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13 Best and Cheapest Air Purifier available online in India

With the worsened condition of Air and the increase in its Pollution, India is increasingly becoming one of the most polluted countries and thus, improving the air quality has become a need of the hour. It is important to keep a check on Air pollution as it has various adverse effects on a person’s body and health, like causing respiratory diseases, cancer and various other problems

Difficulty to breath and having all other adverse problems even at home has led people to resort to Air Purifiers for fresh air, which has now become essential for a healthy living. The Air Purifiers are readily available in the market as also online. There are many reviews available online for the wide variety of purifiers available to the buyers, right ranging from a specific product to the most trusted brands. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing online is that one can buy at a huge discounted price.

Among the various Air Purifier brands, Dyson, Honeywell and Phillips are the most recognized, reviewed and trusted ones. There are various Air Purifiers available online on sites like Amazon and one can purchase them easily with quick and hassle-free delivery.

However, with such a wide variety of efficient and promising Air Purifying devices available at a reasonable price online, it becomes difficult for one to choose which shall deem to be the best. Thus, based on the user review and some details online, the following can be stated to be standing out from the rest.

The 13 Best and Cheapest Air Purifier available online in India:

1. Mi 2S Vertical Air Purifier

Mi 2s Vertical Air Purifier

The Air Purifier was launched in 2018 and has since gained a lot of customers since and is thus, one of the best selling Air Purifier in India, with more than 800 Reviews on Amazon.

The Air Purifier is smartly built having the dimensions of 24 cm x 24 cm x 52 cm, weighing around 4.8 Kg. The Air Purifier has 3 cylindrical layers of filters for purifying the air. The outermost layer filters out the large particles like dust and hair. The second layer filters out micron-sized particles and catches harmful bacteria present in the air. The innermost or the third layer, made from activated Carbon precisely removes formaldehyde (a compound made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon), other harmful substances and odour.

The Air Quality of the room is displayed on the OLED screen of the purifier as detected through the sensor, which can detect Particulate Matter (PM) up to 0.3 μm. The Purifier has the ability to purify the air within 10 minutes, having a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 310 m³/hr, that is, it can purify the air up to the area of 37 m². Another special feature of the purifier is that it is energy efficient as it only consumes power up to 4.8 W, even less than what a fluorescent light bulb consumes!

Other special features of the Purifier are that it is free of Odor and any substance that might cause any sort of allergy. The customer has an option of choosing from 3 different modes, namely, Auto, Night or Manual mode. The Purifier can also be controlled from Mi home app or can be connected to Amazon Echo Dot. ‘

Most of the users find it easy to install and operate it and thus, it is a value for money. The Purifier originally costs ₹12,999.00 but is available at a Price of ₹8,229.00 on Amazon.

2. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

Philips Ac1215 20 Air Purifier

Philips is No. 1 Brand in India for Air Purifiers. The Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier is one of the Best Seller Air Purifiers and has around 858 Ratings on Amazon. The Air Purifier has Intelligent purification features which sense the air quality and indicate the Air Quality through 4 colour indication on the Screen of the Purifier. It has a nice design with dimensions of 32.5 cm x 54.1 cm x 21.1 cm and weighs only 7.04 Kg.

The Purifier has 4 Filters, that is, an outer filter, an activated carbon filter, a double-layered H13 Grade and a HEPA Filter. Thus, it filters Particulate Matter (PM) up to 0.03 M and removes the airborne pollutants, bacteria, H1N1 virus, pollen and house dust mites up to 99.99%. It has the capacity to purify a room in 12 minutes with Clean Air Delivery Rate of 270 m³/hr and can cover an area of 333 sq ft.

Other Special features of this Purifier are that it is easy to use, good looking, free from substances causing allergies as tested by ECARF and has a Warranty of 2 + 3 years extended warranty

The product originally costs ₹ 11,995.00 but can be purchased on Amazon with around 21% discount.

3. Mi Air Purifier 3

Mi Air Purifier 3

This Air Purifier is among the best selling purifiers in India and is the second most purchased item after the Mi 2S Air Purifier. Both have similar looks but the different dimensions. The Mi 3 has a dimension of 32.5 cm x 54.1 cm x 21.1 cm and weighs around 7.04 Kg. Unlike Mi 2S, it has an OLED touch display to indicate the Air Index and it has 4 layers of filters. The Mi 3 has True HEPA Class 13 filter while the Mi Air Purifier is equipped with EPA class 12. Thus, it removes particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The Purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 380 m³/h and is efficient up to 484 sq ft. Like the Mi 2S, this purifier can also be operated through Mi Home App and Amazon Echo Dot. One can monitor the temperature, air quality, humidity and also adjust the fan strength through the App.

The Mi 3 has 22% more Clean Air Delivery Rate and covers 22% more of the area than the Mi 2S. Thus, it is the upgraded version of the Mi 2S with better functions and effectiveness.

The original cost of the product is ₹12,999.00 but can be purchased at a 23% discount on Amazon.

4. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Coway Sleek Pro Ap 1009 Air Purifier

The Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier is an Amazon Choice with around 735 Reviews. The Air Purifier has an impressive design and has a dimension of 33.5 cm x 66.6 cm x 20.5 cm with a weight of 7.5 Kg. The Air Purifier has various filters, which are, an outer Filter, Patented Urethane Carbon filter, a multi-layered true HEPA filter which can remove Particulate Matter (PM) up to 2.5, letting only the clean air to escape.

The Air Purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 303 m³/h and can work effectively up to an area of 355 sq ft. It indicates Air Quality as Clean, Low Pollution, Medium Pollution or High Pollution. It consumer 38 Watts of Power.

It costs around ₹ 29,900.00 but can be availed at great discounts on Amazon.

5. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell Hac25m1201w 53 Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell is among the most renowned Air Purifiers company. The Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier For Room is a compact product with dimensions of 38.2 cm x 20.7 cm x 48.6 cm and it weighs 6.5 Kg. The filtration consists of 3 stages ensuring 99% cleaner air. The filters are a combination of the HEPA and activated carbon filter that can filter pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, including PM 2.5.

The Purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 250 m³/h and can efficiently work up to 30 sq. m area. The device uses 46 W of Power and comes with 1 + 2 years of warranty.

The product is available at a discounted price on Amazon.

6. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier 

It is common for one to spend two to three hours in a car in a single day. Travelling by car or cabs is now the most sought means of commuting. However, it must be taking into account that the air that enters from outside or which is thrown from the AC ducts may also be quiet harmful. Thus, in order to make driving safe for the health, Honeywell has launched this product, a Move Car Air Purifier.

The Device is sleek, easy to use and carry along in the car. It has a dimension of 41.6 cm x 24.7 cm x 7.4 cm and weighs around 890 grams. It has 2 layers of filters consisting of the HEPA which can filter PM 2.5 and various other pollutants or substances. The filter has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 12 m³/h and consumes minimal power of 6 to 8 W.

The device is quite handy and can either be attached or be kept anywhere easily in the car. It also has a reminder for replacement of the filter. There are more than 400 happy users who have a satisfactory experience.

This Air Purifier is available on Amazon at a good price.

7. Philips AC3256/20 Air Purifier

Philips Ac3256 20 Air Purifier

This device has the VitaShield Intelligent purification system which filters about 99.97% of the air pollutants as small as 0.02 um. The Purifier has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 393 m³/h and can efficiently work up to 333-505 sq ft area.

The device displays the Air Quality and it effectively removes allergens, bacteria, H1N1 virus, dust, etc. The device comes with a 2 year International Warranty.

The device Dimensions are 47.4 cm x 34 cm x 79.8 cm along with a weight of 9.82 Kg. It is available on Amazon

8. KENT Aura Room Air Purifier

Kent Aura Room Air Purifier

Kent is another trusted brand in India. Its Air Purifier Aura is made up of filter of High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA). It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 180 m³/h and has efficiency up to 290 sq ft.

The device comes with a special feature of Child Lock for protection. it weighs around 5 kg and has dimensions of 35 cm x 18 cm x 48.2 cm. It consumes 45 W of power.

It is readily available on Amazon.

9. Philips 2000 Series AC2882/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series Ac2882 20 56 Watt Air Purifier

This Air Purifier also has the High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter. It has 4 colour indicator for the Air quality. The device has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 324 m³/h with an effective coverage area of 409 sq ft.

The device consumes 56 W of Power and weighs around 7.7 kg. It is available on Amazon with up to 20 to 30% discount.

10. American Micronic 22 Watts Air Purifier With HEPA Filter

American Micronic 22 Watts Air Purifier With Hepa Filter

The American Micronic 22 W Air Purifier has HEPA filters aided by Activated Carbon filters that efficiently remove the Particulate matters or pollutant substances in the air. it also uses the ionizer for the cleaning and purification of the air.

It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 220 m³/h and works up to 150 to 200 sq ft area. The dimensions of Air Purifier are 29 CM (Height) x 16 CM (Width) x 17 CM (Depth). It uses up to 12 W of power.

11. Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH 43-Watt Air Purifier

Blue Star Bs Ap300dai 444cmh 43 Watt Air Purifier

The Blue Star Air Purifier is an Amazon Choice product. It is based on the Automatic Sense Air Technology and can filter PM 2.5 using HEPA and Activated Charcoal filters. The purification process consists of 4 stages. It has a fine LED Display and the facility of the user being able to set the timer for the working of the machine.

Its Clean Air Delivery Rate is of 444 m³/h with a coverage area up to 300 sq ft. The device also comes with a filter change reminder. It just consumes 43 W of power.

The dimensions of the Purifier are 17.2 cm x 32.5 cm x 50 cm and weighs only 5.7 Kg. It is available on the Amazon store.

12. Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices

Sharp Air Purifier For Homes & Offices 

Sharp is a Japanese Multinational Company which has sold about 8 crore products worldwide. The Air Purifies is also based on Japanese Technology and works on dual purification system. The purifier has 3 filters- an outer filter, a HEPA filter and an Activated Charcoal filter. The device can purify the air 4 times in an hour and it also has Automatic and Manual modes. Thus, it is an energy-efficient device.

The dimensions of the device are 20.9 cm x 38.3 cm x 54 cm and it weighs around 5.91 Kg. It can be ordered online from Amazon.

13. Havells Freshia AP-20 Air Purifier

Havells Freshia Ap 20 Air Purifier

Havells is another trusted brand in India. The Freshia AP-20 uses HEPA filters which eliminates 99.18% of the allergens & pollutants up to 0.03 microns. It has 5 filters- a Pre-filter, a Cold Catalyst filter, an Activated Carbon, an Antibacterial and a HEPA filter. The device indicates the Air Quality through 3 different colours.

Its Clean Air Delivery Rate is 180 m³/h with a coverage area of 485 sq ft. The Purifier uses 40 watts of power.

Its dimensions are 37.8 cm x 22.6 cm x 56.6 cm. The Purifier can be ordered online at Amazon with a good discount.

These were some of the best Air Purifiers available online at a cheap price. Dyson is another good brand, rather it is the best among most of them. However, it is quite expensive. The above purifiers are relatively cheaper and a good alternative for expensive Air Purifiers like those by Dyson.

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