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The Fall Of Autumn – The Beauty of Letting Go

Out of four major colors of the season, there comes a season of letting go; the fall, the autumn, when leaves on trees decide that it’s finally the time to let go. They change from green to orange or red and they shed, with all the grace they hold, they just let go. It’s beautiful to see them become something other than usual and when they let go, they know it’s for the best, it’s for something better to happen and so for that very reason, no matter how painful letting go can be, all we can see the beauty of the season.

Just like that, a human, in their life, meet people, some help them grow some put them down and also some people break you to the core, that you refuse to get up and face everything again, that you are scared to death to show the courage of living again but let’s see again, is that the life anyone would want to live?

Running and hiding from the world just because something broke them so badly that they refuse to give life another chance? We all have dreams and wild fantasies, we all expect something out of life and we all want to work for it but is it good to let go off all those dreams because of someone else’s actions?

Imagine if leaves never fell, they keep decaying on the branch, refusing to let go, could you still call it that beautiful? Instead the leaves decide to let go off their entire life so that a new life can emerge.

It’s the same with humans; they’ve been lied to and cheated, disrespected and abused; everyone holds a past, a chapter they don’t recite out loud but there’s something in them that keeps them going on, the courage to let go and when you finally let go, you are reborn as a more beautiful human being. Just like the color of nature after the autumn.

The flowers bloom the best during the winters, everything is new and much more captivating than the rest of the seasons. It’ll take a lot of pain and heartache to let something you believed so much in go but the thing that will be more painful is being stuck in the same place when you could’ve done so much with the life you’re living.

So decide today, is this the place you want to live? Is this the job you were seeking? Are these the people you want to hang out with? Is this the best you can do?

Ask yourself and wait for the reply, write it down and keep working till you decide that you’re satisfied with everything you have. Let go all the toxicity in your life, toxic environment, toxic relationships everything, no matter how painful it is because when a person gets a chance to be born again, you might just surprise yourself, how wonderful a person you actually are.

Now, just talking about letting go is easy, doing is not so simple, so let’s make it so;

  • Speak out loud the things that hurt you; to the people you trust, your pet or even yourself in the mirror: Speaking it out gives a clarity, it makes a person sure of their own feelings.
  • Eat and drink: Most of the time when a person is not at their best, they mainly start skipping their meals and that’s something no one should do, starving makes situations worse so even if you don’t feel like eating anything at all, still eat, chocolates, ice creams, your favorite dishes anything.
  • Do something you always wanted to: people don’t always get time to do what they like; instead of sitting and thinking about whatever your mind is holding back, utilize your time in things that you love to do.
  • Find an escape for a while: This helps a lot more that you can think. For a while leave your world and get hooked up in a TV series or a book or even a movie, something that will help you forget your own condition.
  • And finally, self realization: You need to decide that you are ready to let go. You need to know that there’s nothing holding you back; this one step can open the door way to the life of your dream, besides holding on to something that’s destroying you can hardly be better than what adventure this life can bring ahead.

Apart from materialistic things, emotions and feeling can be tough to let go of. It’s hard to stop loving someone you’ve spend every waking moment thinking about; it’s hard to forget the person who cared so much for you once and you keep seeking ways to bring them back in your life and that’s something completely understandable but just think about it; all the tears you shed, and pain you’ve gone through, every second you’ve wasted for someone who wasn’t worth even a thought, are you ready to ruin your life over that.

A person can only govern their own choices and nobody else’s. Here’s a choice for everyone, holding on or letting go. The middle is the worst place to ever be in; so just decide whether you want to hold on or you want to let go because letting go always gives rise to all the beautiful possibilities in the world, take the risk, find the courage and go for it.

Akanksha Agrawal
Akanksha Agrawal
I was named Akanksha Agrawal when I first cried on 18th July 1997. I've always loved to study and get in touch with new things. After completing my high school studies from KPS Bhilai, I opted for CA as a profession but gradually, it came to me that it wasn't the best option. Currently I am all with B.Com planning to do MA in literature. I have a great interest in spirituality and self development. Reading and travelling are the top in my list of hobbies.

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