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Best Ways to Have Control on Your Mind and Heart

^%*)*’;.,?$$!~~~){}…(sic)..” Is this happening in your mind. Neurological disorder a scientific term, but indeed this is a common disorder. Well, no need to worry about that. Everybody on this planet is suffering from some disorders, which no one agrees to. Everyone else would be PERFECT!!. I intend to say that the disorder is nothing but a reflex condition in which a brain neuron is overly or rarely active. One does not recollect how to react at a particular time, his conscious mind is not able to judge what appropriate measures to be taken, henceforth raises an alarming situation in the mind to panic and to become hopeless.

That may lead to arising of negative thoughts in your mind. A negative mind will sway you in negative direction only. The subconscious mind is always positive, i.e. your soul. One has to control his mind to think positive and spread positivity in his life. As Brain is the supreme organ in the human body, it is to be revered by controlling it. There are various methods which will help you control your mind and incline it towards positivity.

Here are the best ways to have control on your mind :

1. Feed your Mind by Reading

Our mind, just like a stomach needs something to feed it, the brain also needs something to gather, be it some information or imagination, it’s his job. One cannot manipulate the functioning of the brain to stop thinking, try it, the outcome would be gloomy. Brain needs his daily food, and what better than reading could serve.

Read just to make your brain function and digest its basic food. Develop reading as a daily habit, be it a daily newspaper, an interesting magazine, a novel or any book. While you read, your brain reacts to it very actively. You would see your brain concentrating after some interval, which surely is sign that you can control your brain activities.

Girl Reading Book

2. Charge your Mind by Running

World’s best physical exercise for brain is running. Adrenaline, a neurotransmitter which sends signal from one neuron to another, is released into the body by sympathetic nervous system when we run or do vigorous exercise. All mind disorders are directly proportional to stress.

It’s a natural antidote to stress. Running keeps stress and anxiety at bay. Running boasts your body metabolism and regulate your mass as well. It instils confidence in you and never let you feel depressed. Not going into scientific analysis, as it would be too complex, running helps your gain stability and confidence. As it is said, a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body, one may relate to this saying.

3. Meditation is the best medicine

Meditation, a subject of Yoga, is to look deep inside oneself. In other words, is to self introspect with a divine thought. Patience is all we need to control the brain activity, which is achieved when we meditate. It helps us to control our mind and instil stability. Meditation is an activity that takes some time to achieve, so keep trying until you gain some portion. Deep meditation is very hard to achieve, so one may try a basic form. It will surely help you to control your mind.

Stay calm with Meditation

4. Correlate things with yourself

Talk, correlate with your surrounding people at max. Be an enthusiast, it will surely build your brain strong enough to withstand any turbulence. Mixing up with your friends, your family and people at large make your brain slogging on its foot. It tends to remain active without any need of caffeine or nicotine when you correlate.

You may take excess work from your brain if you start correlating with your surroundings, just you need to make sure that you don’t pretend yourself as an empty vessel. Keep yourself occupied in a good company that surely instil positive thoughts, and when your brain is pure, one could spread positivity as well.

Parents and Unconditional love

5.  Adopt a Healthy Diet

Take quality food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins. Avoid junkies to the maximum as they lock in nutrition value. It may be subjective what to have for breakfast, lunch or supper, but give emphasis to protein, fibre and liquid content. If your belly is healthy, you make enjoy your life to the max. Acidity is nemesis to the proper functioning of the brain.

Acidic reflux retards the functioning of the brain, so a healthy diet composed of a balanced diet will do the job. What you eat is proportional to your brain’s functioning. Again, not going into scientific reasoning, one should eat less and exercise more.

Eat tasty Sweets and desserts

6.  Have Proper Sleep

Sound sleep is all we need to control one’s mind. A sleep disorder is basically related to swift lifestyle and stress. Many of us don’t reckon daily time management that helps us in achieving our personal needs for day to day activities. A few lifestyle habits like use of mobile phones before going to bed, watching something disturbing or having some inappropriate drink may lead to sleep disorder. Early to bed and early to rise are the crux of the subject in a nutshell also.

Listen to the Good Music and Songs

7. Be smiley — Stay Happy

Happiness, the most inexpensive thing in the world, people have made it opulent to achieve. One should not be materialistic, but spiritualistic in nature, then only one would be contended and satisfied. Happiness is a gift that one could give to oneself. It is a guru mantra to nirvana. A person who is happy, lives at present and a person who lives in the present is more likely to control his/her mind.

In a nutshell, people who follow these feelings and tasks are more likely to control their mind, sooner or later.

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