TechHow to Install Mobile VoIP app on BlackBerry Z10, Z3 and Z30?

How to Install Mobile VoIP app on BlackBerry Z10, Z3 and Z30?

Mobile VoIP or mVoIP which used to make voice calls over IP is one of the best available option for making International and anonymous calls throughout the World. mVoIP came in existence a long time ago, but it came in trend after the year 2005.

Mobile VoIP is available on almost all the leading app stores such as iTunes, Google Play Store, Windows and to a limited audiences and uses on BlackBerry App World.

Mobile VoIP is not available on BlackBerry app World for many users as it is either not supported or the developers of Mobile VoIP have not developed and uploaded it on the BlackBerry App World. Anyways, we are here and in this article we will learn to install the Mobile VoIP also known as mVoIP on BlackBerry Z and Q Series Smartphones which include BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z3, BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Q5 and BlackBerry Q10.

To install Mobile VoIP on BlackBerry Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5 and Q10 :

  • Download the APK file from
  • Install the APK file once it get downloaded
  • After successful instillation open the Mobile VoIP app and login using your account

Since, the BlackBerry OS 10 series devices are compatible of installing and running the Android apps you can install the apk files directly by downloading it from the third party reliable sources which include the default Android store for the BlackBerry users — Amazon app store.

Most of BlackBerry users have faced error in installing the APK files which is the default app files used by the Google Android operating system.

To fix the error causing problem in installing the Android based app include the Mobile VoIP:

  • Download and install “BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications” from BlackBerry App World or from here :
  • After installing the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications open it and leave it for sometime, it will take maximum 5 minutes to resolve the issues.
  • After 5 minutes reboot your phone and re-try installing the apps.

If the error still persist after installing the BlackBerry Runtime for Android application let us know at Isrg Forum.

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