EducationWhat are Career Options and Job Opportunities after UGC NET and JRF?

What are Career Options and Job Opportunities after UGC NET and JRF?

Have you just qualified UGC-NET and wondering about what next? Or maybe you’re preparing to qualify it.
But few questions arise that what after this is to be done? Is it going to end up only by becoming a PhD scholar, getting a JRF ( junior research fellowship ) or becoming a professor in some educational institution?

So many such questions pop-up and tumble in our heads but, the best fact about this says that ‘ There are various things in the world unexplored, hidden or unknown. ‘ And so are the opportunities after qualifying UGC NET.

So here I’ll be telling you that what all doors of new beginnings can you open after you’ve been qualified for JRF or assistant professor through NET.

So before I begin, let me just give you a brief introduction about what is UGC NET, why and how is it conducted etc. 

Just for the people who have just begun peeping out into the world of career opportunities:

What is UGC – NET? 

UGC NET or The National Eligibility Test is an examination conducted by NTA or the National Testing Agency on behalf of UGC ( University Grants Commission ).

It’s conducted twice in a year, and this is an excellent perk about this pattern that you get another chance in the same year to overcome the tiny shortcomings that you brought up in the last exam.

Next, I’ll be telling you the career opportunities after you qualify this exam.

First of all, let’s begin from the very primary career option you get after you qualify NET – JRF.


After you qualify NET, you are allowed to do the research work under a senior professor’s guidance. You will be paid nearly 20-30k in the beginning, which will increase gradually.

Presenting your thesis and theories of research work and on the basis of your performance in your research, you’ll be provided with the PhD degree and of course the super cool ‘Dr.’ written prior to your name. Thenceforth, you can teach as a Professor. 

You’ll have a right pay scale starting from around 65k and reaching even higher than you can expect.


In case you qualified NET from subjects such as Science or Maths, you can join institutes of research in various fields of Science, Maths and environmental studies.

Same goes for other subjects such as Literature in English, languages, dance, music and other plenty of subjects you are eligible to apply from.

For instance, there are institutes of agricultural research, soil research, researches in astronomy etc. You can look for their vacancies accordingly and apply.


If you qualify NET, this simply means that you have enough knowledge in your subject and then you can begin exploring and discovering new things in your subject and write theories and books on them. Woah! There you become an author if you got them published. And also imagine students studying from books written by you. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to imagine this?.

4. PSUs or the Public Sector Undertakings

PSUs like ONGC, BHEL, OIL etc. offer vacancies based on marks you’ve scored in NET. And there you go! If you’re up to their mark, you’ll be into those public sector undertakings working on useful posts and earning a pocket full of happiness and money.


For instance, you qualified this exam from a commercial subject or a legal subject. You can become a consultant or adviser giving valuable advice to people who need them. Many MNCs and private companies hire consultants to handle and watch out their decisions. And off course you can reach the same goal from a different path. People open their consultancy agencies. Go ahead if you’re good at advice. A business is a super suitable option to be self-dependent if you don’t like people on your head being superior to you.


Companies keep such posts too, commonly heard as PEOs and TEOs. Your NET – JRF qualification can be the most persuasive reason in your resume for them to hire you and only you. And of course, private companies are a good payer, you know.

So in the end, just remember:

Opportunities are hungry to be found by you. All you need is focus and determination to make the best use of all that you have in yourself. Present your lustre well, and you’ll surely find new ways of being successful.

Mansi Yadav
Mansi Yadav
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