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10 Incredible Future Inventions That Will Change The Life of humankind

The future of fantasy movies is much nearer than it seems. New devices can dramatically change our world: they restore the ability to walk or see people with disabilities, they strengthen us, or they simply increase the joy and comfort in our lives. We have chosen 10 inventions that have already entered our day or that will soon become part of them.

The 10 Incredible Future Inventions That Will Change The Life of humankind are:

1. A device that will help paralyzed people get back on their feet

A Device That Will Help Paralyzed People

At the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, scientists are working to create a device that will help paralyzed people regain control of their bodies. This small but significant device consists of two parts: a chip that is placed in the brain and another in the spine.

After trauma to the spine, nerve impulse conduction breaks, but the brain continues to send orders, even if they do not reach the muscles. The cerebrospinal interface duplicates the signals of the nervous system and allows to recover the capacity of movement. In the future, this will significantly change the lives of many people. This invention is now in the testing phase.

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2. Portable diagnostic sensors

Portable Diagnostic Sensors (informilo)

There are already apps that monitor the number of steps we take or teach about proper nutrition. Shortly, with the help of biosensors, smartphones will be able to measure the number of calories present in the food we eat, monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood, do ECG, EEG and much more. Thus, the diagnosis will become more comfortable and more accessible to everyone.

3. Companion robots

Companion Robots (ieee Spectrum)

Personal robots are already a reality, but Jibo is much more than a stationary speaker with light indicators. This device is more like Eva from the cartoon Wall-e: it can move and express emotions, dance, laugh, react to your call, it can become a faithful companion for a person, which takes our relationship with these devices to a new level. Of course, Jibo still has a lot to learn, but already today it is ready for mass production and may soon become part of our ordinary life.

4. Glasses that allow the blind to see the world


Sight 3 is the name of the most potent glasses in the world: when a person puts them on, the device records a video that, with the help of various algorithms, transforms into something that a blind man can see. More than 1,000 patients were able to expand their capabilities with these lenses!

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5. Latherless dentistry

Improves Breathing

Children’s dreams of the end of the lather age are coming true. Brix 3000 gel soothes the decay-damaged area, making it easy to remove, and the doctor to seal the area. The procedure is entirely painless, and shortly the piercing will be just a memory.

6. Sneakers that help wearer move faster

Sneakers That Help You Move Faster (3d Native)

Faster, taller, more reliable – this is how the new Futurecraft 4D sneakers from Adidas help wearer move. The secret is simple: the soles of these shoes are made with 3D printing and are individually adjusted in size, shape, flexibility, impact resistance and coating characteristics. In the future, they will be printed directly in stores, but for now, the series is sold with some made according to the company’s calculations, based on its long experience.

7. Supercomputer with artificial intelligence to diagnose diseases

Supercomputer With Artificial Intelligence To Diagnose Diseases

The correct diagnosis is the main factor of successful treatment. However, even the most experienced doctor cannot retain the information of all the diseases, all the clinical studies, and the possible symptoms. Remember, even the brilliant Dr House used to be wrong. IBM decided to fill the imperfections of human memory with a new invention: “Dr Watson”: during the review of the patient with a true doctor, “Watson” collects all the world literature that may be relevant to the case and gives his prognosis. The doctor then reviews the machine’s estimates and makes the final diagnosis. We hope that with the help of this invention, medicine will become even more useful.

8. Adaptive wheels

Adaptive Wheels

Cars will also have a cooling device: airless wheels with an adaptive tread. The new Michelin product is made of a porous but durable material that does not need to be inflated and is not afraid of punctures. The main feature of the company’s development is a protector made on a 3D printer that can be changed, adjusting to weather and road conditions. The tire itself does not need to be replaced.

9. Robot surgeons

Robot Surgeons

Right now, somewhere in the world, a surgical robot is operating. DaVinci manufactures equipment that helps perform high-precision surgeries, even over long distances.

In medical schools, modern doctors are already being taught not only the art of working with a scalpel but also how to control such machines. The automata, in turn, evolve to reproduce the movements of the doctor’s hand perfectly. On the one hand, the surgery will become more complicated, but on the other, more reliable and accessible, since a doctor will be able to carry out operations anywhere, connecting to local teams.

10. Exoskeletons that help paralyzed people move again


This is how one of the patients with quadriplegia (partial or complete paralysis of all the limbs) may experience a better life with this new invention. Now, approximately 3,000 patients are being trained at the Ekso Bionics company to learn how to manage it.

This device not only helps paralyzed people move again; but can also be used to perform heavy physical work. In Korea, some workers are already using exoskeletons to be faster and more robust.

Bonus: Low-calorie ice cream

Low Calorie Ice Cream

The Halo Top company produces protein-enriched ice creams with different flavours, which are made with stevia instead of the usual sugar. Furthermore, the composition of the ice cream includes cane sugar and alcohols of the same product. Of course, you cannot call this food dietary, but even a person who is taking care of their weight can afford to eat a portion without regrets, because half a litre of that dessert only has 360 calories, that is, in 100 grams; There are 72 calories. This helped make Halo Top ice cream one of the best-selling products in the US.

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