Op-edPets can reduce stress and depression and help live a longer life

Pets can reduce stress and depression and help live a longer life

Pets are adorable creatures that are kept by us humans as a faithful companion and for relaxation as well. They keep us happy and reduce our stress levels and keep them to a minimum. We feel overjoyed when we have a pet in our house. It is also a well-known fact that pets require a lot of care and affection, but we also know that they provide us with a lot of exercises that keep them and humans fit and healthy. Pets are an essential part of our lives. They even help us combat depression. If we feel low, a simple hug or cuddle with our pet makes us feel so much better. Pets even sense our emotions and help alleviate them. Pets are great buddies for kids to play with and cuddle.

Some of the pets which people usually keep in their homes are dogs, cats, birds, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice etc. Every person keeps pets according to their living conditions and financial status.

Benefits of having pets:-

So, let’s see what all benefits do pets provide humans:

    1. They keep our blood pressure at decreased levels.
    2. They also keep our cholesterol levels in check.
    3. Our triglyceride levels are also reduced.
    4. Loneliness decreases when having a pet around the house.
    5. Exercise opportunities increase, and we experience a more fresh and active lifestyle.
    6. Socialization opportunities also increase as we get to know more people who have pets and get some guidelines on how they take care of their pets.

Different types of pet animals at home:-

Now, let’s talk about different pets in detail as aforementioned:

1. Dogs:


Dogs are the best companions humans can ask for. From playing and cuddling to performing important tasks with ease, they are the best pets to keep at home. They are friendly with adults as well as affectionate towards children. They are protective of their family members and bark at any strangers who they think can threaten or harm the family. Playing with a dog can increase serotonin and dopamine levels, which helps make us calm and relaxed. Dogs also shed a lot of hair, especially if they have a thick hairy coat. These hairs can prove to be allergic to some people.

2. Cats:

Cat Cuddle, Cats, Pet, Playing

Cats come next when it comes to keeping pets at home. Cats are very cute and lovable to look at. They love playing with both adults and children. However, they aren’t loyal like dogs as they tend to run away from their homes now and then. Thus, it becomes very difficult to care for them. We must ensure that cats get sufficient love and attention and quality cat food so that they remain a little bit loyal to their humans. Cats also shed a lot of hair around the home. They sometimes even dirty the sofas or beds. The health benefits provided by cats are a slight bit different from dogs. Cat hair is also allergic to some people. But if people are exposed to cats early on in their childhoods, the chances of them being allergic are pretty less. Other health benefits are the same as for dogs. To keep cats more engaged and around the house, owners can create a litter box for them and give them some toys as well to play with like a scratch pole, mouse toy or even video games such as catch the fish on their Ipads.

3. Birds:

Birds Pet, Playing, Parrot, Macaw, Colourful

Birds are also great as pets as they remain loyal to their family. They are usually low-maintenance and don’t require elaborate bathing rituals. They are happy as long as they are well-fed and cared for. Birds also require attention like any other pet. Birds can also increase social interaction between themselves and humans as well. Some birds like parrots love to talk and, when trained adequately, can speak the human language in a much better way as they learn the basics of it like greetings, calling someone by their names etc. A simple hello from your winged buddy can make your day great. Birds can also help in increasing feelings of empathy and confidence in children. They also keep our minds sharp and reduce the chances of having Alzheimer’s Disease.

4. Turtles/Tortoises

Turtles, Tortoises Pet, Sea, Butterfly

Turtles and tortoises are semi-aquatic animals and are slowly becoming a favourite among many people. They are really cute and can help lower stress and depression in people as they are always smiling. They don’t require a lot of space and exercise. They can be kept in a big tank where they swim at their own pace and time and take breaks in-between. They don’t shed like dogs, cats and birds and are very clean pets. They are kid-friendly as well as they teach them to respect all animals. Turtles and tortoises don’t have a very expensive diet plan as well. They can chomp on a diet of leaves and fruits once a day, and that’s all. For tortoises, it is important during winters that they are provided with a shed so that they can hibernate there during the cold season. The age of tortoises and turtles is also very long, sometimes almost as long as 150-200 years. They have a high survival rate.

5. Rabbits

rabbits, playing, pet, grass, field, garden

Rabbits are eco-friendly and also very fluffy and cute to look at. They live long and thus live with humans for a long time. People who are allergic to dogs and cats can keep bunnies as pets. Petting a rabbit reduces a lot of stress. Just looking at them can instantly light up our faces with joy. They make wonderful companions, just like any other pet. They are also very entertaining.

6. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs, playing, pet

Guinea Pigs are smaller than rabbits but are very cute nevertheless. They also make great pets for humans as they are fuss-free and low-maintenance. They are also great pets for kids. Similar to rabbits, tortoises and turtles, they have longer life-spans. Guinea Pigs like ‘popcorning’, especially when they are young. They just jump straight into the air over and over. So, they are also considered an option nowadays as pets.

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7. Hamsters

Hamsters, Pet, Playing, White

Hamsters are just like guinea pigs but smaller. They also are adorable and cute to look at. They’re affordable, just like guinea pigs. They don’t require a lot of attention, like dogs and cats and can live with little social interaction. They can be easily groomed and are easy to clean up after. They don’t require any form of training as well. Plus, they are a lot of fun as well.

8. Fish

Fish, Aquarium, Pet, Home, Office

Having a fish aquarium at home helps keep us healthy and keep our minds fresh and active. An aquarium keeps the environment relaxed, reduces stress, is good for heart health, improves sleep, reduces pain and anxiety, keeps us active, and increases productivity. Goldfish are a popular pet option among many pet owners. Nowadays, many other different types of fish, such as clownfish, catfish etc., are also kept as pets.

So, these are some types of pets that people keep in their homes to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, heart problems and many other such diseases and lifestyle problems. Pets should be given appropriate love and affection, and their care should be the top-most priority of all the owners. Pets like dogs and cats require a lot of attention, so playing with them regularly helps them socialise with everyone. They also require regular visits to the vet for their annual check-ups and immunizations. Others like hamsters, guinea pigs etc., are low-maintenance and don’t require a lot of attention, but vet visits are necessary for them as well. So, pets can improve our lifestyles and reduce our monotony of life as well.

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