EducationWhat is Development of the Idea of democracy with liberal democracy?

What is Development of the Idea of democracy with liberal democracy?

It is stated that in the world today democracy is celebrated in a big way as it empowers the people to express themselves freely and adapt twin principles of liberty and equality. Scholars have emphasized upon the premise that in the world the advent idea democracy should be credited to the great scholars who called it ‘democratia’ and emphasized upon a premise that there shall be ‘plurality of authority’ that shall prevail in the society in the process of governance which means the,the rule of people and power shall exercise among different bodies of the government.

Scholars like Plato emphasized upon the premise that until philosophers become the ruler of the city or state shall never get rid of its evil and as a result of which emphasized upon the premise that rulers to be the one who shall rule the ideal state at the same time there is Aristotle also went on to distinguish between master and slave and announced that it would be a master who shall be ruled and one can say that he emphasized upon the premise that person will be trained to govern the state, thus we can say that in the writing of scholars, the world has witnessed, a shift of power from monarchs to those who given the role of ruling the state nevertheless, the idea of governance was exclusive in nature as they did not adopt equality thus deprived many of them the chance to participate in the affairs of the state, so we can say that as a result of which the modern day democracy involved in the countries like Britain and America, where it is stated that Britain is to be considered the first modern democracy Which were adopted in the 17th century after the civil war. It is stated that power were transferred from the monarch to the parliament consisting of house of common and house of Lords.

One must realize that house of commons is a directly elected house and thus it is the people who hold power even against the monarchs. In 1649, parliament ordered the execution of the monarch when he tried to restrict the authority of the parliament and on the other hand French adopted democratic principles after French revolution based on the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity which are considered to be the basic pillars of democracy.

It is stated that in France initially, only male members had the right to vote, but later on the universal adult franchise was adopted. It is stated that USA soon after his independent showed its faith towards democratic principles and gave the world an idea about the classification of independent authority implementing in democracy namely the legislature, executive and judiciary.

Concludingly, it is stated that famous scholars like John Locke emphasized upon the idea of social contract and stated that by the contract people gives power to the parliament and were bound by the contract, but this contract can be revoked, in case parliament fails to make possible regulation, of the population in order to make democracy meaningful we can say that the principle of universal adult franchise has played an extremely important role.

It is stated that democracy emphasis upon the principles of liberty and equality and it is stated that in the present day scenario more and more emphasizes is given an allocation of rights and continuous efforts to extend the domain of their rights. It is stated that scholars like John Locke, said to be the father of liberalism played a pivotal role in promoting the idea of liberal democracy. We can say that it was witnessed in Britain, where in emphasizes were given upon liberty and equality and promotion of Democratic principles.

One must realize that in present day democracy, the more and more nation has been adopting the idea of liberal democracy as it is stated that liberal democracy is the best option available for the purpose of extension of right nevertheless, one must realize that liberal democracy also developed the concept of capitalism, where there is a demand for economic freedom and the free market at the same time we can say that capitalism also affected the politics of the nation that emphasizes upon the various forms of freedom. It is stated that scholars emphasized upon that there shall be various characteristics adopted by the nations that shall make it a democracy based on liberty.

Certain norms should be set up and adopted in democracy like, periodic election, should be conducted so as to  make sure  that legitimacy is guaranteed to the representatives and the election results come after the simple process of  voting from the population of the nation and hence the majority support decides the government of the nation.

At the same time, achieved characteristics of liberal democracy is the principle of universal adult franchise that should eradicate the differentiation on the basis of caste, sex, color, religion and provide freedom to everyone for free and fair election. At the same time, in liberal democracy, it provides a platform to different political parties for competing for the power in the country as only then people will have an alternative and freedom to exercise their options of choosing a particular political party to rule the nation, so that particular party can make a favorable and good policy for the people of the nation who had chose them through the election.

Scholars have also emphasized upon the premise that, in liberal democracy, it promotes independent judiciary and when the law making body of the government contravene to the regions of the constitution, the judiciary can review it and if needed it can be invalidated if it is against the constitutional provision. Thus we can say liberal democracy in all manners are effective in the promotion of the twin pillars of democracy that is liberty and equality.

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