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I guess i try things and some of them don't fail and one of it is 'writing'. Thats why the tagline 'I'm guessing i can write' This will be a description and introduction to myself of who i'm, why i'm here and what i do. Name? I prefer •♪• this signature over any name for my writings. But, I did find a name for my profile which is LUNATICA And Lunatica stands for person who is moody and someone who is in love with the moon. My real name is Aishwarya. Profession? I'm a student. But going to be 'Pharmacist graduate in a year' Yay! Not so yay -_- Passion? I used to be passionate about dancing. But i guess as i grew up i chose writing because i believe those who read and write can be anything, anytime and anywhere. Genre? Don't have any. But i'm passionate about love, romance, friendship, liberating and sad stories ig mostly. Where i originally post? My facebook page : THAT SOUTHERN DELHIITE: LUNATICA