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What is Radiofrequency Facial and How This Treatment Changed Lives?

Technological advances offer innovative solutions so that our skin always looks perfect.

All women love having a radiant complexion where the signs of ageing are not noticeable, and the skin looks smooth, radiant, and healthy.

It is, for this reason, we are always in the everlasting search for effective, reliable, and safe treatments that guarantee the disappearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and facial blemishes, without it being a risk to comprehensive health.

This is achieved by defining the face, raising the eyebrows, removing the dewlap, and modelling the eye contour. But to do it without the need to undergo surgery? It is a very tempting alternative that is now possible, and in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about this procedure known as facial radiofrequency.

Facial Radiofrequency
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What is Facial Radiofrequency?

We can define facial radiofrequency as a simple, painless, non-invasive procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. In other words, it does not require hospitalization, nor does it require anaesthesia.

This procedure allows the temperature of the tissues to be raised to stimulate the production of collagen, very useful for obtaining fresh skin and a younger appearance. Radiofrequency facial is a treatment whose results are observed immediately, this is due to vasodilation, vascularization, and cell improvement, which causes cells to oxygenate, resulting in younger, healthier, and more radiant skin.

It is not only excellent for removing wrinkles and other signs of ageing, but it is also very useful for cases of scars left by acne, eczema or dermatitis, rosacea, facial couperosis (dilation of blood vessels) and hyperpigmentation.

How Does Facial Radiofrequency work?

It consists of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, produced by the different devices used in aesthetic medicine, which act on tissues, photodamaged skin (aged skin), stains, and fibres of collagen and elastin.

These devices that work in the human tissues, via circular movements cause the temperature to rise, which causes the heat to penetrate into the depths of the epidermis, stimulating the collagen and elastin fibres are responsible for providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. Similarly, it allows the stimulation of collagen fibres, leading to skin regeneration.

For this reason, it is considered not only as a beauty treatment but also as a medical solution to maintain and improve body aesthetic health.

The Procedure For This Treatment

It is important that, before carrying out this treatment, you go to a recognized aesthetic centre that has all its permits up to date and can consult with a specialist, preferably who has already carried out this procedure. Likewise, avoid centres and “professionals” of dubious origin so as not to run unnecessary risks.

Once in the office, the skin is cleaned to remove all kinds of impurities and traces of makeup. Then, the doctor, with the help of a surgical marker, will delimit the specific treatment area.

The equipment is smeared with special gel or cream, to easily conduct the process and that it reaches the right temperature to eliminate imperfections without hurting the skin. The treatment lasts around 30 and 90 minutes, which are carried out during 4 or 6 sessions every 15 days.

Types of Radio Frequency Used

There are different types of radiofrequency that are used for each need, know what they are below.

1. Monopolar

This type of radiofrequency covers up to 250 watts and is characterized in that the current flows through a single-pole or electrode and does so over the deeper tissues, increasing the temperature, which causes vasodilation. It not only helps facial flabbiness but also eliminates cellulite and fat accumulations if used in other parts of the body.

2. Bipolar

It is named this because the energy moves through one pole while the other works as a receiver, which causes great energy that increases the temperature and allows work in a larger area.

3. Tripolar

Because in this type of radiofrequency, the polarities rotate in the head, which causes a lot of energy to originate. The rotation speed can be programmed to allow the tissue to heat evenly and have a greater field of action.

4. Multipolar With Magnetic Pulses

Because the head features diamond-shaped electrodes, energy circulates better in the deep layers of the skin, generating an increase in the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in greater efficiency without altering the skin’s surface.

5. Double Radio Frequency

A heat stimulus is produced, which produces the renewal of the collagen and elastin fibres and the production of new collagen.

6. Nanofractioned Radio Frequency

It is a unipolar radiofrequency in a fractional form used to produce a double effect on the skin, both superficially and deeply.

Benefits of Facial Radiofrequency

As it is a simple, outpatient, and non-invasive treatment, it brings many benefits to our aesthetic health.

  • It stimulates the production of collagen, which gives a smoother, lush and youthful complexion.
  • Eliminates and prevents the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Improves the appearance of the skin, thanks to the oxygenation of the cells.
  • It defines the face and gives it firmness, that’s why it is recommended for all ages.

Advantages of This Method

Facial radiofrequency is considered the most versatile procedure in the aesthetic world, know why.

1. Affordable Price

Which will depend on the aesthetic centre, but in general terms it is more affordable than surgery. In many aesthetics, they can offer tempting offers, but the client must be careful that they are qualified professionals and the techniques used are appropriate.

2. Combination With Other Techniques

Radiofrequency facial is a procedure that can be combined with other techniques. Such as Botox, collagen injections, or simply the use of anti-wrinkle cream.

3. Visible And Immediate Results

From the first facial radiofrequency treatment, facial radiofrequency shows excellent results, changes are immediately noticeable, but it will depend on the skin type and intensity of the condition.

4. Doesn’t Need Rest

As it is not a surgical operation, nor does it cause any skin damage, it does not require a recovery period or rest. You just have to be careful with sun exposure at the end of each session.

Does It Have Side-Effects?

As it is a non-invasive treatment, it does not cause any side effect, and it can only cause a small redness on the skin, which is normal and will pass in a couple of hours. If any situation that may cause concern is observed, contact the treating physician immediately.


After finishing the treatment, no special care is required. But you must avoid exposing yourself to heat sources such as a sauna and solar radiation, avoid exercising on the day of treatment, and put sunscreen on your face.

Treatment Results

The results begin to be seen instantly and as the days go by it will be more noticeable, after each session as the effect is cumulative, the change is impressive and is increasing until after 3 to 4 months.

Like all non-surgical treatment, the results are not eternal, and they will depend on the patient’s care, lifestyle, type of diet, and hydration.


Although it is a suitable treatment for any healthy person, there are some contraindications such as hypersensitive people, with skin conditions to be treated, pregnant women, the elderly, patients with pacemakers, electrical devices, metal implants, and prostheses.

Radiofrequency to Other Parts of The Body

Radiofrequency treatment is also used to treat other parts of the body, since it serves to combat cellulite, sagging, and improve skin circulation. Adiposities or localized fats are very difficult to eliminate despite dieting and physical exercises, localized fats in the upper layer of the skin increase hypodermis or skin cell tissue, pushing the dermis and epidermis against fibrous connective tissue.

This forms areas with adiposities that are very difficult to combat, which increase in size, forming unsightly contours that affect the female silhouette, especially the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. When applying radiofrequency in those areas, a heat transfer occurs on the fat cells, which causes an increase in their metabolism causing their reduction in size since fatty acids are released through the lymphatic and blood system.

Radiofrequency treatments, whether on the face, buttocks, arms, abdomen, or thighs, pursue toning and muscle contour without the need to undergo invasive surgical intervention and put our health at risk. The patient who undergoes this procedure can continue with his daily routine after the treatment since it does not cause any type of pain or swellings or scabs.

If you want to undergo radiofrequency, we recommend that you opt for aesthetic centres where their practices are endorsed with the presence of professionals who are experts in aesthetic medicine. Do not pay attention to places that offer great discounts if you are not completely sure of their origin and professionalism.

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