Op-edBlogging: What Requires Most, Patience, Money, Skills or Technology

Blogging: What Requires Most, Patience, Money, Skills or Technology

Blogging is a way of representing your skills you are good at. One may blog about daily routine, or other things. Before starting blog one has to be confident about sharing their thoughts things to this platform. Blogging has been emerged as a great way to earn money, or to market & to earn popularity.

As such so many bloggers have joined this platform; started their blogging website under some particular category. There are various blogger sharing make up routine, daily routine, or particular skills to their audiences. Do you know what it takes to be a good blogger? Being a blogger is not just putting your thoughts, scripts, shooting it and spreading it to your audience. It is basically a union by providing/sharing true information, framing originality. Whereas so many bloggers have started their own channel & have gained so much of money and earned popularity, on the other side, there are people who started their blogging channel, but ended up seeing that they aren’t growing more through a channel or their blog website. One has to understand it takes time to build things; it works the same way here too. One thing is must, if you are planning to start up your own blogging website-You have to be sure about doing it, one must be confident, clear and assured. No matter what comes – you shouldn’t be giving up on it. The phase may come where you won’t be having so many subscribers or followers, you might feel that you are so bad with your work that you aren’t getting good response. Try and find out instead of loosing hopes – Where is it going wrong? Where you are lacking. Try and understand What your existing audience is expecting from you? And what’s new you can bring up to them. If you have planned to give up on your blog, website due to any of the above reasons- “Just don’t”; Because now it is not just about representing your life; your thoughts, but it is the ” existing audience” on your channel who is connected to you & might go through your blog continuously. Instead; Buck up your energy; work on the positive sides, let the haters comment what they want, remove the negativity out.

To develop a Good Blogging website or channel

One has to be confident about himself or herself, should be confident about sharing their ideas, thoughts, try and maintain your feeds, Give reasons behind things, Try and communicate to your audience, Give them what they are seeking on your website. Understanding requirement and fulfilling it is so must everywhere; thus here too. Take feedbacks, Never ever delete negative feedback or comments, Trust me you have nothing to do with haters. Let them say and think what they want to; Just make sure to take it in a good positive way. Challenge yourself.

Blogging requires overall everything i.e Money, Skills, Technology, & Most important Patience.If you are new to blogging, First of all- Know your skills, Implement your skills, Make usage of good technological equipment, surely you have to invest first before getting any better return.

It would not work this way- If you prepared a script, write up and done with it for your blog, but it is missing out on some point; it will lag you behind earning money as well as followers. It can be anything; if we say about good usage of technological aids, We all seek for good presentation. Good blog needs good framing, definitely a good concept, everything has to be best. As audience just looks forward for the best things out on the internet. Share your knowledge as a way of learning to others. If you are guessing, blogging is all about earning money, and you start up with this aim, Am sorry then this might not be a good platform for you. As we now a days are following up too many blogs, we check out their articles, their thoughts on a particular topic; may it be a suggestion on something, we follow up makeup blogs, we think they are lucky having so many follow ups; but take a look over the energy they put working over it. It is a fact If we invest well – we get a good return. If you believe each of the bloggers running their website is earning well then don’t just completely believe in it. There are many who definitely earn much through blogging where as on the other side there are those who are trying best to put up blogs and earn, it is not at all that easy you need “PATIENCE”. Believe it if one behind the picture is investing money to show up their audience the best, this not only maintains the audience, but helps gaining too.

Let’s talk about this:

BLOGGING AND SKILLS: Once you are aware of your skills, may it be cooking, writing, makeup or anything. Implement it, learn from it & the later expertise in it. Remember, if you start up writing, on fashion articles and you aren’t a fashion person, just doing it for the sake of money or earning fame, Just don’t! Instead, look forward to what is the best skill in you and through it, how you can help the viewers. It would surely help you and them out; by just doing your fun activity.

BLOGGING AND MONEY: Yes! Money is so important to everybody to satisfy their living. But blogging and money are on different sides; if you start up blogging for the only sake of earning, then it has to be that good. But no good blogging is possible without investment. One needs a good team of the script, for putting it up together, presenting, and shooting. One has to invest in getting better equipment’s and other things to run a good blog on their website.

BLOGGING AND TECHNOLOGY: Blogger, has to be good in technology too. He/she has to be handy to technological equipment’s usable in running blogs. Has to be good running software’s. You never know , If you are blessed with good technological skills you can start up sharing those skills through your blogs.


Once you start up the blog you have to be patient, you should be believing that you have invested your time, energy, knowledge and you will get your goal fulfilled. Don’t just get impatient seeing that you aren’t getting good response, good return, Now blogging is such a running platform, there emerged so many bloggers running their channel, websites and so on. The internet is crowded with bloggers and it takes time to reach up the greatest amount of followers, One has to trust their work should try up improvising things, and just shouldn’t be giving up easily. Patience in BoggingIf you are a newcomer in this platform, and lacking in patience? It is going to be a weak point! Everything needs patience, We all are eager to reach our goals, I suggest Trust yourself, work good enough, have faith; it requires a lot much amount of patience.

Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma
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