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Play Pubg on PC or Laptop without Emulator using your Smartphone

Pubg one of the most popular online multi-player game that has gained popularity in the last few years. This game works perfectly fine on smartphones with minimum 2GB RAM after configuring Pubg to use lower-graphics and FPS (frame per second). You may not feel comfortable in playing on your smartphone or want to try out your PC or laptop to play the game, but without installing any emulator.

And maybe you are looking for the solution to play Pubg on your PC or laptop, but your PC is not compatible or meets the minimum hardware requirements of the Emulators such as BlueStack Android Emulator or the official Pubg emulator Tencent Gaming Buddy.

In this blog post, we’ll learn how to Play Pubg on PC or Laptop without Emulator using your Smartphone?

  • Pubg Mobile should be installed on your smartphone
  • You must have USB Data-cable
  • USB debugging should be enabled in the developer’s options
  • ApowerMirror should be installed
Installing Pubg on your smartphone

You can download and install Pubg on your smartphone for free of charge from the Google Play store. Installing Pubg is quite simple and as easy as installing any other Android app. Go to play store and type “Pubg” and tap on the Install button next to the Pubg from the search results.

Once, you have installed the game, the next step is downloading the required files which can be done by launching the Pubg game, and it will automatically download the necessary data and files.

Enabling USB debugging in Developer’s options (Android)

It is essential to have USB debugging enabled in the developer’s option – to enable USB debugging, go to About section of your smartphone’s setting. In the About phone section, tap seven times on “Build number”, and this will enable the Developer’s option that you can find the settings or within the system located in settings.

Once you’ve enabled and located the Developer’s options, the next step is to enable the USB debugging mode. The USB debugging mode can be found in the developer’s option, open the developer’s option and scroll the page and locate the USB debugging mode and tap on the switch to enable it.

Depending upon your Android version and smartphone manufacturer, these settings may have different names and the options may be located in different options.
Installing ApowerMirror on your PC and Smartphone

You need to install ApowerMirror on your PC as well as your smartphone. For your smartphone, you can download the ApowerMirror from the Google Play store, and for your PC you can get ApowerMirror from

Once you have installed the ApowerMirror on your PC and smartphone, connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop using USB data-cable and launch the ApowerMirror app on your PC and smartphone both.

Open the ApowerMirror app in your smartphone and tap on the menu and locate the settings given at the bottom of the navigation bar. In the settings tap on the “Specific Game detection” which will open the “Accessibility” page where you’ve to tap on the ApowerMirror and enable the “Use service” once you are done with the ApowerMirror configuration.

Follow the instructions, as shown in the app as well as the software installed on your PC to connect the smartphone. Once you are connected to your smartphone, launch the Pubg game and play after setting the controls.

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