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After 10+2 Which one is better, Academic or Professional Course for Government Jobs?

This is the age of struggle This is the age of survival This is the age of somehow existing by any mean for breathing more and more in life This is the age of farsightedness and planning it big by performing a kind of a small act converting it into a big success and this is the age of doing the multitasking jobs for survival. This is the age of survival of the fittest.

The “moot ” question is “why is that I’m writing all these, the answer is that this age is the age of the “fittest of the survival” — Nothing is guaranteed for sure. Nothing will remain stagnant and stoic. The things will move and we will have to move with the time The deciding factor determines what to do next and if we come up to the expectations definitely we would survive.

Many think and feel that to survive, we ought to have a very good degree and education and nothing like if we pass out from the IIMs, the AIIMS and the IITs and the likes of them. Life has a very strange way to treat the one’s and the sundries I have seen a second class IIT passed out doing a job of ticket distributor at a railway station at Samastipur. I have seen an engineer passing out from BIT Mesra, Ranchi, who runs a restaurant on the roadside at the Ranchi, Patna highway. This is what life gives to one and sundry the life “never” gives you what you want. It only gives you what you deserve.

Coming to the point, “what to do after the plus systems of passing out the exams, i.e. after passing out the 10th and the 12th class examination standard”. Well, here are the solutions as here is what one needs to do :

There would be someone who would do excellently all through their academic career and would take up any course in a reputed educational institution. They and their future is secured to a large extent. This is what they tend to believe. There would be the one’s, who would be placed at the second rung of the ladder Amongst them some would pass the entrance exam somehow and would join some institutions to pursue their higher studies However there would be some would be placed at the bottom rank of the list of the one’s who would pass their exams and it is for them and it is for those who also do not fall in this class but have to surge ahead in life first to complete the studies and then to seek a job.

The “ moot “ question is “ how to get a government job and then the question that arises is that would I be able to adjust in the Government job “ Some from the IIT’s and the other from such a highly famous institute may like to join a Government job. Some of them, or the most of them who come out passing from the institutions which are there only to impart the education as per the systems laid in the syllabus produces the pass outs who could be considered as the one manufactured in the factories of the universities and these are the one’s who needs the blessings from one and sundry to get a job and then to survive.

Let us first categorise the system and the degress Let us first know what is a professional degree and what is a academic degree What is the Degree in application for that is more important for us to decide all about the degrees. Only then we would be able to diagnose and do the experiment to come to an inference, in a perfect manner.

The degrees like the B.Sc, BA, B.Com, MA, M.Sc M.Com are the course which one calls it an Academic Degree courses the one’s like the M.B.B.S,, M B A, CA, Company Secretary to name a few are the professional one’s. The one’s like the B.E, the M.E and that which has to do with the studies of the computers etc are the “ applied scientific “ degrees “ as science is applied and it’s theory is applied to the same while studying the course to complete the same to obtain the degree.

The question arises is “ what ie the academic or the professional “ degrees and what kind of the studies are better for the Government job The real answer is the “ academic degrees are always better door to enter for a Government job” In any job one would very easily get a degree holder in BE or a ME to serve its technical department but it is very hard to get a outstanding personnel to handle it’s accounts, its administration its PRO division etc to cite it as an example, because the best of the best does not necessarily joins the Government department for the job They choose the best of the MNC’s which pays them a handsome amount as their remuneration for rendering their job The one’s who pass out from the Universities which are not that famous and which runs only to cater the need of keeping themselves in existence in the business, are the one’s mostly who prefer to join the Government job There may be a few who would pass out from the top notch institutions who would like to do a Government job but mostly those who prefer to play safe are the one’s who prefer to join an Government organization.

It becomes very safe and it is very easy to join a Government job with a Academic degree qualification Most of the students now-a-days are from a very humble background These are the ones who crave for a Government job Once they get that, they feel that they, and theirs’s at least 35 years of job is in a very safe hand. They are the ones who look forward to join a Government organization by any means and by any “ cost “.

Here the question that arises is it is how to get that one. The answer is first pass out your 12th class ie your Higher Secondary exams and join any small organization from any sector for a job. Once you are successful put your heart and the entire soul to do that job Then in the evening hours for some days and time go to an institution which imparts the education of learning the short hand and the typing. Pass that and get a certificate Then join an institution which teaches typing. Pass that and get a certificate Once you have done with that you have laid the platform for a strong future. These small skill training adds a lot of value in terms of value addition to your career for enhancing your chance and the probability of getting a job fast to start your career The first job that one gets in his life gives a kick start to your career.

Your next and immediate aim should be to join an institution which teaches you the basics of the computers, ie the MS OFFICE, the MS EXCELS At least you ought to learn these three courses That will help you to stand for yourself in a very good stead.Be in the job once you get a job. Do that job with full heart and give it your best Then in the evening go and join an institution that caters to teach you privately the academic courses like the B.Com the B. A etc and some other courses that you would like to learn to upgrade your skill.

One can join the Indira Gandhi Open National University for doing a job and continue to pursue his studies. That is the best bet. Incase if you wish to do B.Sc degree by joining an open university like the Indira Gandhi National open university, the University will get you enrolled in the Colleges where you can go and complete your practical’s, as the Science courses like the B.Sc. needs the practical as a part of curriculum to obtain that degree This and these kind of University will send you the set of question papers and will give you the list of the books and their names to follow and write the papers These papers are to be written for submission and submitted by you to them The papers are assessed by the Professor’s of the open University, and with all the remarks as well as the observations it is send back to the students The papers those are send back to the students after assassins it by the professors are the notes are as good as the notes which would be required by the students to prepare themselves for their written exams. The exams those are held by the open University like the Indira Gandhi National open University, and the degree awarded to them, are the degrees awarded to them, by the Union Ministry ( The Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India ) and these degrees are as equivalent to the degrees that are awarded by any Indian Universities.

Courses ranging from a Academic to the most professional like the Diploma in Engineering, the MBA the BE and many other courses which falls under the computer studies are also held by the Indira Gandhi National open University, and the exams are conducted by the University to award them the degree’s and the certificates.

Those students who find that their parents cannot afford them the privileges of higher studies can go in for the higher studies by this manner They will be earning for themselves while doing a job, and side by side by joining these kind of an open University, they would be spending the money that they earn from their jobs, on their education

The Government when they absorb these kind of students in their jobs, will get the “ experience “ hands if in case if they select these kind of students for their job in the non-technical department, and with the kind of experience that it would bring it to the Government in their department for the work that they would ie, these kind of the students would execute, that will have an element of quality that will execute the job in a prescribed fashion and in a champion like manner. What is more a overall handout expertise that these kind of students would bring will help the department to spend very less on its on-the-job-training and on probation That would be the greatest advantage that the Government will derive in terms of the benefit from these kind of students who would move in the manner after their plus two exams.

The other one’s like the holders of BE, ME, MBBS and any other such type of “ applied science degree holders “ jobs, and the professional one’s like the CA the Company Secretary etc to name a few would require a lot of time and the period of probation to get used to their job because the technicalities and the bits and pieces of the management keeps on changing and to keep abreast with it a lot of training and exposure the changing gamut of technicalities and the management is required for the same to acquire for these kind of job holders and that amount of time absorbed by those to fall into the line of producing the results would involve a cost and the consumption of the time This could be an ” abnormal ” loos to start with for the organization spend on the training and the probation This actually could be described as a process loss There lies the mirror to see the faces in terms of the truth and the realities.

Finally the “ academic degree holders “ can make themselves very fit to undertake any job in the sales, the marketing, the administration, the PRO department, the HR department with these system of studies and training Once they get into the Government job and learn the trick – of- the – trade and the gamut of the business and the contribution that they can contribute to the organization to the job will fetch a far more resounding and a resourceful results The others with that kind of degrees that falls under the applied science or the one’s like professional course, to cite as an example, like the CA, the Company Secretary etc to cite as an examples will find it very hard to change themselves very quickly because of the set rules of studies that they do before coming with a degree It plays on the mindset and makes them very stringent to change themselves very quickly. It takes a lot of time for them to change their mind set and the time lost could be considered as the process loss.

In my own assessment after passing out the plus two, the “ academic” method of study and the example that I have quoted in my own assessment is the best suited for the Government job.