Finance20 things you can do while pursuing regular degree at College

20 things you can do while pursuing regular degree at College

Things and jobs a college student can do to earn money – it is eargasmic to any broke college student. Are we getting a breath of fresh air while making some extra bucks? Who would not want that? The mere idea brings a sense of curiosity into our mind. How?

The question erupts. We got you covered. Based on your subject of interest, you can find some job which you can easily do. Today, in the technological era the opportunities are endless all you have to discover your key-areas and skills using which you can not only earn some money to fulfil your daily needs but can also make it as your career.

In this post, we have listed out 20 ideas with which you can earn money to fulfil your daily needs:

1. Boutique Sales Associate

For every fashion lover, or well, Fashionista out there, this job is perfect! Is your idea of clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup to earn some money. For this, you need to have a friendly personality with the ability to sell items. Most of the manager does require some experience, but if you can sell yourself, no doubt, you will get the job. Is your idea of what goes well with what, the colour wheel and appreciation and criticism to sell items? A friendly, outgoing, smart and stylish exterior is an extra plus. The more you sell, the more commission you might get. As many shops offer an employee discount, you can expect to save some money on clothes, accessories, shoes and makeup. If you can not work on certain hours, you can ask someone to cover your shift. You can cover theirs. It is a fun job. If you do feel overwhelmed, go and watch some shows based on fashion and style to get your mojo back.

2. Book Shop or Library

Book Shops are the best place for a reader. It can be the best place for a college student as well. If you are a bibliophile or a book lover, this job is best for you. It is also a good option for someone who enjoys peace. As most readers tend to be too, taken from the books in hand to pay attention to anyone else or make a commotion. You can also go to the library. The building is easily one of the quietest and peaceful places. After you are done with your job, you can read some books there as well! What more do you want? The payment might be less, but the employee discounts make up for it. You can hence, lessen the cost of college books or any other book.

3. Bike Mechanic

Take your love for bikes or any other vehicles like cars to the next level by making it a part-time job. Owning one or even having an interest in one might have made you a tad bit experienced in dealing with minuscule problems. You can learn up plenty more through the internet or any volunteer group. Sometimes you can learn through experience in the garage. Do not be afraid of getting your hands dirty or about learning new things. Also, do not think of any job to be beneath you. The words you will learn from this job might prove to be a lifesaver in the future. After all, what is an engineer who cannot fix his or her vehicle? The job is pretty cool, too. Hollywood and Bollywood have made sequels after sequels on themes surrounding this job!

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4. Photographer

Do you own a camera? Do you own it for pretentious reasons (i.e., look, I have a DSLR? Am I not cool? Yo!)? Or do you know how to use it and take good pictures? If you own it for a pretentious reason, you better begin learning how to use it and take good pictures. The profession of photography is the latest trend. You can sell your photos on the stock market (stock market as in as pictures for graphics or media purpose like for book covers or movie posters), do an exhibition of it, be an event photographer or assist some photographer and gain experience from it. If you are a wanderlust, this job is perfect for you! During the vacations, you can go somewhere and click some pictures. You can ask your relatives to ring you up in case they want an event photographer. You can sell your pictures on websites like DeviantArt.

5. Yoga Studio or Gym Instructor

Are you a fitness nut? Do you know the A-Z of being healthy and fit? This job is perfect for you, then! It does not require much experience. As long as you know how certain things work, you are good to go. Oh, let us not forget that you need to be fit yourself. The good thing is, you can create videos of yourself doing a certain yoga pose or doing some exercises and post it on YouTube or any other website. Through the ads, you can earn money. You can also open up a blog dedicated to fitness and health and earn money through AdSense. Or you can just become an instructor in your local gym or yoga studio. The advantage of this job is the free classes they offer to employees.

6. Campus Guide

This job is great for those who speak well or want to speak well. You need to be confident, outgoing, friendly and smart. A typical requirement for any job as a matter of fact. Use your knowledge of your college campus and become a paid campus tour guide. Your job will be to convince students to join your college. In a way, you are selling the college to a student, and his or her parent like you would sell an item to a potential buyer. Since you will be roaming around the campus, showing every nook and corner, there is a good chance of you getting fit due to all the walking as well! A sweaty job which offers sweet rewards!

7. Pet Care

Even if you do not know everything about pets, as long as you love them, you can do this job. Well, maybe you should have a little idea about dealing with animals, but you only learn when you experience it, right? Before applying for this job, it is best if you educate yourself on how to take care of cats, dogs, birds, mouse, hamster, and whatever weird pets people keep these days. Then promote yourself online and offline. Visit people who have pets to inform them about your services. A good suggestion is to decide the price before actually doing the job. Since a lot of animals are suspicious of the stranger, meet them with their humans and ask them to introduce you to. A job best for people with inconsistent schedules!

8. Teacher or Tutor

An ideal choice for almost every Indian teenager. You can earn experience, reputation and money through this job. You can also brush up your basics while teaching others. But why bother limiting yourself to Math, English, Sciences, Commerce or Arts? You can teach people to dance, to sing, to use a computer or Android phone, teach a language, teach stitching, teach them to type in a language other than English, how to play an instrument, how to make crafts, how to cook and various other things. There is no end to learning new things. People want to learn, and if you teach them what they want to learn, they will. There are lots of websites where you can offer your facilities. Promote yourself offline as well!

9. Graphic Designer

The job of a graphic designer is one of the best jobs for a college student. The working hours are flexible, and you can work from the comfort of your house. The pay is good depending upon the company which has offered you the job. The only important information you need to have is of photoshop or gimp (advanced software for advanced jobs), a creative brain and knowledge of positive-negative space, colours and fonts. You can touch upon most of these through a little search. After which you can join a third-party website as a freelancer while promoting your services outside the said website. Once you have gathered enough followers, you are ready to venture apart from the website. It is a job which looks good on your resume. So, there is that.

10. Cashier

It is a job even a bio-science student can do. All you require for this job is knowledge of basic mathematics and food. This one of those jobs where experience does not matter much. Like most jobs, this job too requires human interaction. A slow counter should not go for this job as customers might not be patient and cause a ruckus. One of the advantages of this job is the flexible working hours it offers. It is a piece of good advice to discuss the matter of working hours with your boss beforehand. It is a good idea for anyone who wants to brush up on their social skills. By being ahead in the line, you have no one to fall back on. This forces you to stand up for yourself so you can fall back on yourself.

11. Lifeguard

This job requires training and certificates. If you have that in your pocket, this is one of the most fun as well as a rewarding job prospect. Your job is to save lives. A tedious job since contrary to popular belief, there are lots of idiots around water. Although there might be a few lucky days. Despite which, you need to be always on alert. Closing your eyes is not an option. Any case of drowning will be on your head. An otherwise bright and fun environment might just dark. Your reflexes should be quick. A lazy person should not do this job. No, this job is not easy! Do this one on if you are a hundred per cent sure of your abilities. But it is a good option for people with a hero complex, who are adventurous and want to be of some importance in someone’s life.

12. Driver

With the advent of Ola and Uber, you can be a cab driver. You do not need much experience, or well, you do. Since you require a driving license, ability to drive well and knowledge of all the roads. With the GPS or map in your mobile, you can deal with the latter but not the other two. You might also consider brushing up your defence skills since a lot of public transport drivers get agitated at the sight of Ola and Uber drivers. You can also use Tripda, which is an app that allows you to offer rides to people taking the same trips as you. It is not a popular app in India, but you can make some use of it. There are also websites which allow you to rent your car for a day. Not suggested since they might ruin it. You might consider being a delivery man. It is a good option for any student who wants to roam around, discovering new pathways in life or on the road.

13. Artist or a Cook

Do you make crafts? Are they eating up space in your house? Or you want to throw them away, but can not because they are just so pretty? Or maybe your parents or roommate want you to throw them out? Before you throw them out, read up. If you have already thrown them out, read up still so you would not throw away the rest of them. After you have made up your crafts, sell them. There is a huge demand online for homemade crafts or goods. You can sell them through websites like Etsy or Hand Made, an Amazon creation. You can also sell your homemade food through Feastly. You can promote your cooking in college. A lot of students crave homemade food but cannot cook for themselves. They then have to eat hotel food. If it reaches their ears that you can cook awesome food, they will readily pay the same price for your food. The same thing you can also do for your crafts. Sell them at stores dealing in crafts or your college dorm. There is a huge market for these items. Believe it or not. So, go on, create your own

14. Editor

This is one of the best jobs for students of a language or someone good at a said language. You also need a critical mind. Your job mainly consists of reading through a piece, finding out the mistakes and editing or making a note of it. You can edit spelling, grammar, plot holes, random mistakes, factual errors, offensive items and the list go on. Like in graphic designing, you can begin as a freelancer and later spread your wings.The pay is not high as most of the applicants who do seek the need for freelance editors tend not to have much in their pocket. Although it is subjective. This will help you gain experience. A critical or cynical mind takes you a long way in a competitive world. It helps you to think actively. It is also a job you can do within the four walls.

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15. Modelling

If you have the confidence to stand in front of a camera and pose, you can do this job. You can be a commercial or stock model. It also looks pleasant on a resume. For stock model, you can use DeviantArt, which is a pretty popular website. The route to a commercial model is long. You can start with DeviantArt. Photographers regularly seek a face for their camera and might chance upon you. If the work ends up being successful or lands up in the hands of a professional, it could open new opportunities for you. Like said before, all you need is some confidence. Do not be afraid of what others will think. Even plus sized women (and men) can be a model. That also without photoshop.

16. Review Music

If you have an ear for music, try your hands in reviewing music. No, we are not talking about reacting to the music. We are talking about going into the depth of music and finding out the good, the bad and the good of music. You need to review popular, unpopular or any music. Answer questions like Why is it good? Why is it bad? Or if it just in between? You need to evaluate it critically like one would evaluate a movie or a book. Later you can post it online, either on YouTube, a blog or to a newspaper. It is a good way to earn, as no one does not appreciate music.

17. Assistant Teacher

You can earn some experience alongside the teacher’s teaching you. By becoming a teacher’s assistant, not only are you earning money, adding to your resume, but also learning something every day? It is also a good way to earn extra credit! It does not consist of teaching brats but includes doing menial tasks like preparing for the class, handing out assignments and organising a test. If you want to become a teacher, it is a good way to earn some experience.

18. Writer

If you think you can write good, irrespective of what you write, you can earn some money. There are thousands of websites online which offer you money for writing an article or story. There are newspapers and magazines as well. You can also publish your book through self-publishing. It is better to start small and publish articles or stories first, earn some name and then actually, publish your book. You can write stories, poems, news articles, essay or whatever. The advantage of this job is how you can do it from the comfort of your house, and it is a flexible job and how it helps you gather some experience.

19. Actor

There are lots of companies hiring actors. The roles might be as small as a junior artist to as big as the leading role. It is a good opportunity to come in front of the camera. Theoretically, this will increase your chances of being recognised. The disadvantage of this job is the lack of flexibility in time. The payment might be huge based on your gender and role.

20. Translator

If you know some languages, you can become a translator. If you do not know any languages apart from one, you better begin learning. There is a huge demand for translators. Not just offline, but online as well. What with websites wanting to reach out to different sects of Earth.

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