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Skin and Hair Care Tips for a Happy and Safe Monsoon this Year

As you all know that monsoon season has come, it will bring lots of happiness. As it comes up with some cherish moments as well as infections with it. This is season of lots of fruits one can enjoy. Every person should take care in the rainy season as it comes up with dirt, infection and illness so that you can enjoy a happy and safe monsoon.

As monsoon has entered, the most problems people faced with skin and hair. Skin and hair are affected easily in the rainy season. Some people face a lot of problems in the rainy season. Skin infections, itching, rashes, pimples and bumps are common problems people faced during rainy season. Some people face fungal infection, hair fall, weaken hair roots and lifeless hair. It can ruin your monsoon season. Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid such problems, one has to care a lot. Some easy techniques or tips can prevent these problems. By using some tips, you can enjoy this monsoon season at its fullest.

One should take care of skin and hair in rainy season. A few tips can give you happy and safe monsoon. You can enjoy at its fullest. There are some easy tricks or tips that won’t ruin your monsoon season. Enjoy your monsoon without such problems. Do little care of your skin and hair. Change some habits in your daily routine in rainy season. Few habits can make your day in monsoon season. Benefit your body at its fullest in this season. So here are some tips for skin and hair for a happy and safe most monsoon.

Skin care tips — Read some skin care tips for an awesome monsoon:

  • Cleanse it:- The most important thing you can do to have in the rainy season is to cleanse the skin. For healthy and clear skinone should keep its skin clean. When you are going to sleep at nightit should ensure that you have cleansed the skin. Don’t let dirt to enter into your pores.
  • Toning:-  One should do toning in rainy season every day. It does not just keep the pH balance of the skin, but also give you a supple skin and prevents from any damage on skin. Use good toner for your skin. Rose water is a great toner. It will give you a radiant look for the season.
  • Moisturizing:-   One should always moisturize its skin in rainy season to protect your skin. For a radiant glow on your skin, you can apply a good moisturizer. Always use a good moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Give away makeup:- Giveaway makeup: – During rainy season, just give away your makeup. Makeup can ruin your skin in rainy season. Let your skin breathe in monsoon. To avoid any skin infection, you should not use your makeup. Using makeup products in this season is a bad idea. Have no makeup or very little makeup in this season.
  • Hydrate it:- Keep your skin hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water. The best thing to keep skin clear is to hydrate it in the rainy season. An easy and best way to hydrate your skin is to drink lots of water.
  • Use homemade face packs:- For removing dirt and dead cells, use homemade natural face packs to clean your skin. Doesn’t use outside products to clean your skin. Apply homemade face pack once or twice in a week.
  • Wear open footwear:- Use open footwear in rainy season. Doesn’t use shoes or close footwear in this season. Your skin can be infected with the sweat in shoes.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables:- Variety of fruits and vegetables are available in this season. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in this season. It will keep your skin clear and glowing in monsoon.

Hair care tips — Go easy in this monsoon with these easy hair care tips:

  • Shampooing twice a week:- In rainy season, hair is easily ruined. It is very important to keep your hair clean. Shampoo your hair at least twice in a week. Because our hair are a little weak in this season. To protect your hair, it is important to keep your hair clean.
  • Oil massage:- Oil massage or chumpy of hair are the best thing you can do in the rainy season. You can do oil massage either before sleeping at night or before 1 hour shampooing.
  • Loose ponytails and buns:- Tight hair styling in the rainy season can do adverse effect on hair. Have light or loose hair styles like loose ponytails and buns. Avoid tight hair styling in this season. It can weaken your hair from root.
  • Use natural conditioners:-  For keeping your hair healthy and shiny, use natural conditioners. Don’t use artificial conditioners in this season. You can also use homemade hair mask or hair conditioners. Conditioning your hair is the best thing to do with the hair in rainy season.
  • Keep hair dry:- For keeping your hair healthy, always keep your hair dry. Wet hair can bring lots of fungal infections. To avoid any infections, always keep your hair dry.
  • Use wide comb:- Don’t use narrow toothed to comb in rainy season. Always use wide toothed combs during this season. It can bring hair fall for you. Don’t comb in wet hair. It can bring hair fall for you. Avoid such things in this season.
  • Diet:- Keep special attention on your diet in rainy season. Avoid fried foods, oily & junk foods and processed foods in rainy season. For maintaining a healthy body and hair, one should keep in check for its diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. There are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are available in the market in this season.
  • Give away hair styling products:- Give away your hair styling products in rainy season. It can ruin your hair. Hair styling is a bad option in rainy season. It can give your hair an adverse effect. Stay away from such products to keep your hair healthy during rainy season.

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