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I guess i try things and some of them don't fail and one of it is 'writing'. Thats why the tagline 'I'm guessing i can write' This will be a description and introduction to myself of who i'm, why i'm here and what i do.Name?I prefer •♪• this signature over any name for my writings. But, I did find a name for my profile which is LUNATICAAnd Lunatica stands for person who is moody and someone who is in love with the moon. My real name is Aishwarya.Profession?I'm a student. But going to be 'Pharmacist graduate in a year' Yay! Not so yay -_-Passion?I used to be passionate about dancing. But i guess as i grew up i chose writing because i believe those who read and write can be anything, anytime and anywhere.Genre?Don't have any. But i'm passionate about love, romance, friendship, liberating and sad stories ig mostly.Where i originally post?My facebook page : THAT SOUTHERN DELHIITE: LUNATICA