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Top 7 Jobs With a Good Salary With Special Career Options for Women

Women empowerment has brought up a sense of financial independence and made ladies of today’s world inclined towards earning for themselves and holding their expenses. This is women’s economic empowerment. Girls today love doing a job to earn their daily bread themselves, and this is why women participation in the workforce has seen an incredible increase.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the great options or fields ladies can get into, feel secure and work well to be economically independent and aid themselves in earning money.

The Top 7 Jobs With a Good Salary With Special Career Options for Women are:

1. Public Relations and Advertising


Public relations or PR is one of the best career options for girls is an area that needs the best communication skills. If you have good communication skills in your personality, then you can make a promising career in PR. This job also has the ability to turn people’s timidity into extreme nature.

Advertising is a creative field that covers the entire lot from Ed’s concept, thorough research, scripting, market launch direction. Nowadays, every business and service wants to bring its product to the consumer, and to increase their sales, want to make it famous, and this is what an advertising company does. Now, the advertising industry is not limited to just print, TV, or radio.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and PR
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

2. Air hostess

Air Hostess

Air hostess or cabin crew is one of the significant jobs of the aviation industry, Air hostess job is also a promising career for girls, especially for girls who have attractive personality, good command over the language. Air hostess job for them might be a great option.

To do this course you can take direct admission in the training institute and then apply for a job in airlines, the salary of an air hostess is initially 20-25 thousand, and the salary of an international air hostess is high.

  • Franklin Institute of Air Hostess
  • Jet Airways Training Academy
  • Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation

3. Fashion & Design

Fashion, Design, Fashion Designer

Consistent with patterns over the globe, imaginative callings are certainly providing ample opportunities to young ladies in India. Fashion and Design industry is well excelling with each passing day and giving millions of jobs to women. This is the most apt field for you if you have a creative mind, and your heart lies in the Fashion world.

There are numerous capable men in this field too. However, Indian ladies presently have more introduction to professions like style planning, adornments planning, inside planning, realistic planning, material plan, and comparable innovative positions for ladies.

In case you’re keen on occupations for females at home and love making unique weaving designs, you can even begin a weaving business from home in India.

In this industry, you can gain by your customer’s inherent need to look great and influence their longing to possess the trendiest garments. You can buy garments in mass and retail them at a benefit.

Even better, why not start a style house like Ritu Beri, plan your design line, and rake in huge profits from it? Numerous Indian ladies are beginning their own garments boutiques or outsourcing as planners to seek after their professional planning objectives. Make sure to choose a speciality that works for you in the long haul.

4. Nursing

Nursing,nurses, Girl With Notepad, Doctor

In most hospitals, you may have seen nurse jobs for women. However, the nurse may be one of both men and women, since the last few years, the profession of nursing in India is associated with women, so even today the nursing course is quite ordinary among women. Generally, nursing is in demand. Nursing is the right field for women who want to pursue a career in the medical field; working hours in this profession are almost fixed.

There are many diploma and degree courses for nursing after 12th:

  • ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwife) – This is an introductory course of nursing which is 18 months in duration and can be done after taking Science in 12th, to do this course one has to take an entrance test, which the Nursing Admissions Board conducts.
  • HR Human Resource- The work of 4-HR Human Resource is not just for girls, but the nature of this job is one that suits women in particular, so the role of HR in large companies is with women. In fact, in HR companies, HR has a profile, has 9 to 5 jobs, and is mostly freed on weekends. This job has both possibility and power, as well as a good salary. Women love HR jobs.

Eligibility– The best degree for HR is MBA in HR, MBA is a master’s degree, and it requires a graduate, some degrees and diplomas are at graduation level too.

6. Teaching


Teaching job may be an old profession, but even today, it is considered to be the most promising and prestigious job. Teaching is still the most favourite job if young girls also plan to go in the teaching line. So the particular reason behind this is the facilities available in this job, first of all, there are many levels to become a teacher, and you can apply for the job based on your qualifications.

Qualification- The teaching line has profiles like Primary, TGT, PGT, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor and these require different qualifications.

To teach at the primary level, it is necessary to pass the B.Ed, BTC, or NTT exam, for government vacancies, selection in these courses, and based on the rest of your education is done on merit or else you will get entry through the tests.

7. Beauty & Cosmetics

beauty and saloon

India is the second-biggest shopper of restorative items on the planet. These items have huge popularity among ladies. An ideal approach to begin a profession in the field of excellence in makeup is to do a cosmetologist course with a perceived stunner school. Setting up a beauty parlour is one of the best jobs for females in India to offer beauty services, or spa administrations can remunerate you liberally, and you can provide a wide scope of administrations.

These could be nail trims, pedicures, facial medicines, and back rub administrations. With exceptional items and incredible assistance, you can build up your market presence quickly. These were some great career ideas for all the ladies and girls out there. You can opt for any job that you like but before you get into it, keep in mind your interests and preferences. It’s important to love what you do and do what you love.

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