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Science and Technology, a Panacea or a Disease for a Nation

The end of The Second World War prompted the rise of two countries Japan and Germany, with numerous difficulties on different fronts. The annihilation of the economy, the debilitating of the military, and control of partners over their working was a couple of them. In any case, turn twenty years, we discover Japan to have arisen as an Asian Giant. The fruitful facilitating of the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and even in 2021 is a demonstration of this reality. Germany then again had its western part under thriving. Presently quick sending to the 21st century, we track down these two nations among the top financial goliaths of the world. What remains behind the ascent of two countries from the cinders of battle to the high reaches of the worldwide economy is their logical and mechanical interaction without a doubt.

A Panacea

Truly talking, science has been the directing component for human advancement and development. It very well might be the revelation of discharge, the innovation of the wheel, weapon power, and cannons. We discover science as the main factor in the development of realms and civilizations. The Indus-valley progress had incredible logical information as consistency of blocks, town arranging, and exchange. The Chinese had their progression through silk, tea, paper. The Europeans had it through maritime force and renaissance.

We discover the ascent of logical revelations and creations at whatever point we take a gander at the ascent of a nation or domain. The British realm had it in the Industrial Revolution. USA in the ascent of PCs and IC chips. India has its IT administrations, drugs, and space innovation. Since the beginning of the new worldwide world request post World War II, we discover financial ability to be the principal rule for the situation with a country. Monetary Power discovers its source in Science and Technology. The rising exchange of imperceptible merchandise as administrations and information is an illustration of the rising force of R and D. The new buzz of the fourth modern unrest is only the following phase of logical and innovative progression.

The utilization of machines as specialists of information creation as man-made reasoning. AI and huge information examiners have sped up the speed of the logical turn of events. The rising worldwide difficulties as environmental change, worldwide wellbeing crises, reasonable land utilization example, psychological oppression, and rising disparities discover their answers from the new logical progression—the making of vertical cultivating methods. New Fuel Cell Technology and Nano Technology are a portion of the arrangements.


As far as it matters for it, India has remained firmly coordinated into the universe of Science and Technology directly since the hours of Independence. The solid conviction of Jawaharlal Nehru’s thoughts on Science discovers its structure in the high consumption for the production of a talented labour force.

India’s specialized organizations and introduction to nuclear and space innovation through Atomic Energy Regulations Board and ISRO separately mean the faith in Science as an answer for the nation’s issues. This push for science in the underlying year had its advantage in rising the financial, food, and energy security of the 135 nations in the later years. India’s Green Revolution helped in accomplishing independence while hydroelectric ventures and steel plants push imperative force into the economy. India’s Pokhran tests gotten the country’s security. The advantages have been tremendous yet so do the difficulties confronting the nation when investigating what’s to come. The need to assist with peopling emerge from neediness through manageable development and advancement is one of the significant difficulties. With rising changes in the worldwide occupation market-making, satisfactory work and getting the expectations for everyday comforts of the defenceless, guarding public honesty and sway in an unfriendly area, and ensuring public interests in the developing forceful posing of nations is critical to the nation’s development and advancements.

The dispatch and testing of the Mission Shakti ASAT test are one of the approaches to guarantee the country’s security in a rising antagonistic world. India’s push for rising development and examination by expanding organisations and understudies’ association is the correct way. Plans and Programs like IMPRINT, establishments of prominence, help to introduce new energy to the science and innovation improvement. The role of Science and Technology in the field of climate and energy will play a characterizing job in the fate of humankind. The new drives of the formation of manageable energy through power devices, sea innovation, and geothermal innovation are urgent for a carbon-unbiased economy. As far as it matters, India has been forcefully increasing its environmentally friendly power share for greener and cleaner energy.

A Disease

Science without humankind is one of the seven sins, as indicated by Mahatma Gandhi.

On the one hand, science is giving many opportunities and scope to the world for more innovation and development. On the other, it is becoming a job loss to the lower middle class and the poor. They are getting unemployed as their jobs have gone due to the advancement of machines. Therefore, some workforce is relieved from jobs by many companies. The recent case is when WIPRO and Tata announced to reduce their workforce to some extent due to having advanced technology. Likewise, it contributes to malnutrition and more poverty in the country.

The developing science advancement likewise presents a test as a developing split among constantly have not’s. The requirement for the comprehensive logical examination required a comprehensive human asset. With the worldwide level of women’s support in the STEM field at 28%, the call is for sex and social equality. Morally the ascent of innovation to support the greatest number of individuals requires cooperation from all areas of society. To view science and innovation as a panacea for worldwide issues, worldwide coordinated effort is felt.

The CERN research facility’s disclosure of gravitational waves, MOSAIC endeavour of the Arctic is a portion of the brilliant sides of the worldwide organizations. With rising worldwide difficulties, the need to go worldwide in this time of globalization should be guaranteed through sufficient and fair circulation and advancement of Science and Technology at all degrees of society. The utilization of Science to serve Mankind should be guaranteed. This view was supported by Albert Einstein post the drop of nuclear bombs on Japan. This stands genuine even presently. With rising logical progression, the advantages stay high yet additionally the dangers of abuse. The new proportions of the UN on arms control are a welcome advance toward this path. India, as a mindful force, consistently stays for the quiet utilization of any innovation. The need to adjust the dangers and advantages of logical headway will always be the directing light in the human undertaking to the logical and mechanical turn of events.

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