Tech20 General and Innovative Ideas for Researchers and New Engineering College Scholars

20 General and Innovative Ideas for Researchers and New Engineering College Scholars

India is a land of innovators, scholars, academics, researchers and entrepreneurs. We all are capable of doing great things all we need is an idea, inspiration, and a kick to start something great for ourselves, our society and the country. We all know that an innovative idea can bring a lot of changes, not only in our life but also in our society.

In this article, we have listed 20 great innovative engineering and mechanical ideas with greater success and meets the current needs of society. These ideas are unique, creative, innovative and require minimal investments.

20 Creative and innovative Engineering and mechanical ideas are:

1. Affordable Smart Coding for Tractor Cabin 

tractor cabin

Tractors are the lifeline and the backbone of the farmers in rural areas. A lot has changed in the past in the engineering of the tractors, and it’s designing, but still, there are so many challenges that the farmers face in operating these tractors.

You can re-design the old classic design of the tractor’s cabin that may offer:

  1. Cabin with greater all-round visibility.
  2. Smart cooling system, including hardware, the cooling algorithm with advanced sensors.
  3. Affordable and low-cost cabin designing.
  4. Optimising and reducing carbon footprints.
  5. Bringing the concept of future e-tractors or electronic tractors.

2. Steam Trap Health Monitoring System

Steam Trap

Even smaller innovations in the field of Health and medical sciences can save millions of lives worldwide. Keeping an eye on the various monitoring system is very tough, especially when it comes to the steam trap. You can design and develop an automatic system for monitoring the Steam Trap used in the hospitals for supplying life-saving gases.

You can design the Steam Trap health monitoring system that offers:

  1. Steam trap failure detection system including a remote notification system
  2. Accurate and real-time updates on the pressure and the status of the steam traps.

3. Drones based emergency medical facilities

Drones based emergency medical facilities

You can design and develop a drone that can supply critical medicines, including blood, organs in the rural, remote health centres in India. The drone should be smart enough to:

  1. Locate and map the centres automatically.
  2. The drone should be to operate.
  3. It should efficiently deliver and return to the base.
  4. It should give the real-time status of the delivery.

4. Automated AQI Mapper on Google Maps

AQI Mapper

Air Quality in India has reached a hazardous level where working on the innovations that can bring a heather future could be a great idea. You can design and develop an automated Air-Quality-Index (AQI) mapper that creates a map using Google Maps API with the AQI level for the various regions of a city or the entire country.

5. Smart Hand washing Recorder at Hospitals

Smart Hand washing

Design and develop an automated system for keeping a track and record of handwashing by the hospital staffs. This should be cost-effective, easy to deploy and on the other hand, it should offer useful statics with the real-time recording of the entire process of the handwashing.

6. Real-Time Crop Health Monitoring

Real Time Crop Health Monitoring

You could design an automated system for monitoring the health of the crops. This could be either designing and developing cost-effective hardware that analyses the crop’s health and generates useful statistics with the suggestions to improve the health of the crop. This system should also be capable of showing alerts on irrigation requirements. You can also design hardware that the farmers can attach with their smartphone to get all these details with the help of animations.

7. Household waste Incinerator

Household waste Incinerator

Pollution in the country is very critical while we are adding more of carbon emissions in the air while developing an Incinerator machine which is an automated waste treatment process that decomposes the wastage without using Oxygen and fumes. You can design a cost-effective Incinerator that could be used in the houses for the wastage treatment.

8. Ghee making machine

Ghee making machine

Making Ghee is a very time-consuming process while in the rural areas, women put a lot of hard work and so much of manual work to get Ghee from the Dahi. In the industries, the Ghee making machine is giant, and the cost is beyond the expectations of the farmers. While designing and developing a cost-effective Ghee making machine can help thousands of women in rural areas. This will also empower them in many away by just giving them a low-cost ghee churning machine in supporting their families economically.

9. Automatic Pothole detection while driving

Pothole detection

In India itself we lose lakhs of lives on the roads because of the accidents caused by the potholes on the street is quite significant. You can design and develop an automated system which can detect the potholes automatically by using either their smartphone or could be deployed and attached with their motorcycle to alert them about the potholes.

10. Simplification of garment scanning

Simplification of garment scanning

You can design and develop an automated radio-frequency identification (RFID) based tags for tracking the washing cycles of the garments in the industries. The garment manufacturers need to manually scan the garments several times to prepare a set while by developing an automated system that can automatically scan the tags individually and give the details as required can save a lot of time which could be further invested in manufacturing more garments.

11. Smart Traffic Lights using CCTV

Smart Traffic Lights using CCTV

You can design and develop an automated system for detecting the traffic on the different sides of the road, and by using the CCTV, it can automatically figure out which side has maximum traffic and re-route or adjust the duration of the light (green or red) automatically.

This system can help the crowded cities in the smooth running of the traffic and can save a lot of time.

12. Water Efficient Air Cooler

Water Efficient Air Cooler

An average desert cooler consumes 50-60 litres of water in a days use, which is very critical for dry & arid regions, facing water scarcity. An effective principal design of a cooler can be innovated to reduce the use of water by at least 50%, without impacting the cooling efficiency. This will have a huge positive impact on the saving of water and reduction in overall weight & size of the cooler body, hence making it cost-effective.

13. Solar operated portable water purifier

Solar operated portable water purifier

You can design and develop a cost-effective water purifier that uses solar energy instead of the electricity to purify the water. This system should be based on the principals of the “evaporation and condensation” which can purify any type of water into safe drinkable water.

14. Control of multiple drones with one control unit

Control of multiple drones with one control unit

The basic objective of the challenge is to develop an algorithm to control 2 drones synchronously and move the pair from one point to another maintaining the attitude of each of the drones relative to one another Description The two drones have to start from a marked starting point, at a specific relative distance and attitude to each other. They have to execute a series of control commands, navigate a predefined path and then land at the endpoint, maintaining the same relative distance and attitude throughout the flight. The drones have to be able to estimate their location wrt each other and the world(transmitter), compare the same and be able to determine their true position. Feedback from visual sensors or any other sensor available on a standard drone can be used. The entire operation needs to be performed in a fully autonomous fashion. The usage of waypoint markers or other markers to define location feedback is allowed for simplicity.

15. Bike Crash Detection

Bike Crash Detection

Lots of people lose their lives in bike accidents while designing and developing an automated Emergency SOS based signalling system that can alert the nearest emergency medical centre, police and the family about the bike crash with Geo-location, status and other vital information.

16. Sanitation based project

Sanitation based project

In the past few years, the focus on health hygiene, sanitation and education has been at its peak. The Government of India, including States Government, are investing a lot of there revenue in the projects like sanitation. The fact by keeping hygiene and sanitation we can save a lot of diseases away. You can invest your time and the idea in the field of sanitation either by starting a project or developing hardware or the software that help the families, hospitals, Industries, restaurants and other premises neat, clean and healthy

17. Aid-kit for persons with smell sense disability

Aid-kit for persons with smell sense disability

In India itself, thousands of people are suffering from smell sense disability or the olfaction disability in which they lose the sense of smelling the things while leakage of dangerous gases including smoke outbreak, domestic gas and other hazardous gas leaks could be life-threatening. While designing and developing an automatic system that can detect these dangerous Chemicals and gas, including the smoke, can not only save their life but also can alert them in saving the lives of other people. You can design and develop an automated artificial intelligence (AI) based system which could be deployed individually or with the help of their smartphone.

18. Detection of Defects in Leather

Detection of Defects in Leather

Leathers all over the world are traded and sold out based on their cutting value. The cutting value of the letters could be affected or defected by the nature of the skin or any human error. Currently, at many leather industries detection of these faults and defects with the leathers require visual inspection. While by developing an automated system which could detect the defects in the leather can save a lot of time.

19. Development of Drone for fixing High Tension wire

Development of Drone for fixing High Tension wire

In the hilly areas, it is a very difficult and challenging task for an electrician to fix the High Tension wire. You can design and develop a powerful Drone that could fix the High Tension wires, including the hanging of these wires from one pole to another pole. This can reduce the labour work and increase the efficiency the same Drone can also be used in the areas where there are the crossing river and other water bodies

20. Innovative solution for Fish Feeding System

Innovative solution for Fish Feeding System

We all are aware that the fishes in the market are sold on the basis of their weight while designing and developing a system that could automatically feed the fish will help the faster growth of the fishes, keeping them healthy and safe. In order to help the fishes to gain weight, it needs to exercise (swimming) while they are feed. You can design and develop an automated system which can not only feed the fishes but also help them to swim all over the pond

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