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Top 9 Benefits of Reading for Your Personal Development In 2021

Reading has many advantages and benefits. Reading allows you to learn new things and to train yourself to develop vocabulary and oral expression.

Reading can go a long way in personal development, in that your reading will have an impact on your mind. It is kind of a great investment for your whole life, whatever your age.

1. What are the benefits of reading?

With the different reading media available to us to date, reading habits have changed greatly. Nevertheless, know that for your personal development, reading is more than beneficial.

The list of the benefits from the reading goes as follows:

i) Reading is fun and fun

Just like sports, for example, reading provides pleasure, helps to forget everyday problems and keeps us away from stress.

ii) Reading helps develop memory and cognitive skills

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Understanding a book requires retaining a great deal of information. So every time you read, you are creating new synapses (connections between neurons). This thus increases information retention capacities.

In addition, depending on the type of book you read, you may have to decide on the faces, places, arrangement of elements.

You visualize the various points of the book and activate your mind and imagination. Your brain is stimulated; this prevents it from losing its capacities. The brain is a muscle that needs training to function optimally.

Developing your memory and cognitive abilities is one of the precious benefits of reading.

iii) Reading improves concentration and attention

Instead of focusing your attention on a whole bunch of things at the same time (social networks, texting, talking with colleagues, sending different emails, etc.), reading forces you to concentrate only on the content you are reading.

You forget about the world around you, and you get completely immersed in your reading activity. On a daily basis, this helps you to be focused on only one task at a time, and it increases your productivity.

iv) Reading improves your speaking and writing skills

Reading is the best way to get a large vocabulary that you can use every day. You gain self-confidence, and this allows you to assert yourself in your everyday life.

Ease of expression takes shape internally and is felt externally. You will be more convincing and more charismatic with an easy expression.

v) Reading increases your knowledge

As you read, you acquire new information. And the more you enhance your vocabulary on the various topics, the more likely you will see new doors open for the opportunities. Your knowledge is an unquantifiable force. No matter what may happen to you, with your knowledge, you will be able to face challenges.

vi) Reading develops analytical skills and critical thinking

Each page turned strengthens the web of knowledge in your mind and ultimately helps you better understand the world around you.

It helps you in your everyday life to have more confidence in yourself and express yourself clearly in your opinion and apprehend more serenely the problems you encounter.

vii) Reading decreases stress and anxiety

When you read, you stop thinking about your daily problems; you are transported elsewhere, which decreases your state of anxiety.

Your mind is quieter. In addition, when you choose to read the books related to personal development or spirituality, you will get the answers to your all questions or problems as well as methods to apply.

viii) Reading improves the quality of sleep

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, reading can help. Reading before sleep calms your mind and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Paper support is recommended in this case, or a digital reading light whose brightness is not aggressive to the eye. Indeed, screens are bad for sleep and excite more than they appease.

ix) Reading supports you in your overall personal development & self-growth

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In the process of personal development and self-growth, reading is one of the best ways to store knowledge and motivate you.

Reading will give you a lot of theory which is great for expanding your mind and considering new opportunities and experiences.

It enhances self-growth. On the other hand, if reading accompanies you, it is up to you to take action. A book is an excellent investment considering what it costs you and what it brings you!

2. How do you start reading when you don’t like to read?

To get benefit from the benefits of reading, you should first start reading. However, not everyone reads. If you have trouble reading but want to give it a go, don’t panic!

Reading can be learned, and there are techniques to start reading. I put off reading for a long time because I could not concentrate enough and give interest to what I was reading. I drew information from right and left, but it was inconceivable for me to read a book. Today I like to read, and I link books at my own pace.

i) Find a topic you are passionate about

Personally, I like to read a book if it helps me grow and teaches me new things.

So, I choose books that are in line with my goals. Self-help books are great for this in that they motivate you and show you the way to go. Whether it’s financial independence, self-confidence, or spirituality, books can change your life!

ii) Book a moment

Devote part of your day to reading.  For example, in the evening before going to bed to help you fall asleep, or in the morning in transport to optimize travel times. You can also read during your lunch break, which will rest your eyes if you spend your days in front of a screen and relax.

Take out time to read and be regular with this habit. Reading a book is a business, and like any business, consistency pays off.

iii) Choose a suitable place

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It is important to create an environment conducive to reading. So remember to move away from things that could interfere with your reading, such as television, and move to a quiet place. Choose a peaceful and pleasant place where you can concentrate.

iv) Adopt a good position

If you choose a bed or an armchair, it promotes falling asleep, unlike a sitting position. Be comfortably seated so as not to disturb your reading and to enjoy your book fully.

v) Reconcile reading a book with accomplishing a goal

If you choose a book on personal development, it is because you want to gain knowledge, educate yourself and put into practice the right actions to improve your life.

So if you set a goal, it will be really easy to focus on it if a book motivates you to reach & achieve the goal you have to create & set for yourself.

The benefits of reading will help you a lot to reach & achieve your goals. If you read a book related to your goals, it is as if you have a guide to help you and show you the way. You will become brighter from page to page!

vi) Advance at your own pace

Remember that reading is a form of learning. So you can go back or look for the words you don’t understand. You can go a lot on some days and a little on other days. As long as you are consistent and move forward with your book, you will maintain the motivation and the will to read. It is recommended for beginners to start reading books that are simple & easy to understand.

Start with an accessible book on a theme that attracts you and in line with your goals, and everything should be fine!

vii) Getting away from screens at times doesn’t hurt!

Small advice: Reading on-screen must be a compliment. Your eyes don’t do the same job on screen as they do on paper.

On-screen, they tire more quickly, and you take less pleasure than if you had a real book in your hands -it was found that even an e-reader or tablet was not as beneficial as a paper book.

You will be more focused and will not read diagonally. If you read on-screen, be sure to decrease the brightness so as not to strain your eyes too much.

3. Conclusion

Take some time to take care of yourself, and that is more important. While it is important to take care of your body through sports and nutrition, for example, so it is with your mind and reading. No matter what literary genre you choose, you can always find a book that will captivate you.

So now that you know the benefits of reading, you have no more excuses. It’s time to turn off your computer and your phone and get comfortable reading and working on your mind!

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