine bright and prove your destiny. Plan your destination and let destiny show her magic!

Priya Israni
Priya Israni
I write to explore all those things I am afraid of, I am a suspense to be revealed 😊 Content writing is something which allows me to observe the ambiance around me with a different perspective. I hold the ability to ink down my thoughts into the combination of words and try to extract out the finest meaning out of all. My optimistic personality permits me to never give up in any situation; I always try my best to achieve something.

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