TechAnnoying Myths and Stereotypes about Computer Science Engineering

Annoying Myths and Stereotypes about Computer Science Engineering

“Get your facts first then you can distort them as you please.” — Mark Twain wasn’t wrong to quote this.

From televisions to space shuttles, everything is computer integrated today. Which makes computer science one of the most important fields of study in today’s time and possibly in every looming age. But there are always certain myths and stereotypes associated with science, be it astronomy, archaeology or, in this case, computer science.

These are some very common myths that annoy Computer Scientist or Computer Science students. It’s time we get our facts right.

1. Computer Science is about fixing PCs when they break.

Contrary to the belief of many, a computer science engineer’s job is not fixing PCs. Like an Electrical engineer does not fix electrical appliances for an earning, a computer science engineer does not fix a broken computer or free it from viruses. You don’t need an engineering degree to do that. We build complex software systems which require software engineering methodologies and approaches. We CAN fix a computer but that’s NOT our job.

2. Computer Science is all about Mathematics.

No, it’s not. Although Mathematics is what makes it ‘Science’ but we only study Math that is specific to our discipline. Math is required to establish the correctness and the soundness of the application being developed.

3. Computer Science jobs are boring, lonely and are all taken.

Boring? Think again, People! Technology grows every day. Every day there are new problems and new needs of the society that don’t leave any space for boredom as new solutions must be devised. Every day is a challenge for a computer scientist and a challenging life is never boring.

Lonely? Do you think the operating system you work with is a one-man job? The software doesn’t just develop itself. It requires a well-structured team of highly skilled software engineers for its development. And technology is something that will never attain saturation. It will keep bettering itself and till the day, that’s happening there will always be need of Computer Scientists.

4. Computer Science is for Men.


Does the name ‘Felicity Smoak’ ring any bell? The hot spectacled computer girl from Team Arrow, or maybe ‘Chloe Sullivan’ from Superman who did all the desk job for him. Yes, men outnumber women in this sector, but that is significantly changing. Women are becoming extremely successful professionals and on an average, they might even do better than men.

Go to an Engineering college, ask any mechanical engineering student where all the girls are?

And you’ll get your answer. *Winks*

5. Computer Science students are nerds/geeks.

Just the fact that Computer Scientists choose to spend their time working hard developing the software doesn’t make them Anti-Social in any freaking way. No thanks to movies that we are assumed to be the ugly ones with thick-framed spectacles and the most awkward people on the face of the Earth.

Tell you what? We like to talk in our own technical undecipherable terms, but that’s what every engineer, doctor or a lawyer does. Doesn’t make us any different.

6. Computer Science Engineers can hack.

If you don’t know the concept about hacking, then please don’t comment. ‘Yes! I am a computer science student and No! I cannot hack Facebook profiles’. Hacking or Cyber forensic is a different discipline. It sometimes doesn’t even involve coding. It’s a stereotypical mindset that if one is a computer scientist, he can hack or vice-versa.

These stereotypes arise when there is a lack of general information about the discipline. We all know these myths are not going away anytime soon.

Vyapak Khare
Vyapak Khare
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