FinanceBSNL brought High speed Internet as low as Rs. 36 per GB

BSNL brought High speed Internet as low as Rs. 36 per GB

BSNL also known as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited became the cheapest and fastest Internet provider that has gone a step ahead than the Reliance Jio which is currently offering free internet and voice call until 31 March 2017 under Happy New Year offer.

Most you might be thinking that Reliance Jio is offering the cheapest 4G/3G Internet, which is certainly not true because after 31st March 2017 Reliance Jio will start charging for the Internet where the voice-calls will remain free until you have data-balance in your account.

After 31st March 2017 Reliance Jio will start charging more than Rs. 50 for 1 GB data, where the BSNL which is one of the government owned and operated company is offering high speed internet as low as rupees 36 for 1 GB.

There are advantages and disadvantages with both these two companies which we have listed below:

Reliance Jio ProsReliance Jio Cons
  • Free unlimited calling
  • Cheapest data as low as Rs. 50 per GB
  • Free utility and entertainment apps
  • Need data balance to make calls
  • You need 4G handset to use their data services and 4G VoLTE enabled handset to use their voice calling
  • Poor calling experience
  • Slow internet connectivity
  • Worse customer support


  • Cheapest data services as low as 36 per GB
  • Cheapest voice calling as compared to any other providers in India
  • Better network connectivity as compared to Reliance Jio
  • Good calling experience
  • Fastest internet connectivity
  • Better calling customer support
  • Not available in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai etc
  • Chargeable voice calling

Both these companies have advantages and disadvantages, but there is scope of improvement with the Reliance Jio as the company have planned to invest around 30,000 Cr. to improve their services.

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