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Developing Growth Mindset After All the Global Chaos

Life will always present hurdles in front of you but the only way to turn these hurdles into blessings and opportunities is through your mindset. Human minds have immense power which we do not even realise. Just imagine if we could access all the power that our mind holds. So let’s get into unleashing our power and developing a growth mindset even after all the chaos going around globally.

Ways to cope with stress:

Choosing faith over fear is a skill one has to develop over time. In uncertain times like this, we often feel that everything is falling apart but the good news is uncertainty gets easier with time. With the passage of time we get to know about our strengths and we gradually understand who we are actually meant to be.

1. The first hack to cope up with stress is very weird. Well, don’t panic but it really works. Think about the worst situation you will go through in life. Trying to keep a calm head, come up with the possible solution you can. Please take personal responsibility when you are doing this exercise, it’s sensitive and can bring up many hidden emotions. Also, this exercise will open up many layers of your mindset and will show you the ugly truth. Also, remember that every good thing comes when we are ready to work through the problem and not walk away from it. Take a pen, paper if you want to release your emotions by writing it down. Keep handkerchiefs handy since you will surely pour out.

The purpose of this exercise is to create a psychological reversal, once you mentally go through the situation once, only for once if you gain the courage to go through it mentally, in your own reality everything will just flow and happen easily. Now the worst which you were thinking won’t happen that easily but now even if it does you will have a road map on how to handle yourself in such a crisis.

This exercise can have two impacts depending on the type of personality you have. It can make either make you immensely strong mentally or you can have a mental breakdown where you do not know what to do and where to go, how to survive. That’s why we are here. Moving on to the next exercise

2. Practice mirror method: seems weird right? But honestly weird things make life worth living. Go in front of a mirror and if you do not have one, grab your phone and open the front selfie camera and look at yourself. Pour out all the emotional baggage you need to clear. At some point, you will stop and silence will grasp you. This is the moment when you will get to the next exercise.

3. Say positive words to yourself, give auto-suggestions to yourself. Whenever any negative statement is coming up in your mind just reverse it into positive one and speak that out loud. While speaking gaze into your own eyes through the mirror.

Some examples :

If your mind says ” I will be bankrupt. I won’t ever earn money “, reverse it and say ” I am financially stable. No matter what happens I will make a good earning”.

If your mind says ” I will get sick in such a situation, I will be finished ” reverse it and say ” I am taking protective measures, I am healthy, I am doing well”.

If your mind says ” My career is finished, my dreams are over. ” Say to yourself that, ” Living a good life is more important than career. Dreams come and go anyway. I am worthy even if I do not have my dream career. I will make it possible someday “.

This is how you reframe your mindset. If this reframe was done before doing exercise 1 then you would have never got the desired result. It’s important for us to release our emotions which we often hide from everyone and even from ourself. If we do not put them out verbally or on a paper, it will be suppressed and later come up in ugly ways destroying all the spheres of our life including personal relationships. While you send auto-suggestions to yourself it may seem that it won’t work. You may feel sceptical about this method but just experiment it doing mechanically at the beginning. Gradually you will feel that these things make you feel better. Nothing happens in one day, but little things done every single day creates a huge change.

4. Take deep breathes, breathe mindfully. Our life energy or prana is controlled by our breath. If you know the game of correct breathing, you automatically know how to make yourself stable. Take a deep breath and it must originate from the bellybutton, hold your breath for 5 seconds and exhale using your mouth with a count of 3 mentally. Repeat whenever you feel anxious.

Now you know how to cope up with stress and anxiety. Let’s head over to the most important thing that is a growth mindset.

The fact that you are reading this article makes you a person who already is in a path of developing a growth mindset. If that initiation wasn’t there within you, you would have never clicked in and continued till here. I don’t know what phase of life you are in, but irrespective of that my words will be applicable for you. Look you have the potential to do anything you want, you can achieve anything you want, maybe your pace has been slowed down, you have lost direction but you will win in life. Nothing can break you unless you do that to yourself. People change, circumstances change, rules changes, change is the only thing static in life but life remains. So will you. So just practice what I said and all will be well. Destiny finds its way. People say we create our own destiny, but sometimes both seem to be true. Either you create your own path or the path you are meant to be in finds you. Also, a quick disclaimer, if you are someone who has mental health issues please consult your mental health advocate before doing the above exercise. If you are a mentally stable person, sometimes having anyone as accountability partner beside you is great support. Do not worry if you feel lonely or not getting a support system, you are enough for yourself, practise self-love and remember that we love you. Grow, shine in life. You are worthy of everything good even if you don’t achieve the best. That’s all for today, sending love and healing to you.

Ishita Biswas
Ishita Biswas
Hello , I am a certified life coach, to be Psychologist , a content creator and I love to help people heal themselves. Sending you lots of healing vibes ! #Peace

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