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What To Ask When Hiring A Marketing Agency For Your Real Estate Business

Finding the right real estate marketing agency is often compared to finding the ‘one.’ When you’re looking for an agency, you want to ensure that they have a good level of understanding of your business.

What matters is finding an agency that will boost your business with their marketing tactics, which will help attract home-buyers and developers.

We often hear that real estate business and franchise organizations who have worked with third-party marketing companies end up disappointed by their low results & broken promises. That is why it’s crucial to screen the agencies first. Let’s look at the top questions you should ask while hiring a marketing agency for your real estate business.

Do They Provide The Skills That You Need?

Before jumping the gun and settling for an agency, you must first discuss what you need with
your team. Brainstorm about the services from which your company would reap the most

You need to check which platform would be best for your real estate business. Since it’s highly
visual, you might want to consider Instagram. Accordingly, organizations may provide you
specialized services for Instagram like Instagram marketing. However, you need to figure out
the ones that would help your brand the most. These services could range from PPC, Social
media, brand strategy, advertising, and so much more!

Once you figure out the areas that cater to your views and ideologies, discuss them with the
prospective agencies. If you find an agency that aligns with the way you think, you can proceed
further. Once they understand what you want, they will deliver results that will stand up to your
expectations, by using their knowledge and experience in these domains.

There’s a good chance that they can offer you a lot of skilled services like blogging, email
marketing, social media, SEO design, and more. Go for the ones that provide multiple services
because more is always better.

Do They Understand Your Business?

It is crucial for an agency to know who they’re working for, and what kind of projects they might
work on. Thus, it is important for them to know how real estates work. An understanding of the
real estate process, how buying & selling works are essential.

This understanding will play a significant role in uplifting your business. In the future, this
opportunity will allow you to expand and obtain more leads.

How Well Do They Keep Up With Trends?

Any good marketing agency stays updated with all the latest trends in the digital marketing and
advertising world. They should be able to recommend the most effective mediums, channels,
and formats.

Most importantly, these trends will help create opportunities in a domain that others may be
missing out on. They must be able to provide high returns and call-to-action content by using
effective real estate marketing strategies that connect with the people in your target area.

Have They Worked In This Domain Before?

Marketing is an extremely big domain, but not all sectors depend on it for their brands as much
as real estate. Understanding the local areas that you serve is crucial for the business, and
agencies should be aware of it.

Without knowledge of the industry, any step you take might not work, and you may fail to
achieve the success you desire. Your marketing techniques must be implemented in a way that
caters to your target audience. All steps must be taken with an aim to build relationships with
property owners and potential buyers.

Thus an agency should do intensive research about the markets you serve. Every location has
its traits, and some may behave differently than the others. A good agency must be able to
provide strategies that are suitable for a particular area. Some may work in one area;
meanwhile, others may fail, and agencies should be aware of how to fix that.

What Is Their Vision?

As a real estate brand, you must have a vision about how you want to portray your brand.

But the only way this vision can come true is if it matches with the vision of the agency. They
must understand and support your ideologies, as they will be the ones to create ways that will
impact your brand and business. It is crucial that both parties agree to this as this will help the
brand reach new heights.

As a brand, you must ensure that all your marketing campaigns reflect your vision, whether it’s
in advertisements, social media, or emailers. The audience tends to trust a brand that is open
and shows what it stands for. Thus, a marketing agency must share and respect your values,
and they must incorporate these values into their work.

Have They Done Case Studies?

A lot of factors affect marketing strategies. Some agencies may emphasize figures like growth in
Facebook likes, followers, or website traffic. There must be a reason why one should pick this

There are a lot of metrics that correlate to growth in email subscribers, vendor leads, potential
customers, or inquires, which they may have researched upon previously for their old clients.
A marketing agency should be able to show you how they deliver high returns on their clients’
investments. You can go through their portfolio and look at the work they’ve done, and analyze
their expertise.

Other Questions To Ask

Open and transparent communication is necessary between a client and the agency. Engage
with multiple agencies and learn about the following questions.

  • What is their work process?
  • Who would you be working directly with?
  • What is their usual cost?
  • What will be their plan of action for your brand?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have a clear understanding of who
suits your needs the most. You can hire an agency accordingly, and collectively work to put your
brand on the map to touch new heights. You want them to have related clients, a contact base,
and proven skills in the business.

Hopefully, these questions will help you understand what you seek in an agency and if they’re
on the same page as you.

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