FinanceHow to Get the Best Special Event Insurance: A Complete Guide

How to Get the Best Special Event Insurance: A Complete Guide

Your important day could include different types of events, including weddings, parties, conferences, or even a corporate gathering. These events take weeks or even months to prepare and can be quite expensive to plan.

While you hope that your event runs without an obstacle, preparing for it may be challenging, and you could face sudden problems at any time.

This is where event insurance assists you in protecting your finances in case something goes wrong. Let’s start by learning all there is to know about special event insurance, including what it is, how much it costs, and more.

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special event Insurance is a type of insurance that aids in defending your investment in a particular event, like a wedding. If you are forced to cancel or reschedule your event at the last minute or if you’re held accountable for any injuries or property damage resulting from your event, event insurance may assist in paying your costs.

Benefits of Special Event Insurance

There are several benefits of the special event insurance plan –

  • High sum assured

In case of a cancellation of an event under certain circumstances, the policyholder can get coverage up to Rs. 3 lakhs at a premium of Rs. 599 annually.

  • Protection of capital investment for the event

Special event insurance can help the policyholder get financial coverage for events such as a wedding, conferences, and more.

  • Multiple options for payment

You can use net banking, credit/debit card, mobile wallet, or UPI to make the premium payment in a few clicks.

What does Special Event Insurance cover?

Different types of coverage can help you protect the investment you have made in the upcoming event.

  • Event cancellation due to fire

This will help you get a reimbursement if the planned event is canceled due to a fire. This can help you cover several of the non-refundable expenses.

For instance, an electrical problem causes the venue where you intend to have the event to catch fire. You have to postpone the event by a week as a result. You can receive reimbursement for expenses per the policy’s terms in case of standard fire and allied perils.

  • Event Cancellation due to official mourning

Your event cancellation can protect you in the case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as the death of a famous personality and the state has decided to hold official mourning. You can get coverage for the first and even second day of mourning.

  • Loss or damage of property, wardrobe, set, or equipment

Protection against all possible accidents that can happen during an event is offered. Therefore, the policy will provide coverage for any responsibility involving unintentional property damage or physical harm. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that many venues demand coverage even just for hosting the event.

How to Apply for Special Event Insurance?

Any policyholder can apply online for the insurance plan –

  • Log onto the website of in
  • Fill in the application form with all the necessary details.
  • Pay for the premium via the different payment options available.

How to Claim the Special Event Insurance?

Claiming insurance is a very easy process. The policyholder can contact the customer service team –

  • Visit the website – in
  • Call on the toll-free number – 1800-209-5858

Exclusions of the Special Event Insurance Plan

Every insurance plan has certain expulsions –

  • Unfavourable weather conditions

Any damage or loss due to unfavourable weather conditions like rain, humidity, fog, or any other changes will not be covered under this plan.

  • Policy excess

The policyholder must pay 5% of the amount to be claimed as policy excess.

  • Intervention by the government

Any damage or loss because of destruction, requisition, or abandonment by the government or any local authority is not covered.

  • Personal reasons

If the event is cancelled or postponed due to health reasons like communicable diseases, intentional self-injury, menstruation, or childbirth is not covered.

  • Damage due to political riots or disturbances

Any damage caused due to war, terrorism, fear, the threat of damage, strikes, or hoax similar will not be covered under the plan.


Q. Why is it vital to purchase special event insurance?

Ans. Special event insurance can help you get protection on the capital investment you make during an event.

Q. What is loan insurance?

Ans. Loan insurance is a safety strategy for the loan that the policyholder has taken out. The insurance offers coverage for a specific period of time and reimburses the required monthly loan payments in the event of unanticipated circumstances like disability, unemployment, or untimely death.

Q. Does the special insurance plan cover the helpers of the event?

Ans. Depending on the policy, it is possible that your insurance plan covers the helpers of the event up to a certain limit.

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