Op-edDo life after school really change and what you lose after your...

Do life after school really change and what you lose after your school?

Schooling is the most memorable and relaxing time in one’s life. That time is of enjoying life tension free and going with the flow. It is the most crucial time of our life which will determine our future. We must be prepared beforehand so that life after school will be full of comfort for us. The most important thing is to set goals and build a career while enjoying parallel. The importance of school is very well known by all of us. School teaches us a lot of school life is beginning of learning for every child, and children start learning to behave, making social relations (with friends and teachers), manners, etc. are taught in schools only, it is a moment of joy for every child.

Schools are important because it teaches us about the world around us before entering and prepares us for each thing that everyone faces, we need knowledge for future success outside of the school, students learn valuable lessons in the classroom i. e social skills, work ethic, working for people they don’t like and gaining a sense of personal achievement also.

A school not only teaches us but develops us in every possible way. Prepare us for facing challenges and handling every situation.

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It prepares us for life. Not only the basic skills to read, write, and do the arithmetic, but we can learn about peoples, places, and nature and many more things. Schools prepare us to be the future caretakers of this planet when our parents are gone, and it gives us the knowledge to pass on to our children and the next generation. Schools are gifts for us and if we can attend, feel blessed, we all should appreciate the great gift we have when we’re able to go to school.

Schools in every corner are with some restrictions which are intolerant by kids, but for the benefit, for example, one of the most famous bans of school is the Mobile phone. Student wants to carry phones to their school, but due to the ban, they couldn’t do so. None of us uses to like this but it was, and it is because of our benefit, and now after being grown up and mature now we understand how important this decision if not carrying cell phones to school was.

Once you go out of school, you will learn life after school is all about striking and maintaining the perfect balance. Unlike your school life, you will now have to balance life and work altogether. There will be people who will ask you to bury your head into books or just constantly work on mastering certain skills or on working even harder each day. But, you must not forget to strike a perfect balance excess of anything is harmful, whether it is studies or play. After being a school pass out now, we feel the importance of each day of school life like how important it was to participate in school annual function, in-school dance competition. To enjoy the school picnic with friends. It was so important to share the lunch boxes with a friend and enjoy a meal. Playing in the school playground. That valuable time will never come back and will become a beautiful memory.

Now if we talk about life after school, However, what happens after our school life ends? It changes, it changes a lot there are no more lunch breaks, no more PT Class, no more fake unwell vacations, no more pending home, no more wearing the same school uniform daily, and most important no more punishment. Sounds good, feels bad.

After school completes, we are no more treated like a kid. People expect us to act mature, take responsibilities, be the elder one in the family. And the sad part is you cannot deny it. You will have to be the person your family dreams or think of.

And then the child in you is lost, you cannot be the same person you use to be. You will never ever get a vacation from the responsibilities, and none of us will ever get that carefree life again. That manner, less child who could have said anything to anyone at any moment now has to think hundreds of times before speaking. And I find it sad, Remember Do not bury you into books or burden yourself with back to back coaching/Institutes. Make time for yourself do thing that makes you happy, relaxed, and recreational activities to pave a brighter future.

Life in school or life after school is for us We are not meant to end our happiness for these always keep in mind working studying etc. etc. whatever we do for a living is important but is for our happy and healthy life. Being happy and healthy should always be on priority.

Yashaswi Singh
Yashaswi Singh
Learner and Writer.

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