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Flipkart and IDFC First Bank are no longer in a relationship, leading to the blockage of Pay Later

In a surprising turn of events, millions of Flipkart users who have opted for the Flipkart Pay Later option are experiencing difficulties in placing orders, receiving a perplexing message stating, “Your Flipkart Pay later account is blocked due to non-adherence to FK Paylater/EMI policies.” The users are left in the dark about the specific reasons behind the account blockage, but complaints primarily point towards issues with IDFC First Bank as the lending partner.

According to disgruntled Flipkart customers, the reasons given for the Flipkart Pay Later account blockage include late payment of EMIs, the lending partner blocking the option, ineligibility for Flipkart Pay Later, and vague references to internal EMI policies. Users have reported facing these issues even when they have not defaulted on any EMI payments, adding to the frustration.

What adds to the confusion is Flipkart’s reluctance to disclose the actual reasons for the Pay Later blockage. Despite users reaching out for clarification, the e-commerce giant has maintained a stance of attributing the problem to “Internal EMI Policies” or “Late payment of EMI.” Some customers claim they were unable to obtain specific information about the alleged late payment, as Flipkart’s customer support repeatedly stated that their system was temporarily malfunctioning.

Digging deeper into the issue, Digital Pradesh News Networks investigated and discovered a significant development. It has been revealed that Flipkart and IDFC First Bank are no longer in a partnership. IDFC First Bank confirmed that Flipkart Pay Later option is unavailable for customers with IDFC First Bank as their lending partner. However, the exact reasons behind the split and the subsequent blockage of Flipkart Pay Later option were not disclosed, with IDFC First Bank citing internal reasons.

Customers are left in a state of confusion and frustration as Flipkart’s vague explanations and lack of transparency have fueled speculation and mistrust. The disconnect between Flipkart and its lending partner has not been communicated effectively to users, leaving them stranded without a clear understanding of the situation.

Digital Pradesh News Networks reached out to both Flipkart and IDFC First Bank for an official statement, but as of now, there has been no response. Meanwhile, affected users continue to express their dissatisfaction on social media platforms, demanding clarity and resolution to the issues plaguing their Flipkart Pay Later accounts.

How to unblock Flipkart Pay Later account?

There can be several reasons why Flipkart or your lending partner may block your Flipkart Pay Later account:

  1. If your lending partner is IDFC First Bank, and Flipkart and IDFC First Bank are no longer in a relationship.
  2. If your lending partner is other than IDFC First Bank, your account may be blocked due to the following reasons:
    • You have used the Pay Later option to make a purchase and returned the product several times.
    • You made a purchase using the Pay Later option but failed to make the EMI or clear any pending dues on or before the due date.
    • You used the same mobile number to create multiple Flipkart accounts.
    • Your CIBIL score has dropped (in very rare cases).

Unlocking your Flipkart Pay Later account can be a challenging process. While customer care executives will register your complaint, there is a 99% chance that your account may not be reinstated. If your lending partner happens to be IDFC First Bank, the likelihood of unlocking your account drops to 100%, even if you file a complaint through the Consumer Help Line, widely recognized as the Jago Grahak Jago portal. If your lending partner is other than IDFC First Bank, then clearing dues and contacting the Flipkart team may resolve your issue.

Ensure a smoother resolution by reaching out to your Flipkart Pay later lending partner for personalized assistance in resolving Flipkart Pay Later account issues.

How to deactivate Flipkart Pay Later account?

If you haven’t made any purchases using the Pay Later option on Flipkart, deactivating it is a simple process through the Flipkart app. Just log in to your Flipkart account, navigate to your profile, select the Pay Later option, and proceed to Pay Later and EMI Policies. There, you’ll find the option to deactivate it. Alternatively, use the Flipkart Chat’s call back request feature for assistance from an executive who will guide you through the deactivation process.

However, if you’ve made purchases using the Flipkart Pay Later option, ensure all dues are cleared before initiating the deactivation process. For further assistance, you can also reach out to your Flipkart Pay Later lending partner to facilitate the closure of your loan account. Streamline the deactivation process and manage your Flipkart Pay Later account effortlessly.

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