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A BDS will be able to Work as a Certified Physician with the New Reform of central government after its Final Approval

In the field of medical science, an MBBS (Bachelor of medicines and bachelor of surgery) is considered as the highest valued UG degree. BDS (Bachelor of dental surgery) regarded as the next most valuable degree. Even the trend is changing these days. A number of students are opting for B group as compared to previous times. In 2016, around 4.7 lakh candidates appeared for NEET while in 2017, this number was 12 lakh.

But the seats for MBBS are limited and against those students applying for the same are much more. Now it is not possible for all to get admissions in MBBS as intake is very less. In all, there are about 53,000 seats for 12 lakh candidates to compete for. Those students who are unable to get admission in MBBS will try in BDS, which has about 26,000 seats nationally.

Majority BDS students have regrets for not securing admission in MBBS, and so they opt for BDS. But there is good news for all BDS students who still dream of working like an MBBS. There are chances that a BDS student can be a physician after BDS.

Recently, it has been known that there is a scarcity of doctors in village areas of different states of India. On the other hand, dentists are struggling to get jobs. So to compensate these things, the central government has started its exercise to permit a BDS to practice like an MBBS. For this, the central government has granted permission to MCI (Medical Council of India) and DCI (Dental Council of India) to design a bridge course for the same. And after the finalisation of that bridge course, a BDS qualified student will have to appear for that exam in bridge course. On qualifying that exam, he/she can practice like an MBBS. For now, there are a lot of problems and confusions regarding this, but they will end up in a positive way anyhow. For making this thing come into reality, MCI has reacted positively by forming a committee and has started the framework of the bridge course.

There are a few questions in front of the committee which are to be sorted out, and they are as below.

  1. Will BDS student have to complete an internship like an MBBS student along with that bridge course?
  2. Will that student has to re-register and if yes then it is to be under MCI or DCI?
  3. Who will monitor the regulation and implementation of that bridge course? MCI or DCI?
    If this thing gets implemented successfully, it will be very much beneficial for the country.

The scarcity of doctors in villages will be satisfactorily fulfilled, and better health standards can be achieved. A lot of the public is deprived of proper medical facilities in villages, and hence they need to travel to cities for getting a treatment. This step can be a significant change in the improvement of medical facilities all over the country. Besides, BDS graduates can get more opportunities to enhance their knowledge and practice.

So, all BDS students are ready to join the league of doctors who can prescribe medicines and wipe off the regrets for not getting admissions in MBBS during the time of counselling.

Harsh Cholera
Harsh Cholera
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