EducationReasons: Why being a Pharmacist in India S*CKS!?

Reasons: Why being a Pharmacist in India S*CKS!?

Hi, i’m Lunatica
I am currently pursuing bachelors in pharmacy and in this article I will jot down ‘Reasons Why: Being Pharmacist in India sucks’. Maybe people will learn a bit about us over this article.

Reason no. 1: Lack of opportunities/ facilities

It is obvious. In India, a kid gets to decide as always a doctor or an engineer as soon as he/she is born. Not saying that people are not modern or have not grown. But I mean for the rest of us, middle class, this is still the story. In our career, we don’t actually get to do a dissection till fourth year or are not demonstrated how to handle animals properly. Not to mention we don’t get proper laboratory equipments or even chemicals that are not expired or adulterated even in FINAL EXAMINATION.

Reason no. 2: Lesser known career in the field on medicine

There is a subject both we and a student pursuing proper medicine/MBBS studies. We learn about ‘Pharmacology’ (what a drug does to the body and vice versa) for about 3 years and so do them. We lag behind for the same reasons I mentioned above. National library of Medicine has made a comparison on both of the profession and explained how their harmony is important for patient care, but unfortunately the knowledge about pharmacy in regard to the lesser development, is less. Tell me how many of you knew about pharmacy as a professional career not just as a retail job?

Hardly half of us– Even I didn’t know much till I was in the field myself. How sad that is. My school or parents hardly considered it good enough or practical, which is very baneful.

Reason no. 3: Low income

We toil hard like any engineer graduates for the same number of years along with a lot more complicated and diverse subjects, but the packages for us are so less that they can be less than 2 lakh per annum. Well, I could take that, but the differences between a master graduate and a bachelor, sometimes, won’t even differ a lot which makes the purpose of higher education less useful. This was actually made this out into a meme in social media.

Pharmacist in india

Reason no. 4: Diverging Professionals

Many of the bachelors are open to MBA and other non related degrees/sectors which leads to lesser talented professionals in this field. Like people even choose Pharmacy because they did not get MBBS that one year and they will try for it next year or so. You can understand how low this profession RANKS in a kid’s mind. Though I chose same way. I.E. as second option but as soon as I entered here.. My concern was Pharmacy not MBBS.

Regarding doing MBA’S, though management is an important sector for development of anything but without the core evolving, nothing will work out. Tell me, how many of you have heard of the really great discovery of medicine by an Indian. I won’t say its nil, but it is less.

Reason no. 5: The General Oppression (Sarcasm and irony intended)

I call this reason an oppression because its oppression by the oppressed class. Whilst its true that a reservation can be and is a problem in every education sector in India. It’s a nightmare in these important professions.

For instance,
A SC student would need to score 83/500 in GPAT to clear it while a general student has to get 115/500. I understand that the difference is not a lot, but the difference follows into examination fees/ college fees if you are in a government college and everything else even if they are financially well off. It’s like I’m living in some Mughal Era paying tax for being the general public (large in number, but not the ruler) and wanting go to the sacred places (tirtha kar/sacred travelling tax) [Warning: I did not mention a religion here to start a war. It was to draw the obvious and to portray that there is no difference when it comes to oppression].

I believe everyone can earn what they deserve. It’s nobody’s fault someone was born somewhere, but it is primarily their responsibility to not misuse it.Agree or disagree?

Comment down any similar situation you have faced.

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