Op-edBlackBerry Z10 Wiping Off After Reboot (Solution)

BlackBerry Z10 Wiping Off After Reboot (Solution)

BlackBerry Z10 was launched in the year 2013 with BlackBerry OS 10 upgraded to v10. 3.1+. In its recent updates some BlackBerry Z10 user faced a very unexpected bug, in which their all the data, including contacts, apps, settings, etc. was being wiped off (erased/ formatted) after reboot and restart performed by pressing on/off key or removing the battery.

Since, the BlackBerry is considered to be the securest smartphone ever manufactured by any other brand in the telephony industry sometime, BB too faces various bugs and errors in the software including the one we are talking about. This bug can be removed and solved by performing following step-

Things you will be needed

  1. Basic Computer Knowledge
  2. Microsoft Windows (XP or the latest one)
  3. BlackBerry Blend that can be downloaded from blackberry.com/blenddownloadpc
  4. “BlackBerry Fix This Phone” application, which can be downloaded from blck.by/1EsO2DT

Steps to Fix the Auto-format Issue with BlackBerry Z10

  • Download the latest version of BlackBerry Blend from blackberry.com/blenddownloadpc and install it on your PC.
  • Once you have finished installing BlackBerry Blend, download this zip file and extract (unzip) it. The zip file contains an application named BlackBerryFix.exe (do-not open it)
  • Now, connect your BlackBerry Z10 using USB Data-cable and wait until it is being detected by your PC.
  • Once your BlackBerry Z10 gets connected to your PC, run the application BlackBerryFix.exe and Click on “Fix this Phone” button.
  • Now wait* until it fixes your phone.

*This should not take more than 10 minutes. If it takes more than 10 minutes, then you should reboot your PC if the problem still persist switch to the PC running Windows 7.

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